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Sup Jow Forums

>be me
>accidentally walk in on my roommate while he's taking a bath
>he makes a faggy embarrassed noise and squeezes his legs together to hide his dick
>I laugh and call him a faggot, telling him before I close the door that I should pry his legs open and tear his cock off because nature obviously made a mistake in giving him one
>I tell this to my sister, expecting her to get a nice laugh out of it
>she tells me I'm lacking in empathy and that being walked in on would be embarrassing for either gender

What does Jow Forums think? Was I being too hard on my friend?

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Nope, I'm a real life tomboy. I beat the shit out of my roommate sometimes when we were kids lmao

have s*x

You sound obnoxious

Well then he's used to the sisterly abuse. Are you the same way to other, less close people? If no then no problems.

Return the favor. Let him walk in on you when you are taking a shower.

lmao how am I obnoxious?

I was violent as a kid. Probably beat up triple digit amount of kids as an elementary schooler. Mellowed out to double digits in junior high and single digits in high school. ;p

>be me
>on purpose go in bathroom to pee when brothers friend in shower
>he steps out and i sit there and stare
>he stands there and says "get an eye full"
>me stammer "look away i need to get up"
>i run out pulling my panties and shorts up
>he laughs

You're my type of girl. Id wrestle you to the ground, pin your shoulders down and fart on your face ;p

>lmao how am I obnoxious?
You are rude, uncouth and aggressive

People always tell me those are my good points.

Unironically my kind of man

Probably people who want to fuck you, cause nobody in their right mind would claim that these are positive traits. If these are your good points, I don't even wanna know what are your bad points, lmao

More stories op?
It's cute

You probably gave him a fetish

Bitch I would dick slap you

>taking a bath

Just have sex for Christ’s sake op

>be me
There's your problem. Try being John Malkovich instead.

Are you sexually attracted to your roommate? If yes, suck him as an apology. If not, just apologise "haha no offense, right?" style.

Was he even offended in the first place?

god that sounds hot
you could bully me as much as you'd want to :3

Yeah you're too mean, you should rape him to help him build confidence, it's the nicest thing you could do to your long time friend.

>Wonders if they're lacking in empathy
>only has Jow Forums to ask

Doesn't this question, I dunno, maybe kinda answer itself?
How out of options do you have to be to ask Jow Forums?

wow you're so badass

>Someone is genuinely this edgy after the age of 20
Bloody hell

I think you are genuinely retarded OP.


Get the attention you wanted?

Hey OP since you sound like the type of girl I would like the most to do this I have to ask what you think of playing rock paper sciccors and the loser gets punished by dressing up and getting wedgied. I unironically fantasize about losing and having to put on panties and let you wedgie me.

Obviously this is too weird to talk to most people and I understand what this reflects about my personality I just want your opinion on it since I can fantasize someone like you enjoying doing it.

>me stammer

my fucking sides

post more stories, whore

Why are men like this??

you sound like an idiot. I talk shit to my friends but I don't insult them after walking in on them in the bathroom.

Also where do you live, want some fuck?

Kill yourself

>I laugh and call him a faggot
yeah okay
>telling him before I close the door that I should pry his legs open and tear his cock off because nature obviously made a mistake in giving him one
the FUCK

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I'll take things that never happened for 200

You should've just raped him then and there with your turboclit.

He thinks your a disgusting pig whore!

Posting this online is most likely fake bait,
Op could prove its not with timestamp pic of themselves. but they won't.
>and tear his cock off
> nature obviously made a mistake
Yeah, that's messed up.
Would it be ok if a guy walked in on a girl she covered her chest/between her legs
or refused to post a timestamp pic of her body onliine here in this thread.
And a guy Laughed
Said she was a faggot/lesbian
And He should pry Her legs open and tear Her Breasts/clitoris off because nature obviously made a mistake in giving Her them?
Would that be ok?

no thats okay
but next time if you want his dick try a different approach


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mmmmmm I smell bait

That's messed up but maybe it's his kink

guys like fierce girls who can put up a fight

You did nothing wrong.

Men and women are not the same stupid whiteoid

I would have let you have a good look if it was me so I don't think you're wrong

Bait also I would have burned all your things if I were him because fuck you whore

op youre a fucking weirdo

sounds hot wanna be my bully gf?

op is a faggot

Sounds like some pretty standard banter, OP. Your roommate should understand how things work by now if you're telling the truth

Wow I kinda wanna fuck you.


So did you suck his dick yet?

Wow you're a bully dyke. Hope you're gay, because the only way you'll have a satisfying sex life is through big fat submissive bears or crazy lesbians.

>not showing her Jow Forums lads the goods knowing we'd get a kick out of it.
You're not couth, pop em out dude

there you go. Have another one

OP you sound like a closet homosexual

>ywn push OP down on the bed and mercilessly annihilate her dilated manvagoo

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Haha funny.
So I'll pick you up at 8?