What if I never get a gf? How am I supposed to cure my depression and self-hatred without one?

What if I never get a gf? How am I supposed to cure my depression and self-hatred without one?

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Brother, a girlfriend is about the last thing that will cure depression and self-hatred.
She can be a bandaid on it, but you gotta heal that shit yourself.

>being codependent

A gf will not help you. The opposite, she will make your life worse. You need therapy to get cured.

But what if I put all that effort into bettering myself, then I STILL didn't get a gf?

Can you imagine how I'd feel if I spent two years going to the gym, eating right, having hobbies, taking to people, washing my hands after I'd taken a shit etc., and after all that I had nothing to show for it? I'd definitely kill myself then.

You don't need a gf to prove that you've succeeded at life

You clearly want to kill yourself and are just looking for excuses.

>But what if I put all that effort into bettering myself, then I STILL didn't get a gf?
Then you will be alone. So the fuck what?
The whole mindset of only bettering yourself for someone else is fucked up.
You don't become a better person so that someone is nice to you or so that someone gives you pussy.
You become a better person because that's what people with self respect do. You don't owe it to ANYONE.

What if you grow tentacles one day?

If you cure your self-hatred, the rest will follow. You are as worthwhile as anyone else, we're all born naked in this world.

Having a girlfriend is overrated. When I'm in a relationship, after a while I want to break up because I miss the being single life. While being single, I miss having a girl which I can hang out whenever I want.

Don't over estimate it. You should be able to live by yourself, you don't need anyone but you. I recommend to read "meditations" by Marcus Aurelius. It was recommended to me by some user on this board and it has been a revelation for me. Hope this might help you too.

You would be putting an unfair burden on that girl.
You have to own your own happiness.

A gf will help me.

I need a gf for myself not to show off to other people.

How will it be a burden? Once I get a gf I'll be happy.

Why do you say a gf will help you when we all know that is not true? Do you even know what a gf is? How would having one cure your depression? You need therapy.

How will a gf not help me?

Do you know what a gf is? Do you know what it means to have one?

Yes I know what a gf is.

It means I wont be lonely anymore, I'll have someone to do stuff with, someone to put my penis inside etc.

If you can't take care of yourself, how will you take care of someone else as well?

And now describe the cons of having a gf and how it would make your life harder. You know what a gf is right?

Sounds like you need one of those AI sex dolls.

You are putting your happiness on another person. That is completely unfair to that person. So if she isn't happy in the relationship should she stay because her leaving would make you unhappy?
Also women can smell desperation. it is one of those weird things where the more you want it the harder it is to get. .

Ok what is in it for her?
Some overly attached, clingy, incel type who only wants a warm body to do stuff with?
You need to make yourself interesting and attractive with no ulterior motive.
Get a hobby that isn't anime, vidya, weed and depression.

It's okay user. I heard all this same shit.

I came from an incredibly lonely life. Nobody wanted anything to do with me.

American culture is toxic as fuck and just selfish.

I met this really cute but self conscious foreign cutie who knew a little English but didn't speak very fast.

She was so self conscious and so out of her element even the simplest things were fascinating to her. The conversations went slow but I was patient with her and just happy to have someone committed to spending time with me and she was happy to have someone be so patient.

Never had GF before her. Was on strong anti depressants. And she was my cure. I'm happy, healthy, well off and she was my anchor.

Try a foreign girl. The barriers are gone. No cultural expectations. Your everyday is a new world. Just be patient and help her.

How can I not take care of myself?

>cons of having a gf

>spend more money (due to doing stuff)
>have to acquiesce some things
>risk of getting her pregnant and ruining my life

That's it really, the positives outweigh the negatives.

I'm not desperate.

>You need to make yourself interesting
It seems retarded and desperate to me to take up hobbies etc. I don't like, and it will probably signal to my friends and family that I'm so desperate that I'm trying literally anything to get a gf, which just seems pathetic.

Where do I get a foreign gf?

Preferably a foreign arthoe gf.

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>How can I not take care of myself?
Given this thread, it's obvious you don't know how to

Cons of having a gf
>have to give up things you like just to please her
>having to put up with her being controlling and jealous
>having your entire life being made miserable
Life is not like in Disney movies.

>I'm not desperate

>How am I supposed to cure my depression and self-hatred without one?
I hope this gets through to you but no woman can cure your self hatred and depression.
This is up to you.
I know it sounds impossible but for better or worse that's how it is.

I wish I knew how though to apply it to me too.
I don't.

You're lying.

OP probably isn't depressed but sad
Doing fun things with a girl he likes would make him happy

you gotta dump this mentality quick man. i struggle with this problem myself, thinking i need a gf. however i know from experience that when you do finally get that gf, you will become extremely dependent and emotionally invested in her very quickly. this will inevitably lead to her leaving you and you feeling even worse than before. do not think like this or else you'll end up like me, full of regret with how my last "relationship" went.

I won’t ever have a gf and simply cope by whatever means necessary. I just accept that I’m inferior and try to stay out of society’s way as much as possible and try not to offend the normies with my sight.

Try looking for au pairs if thats a thing in your area. They're there for a few years and don't know anyone. They want someone to show them around.

And they'll introduce you to all the qt au pair girls in the area!

Yep, cure your depression and the women will come.

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Prostitutes are the cure.