Be Chinese

>Be Chinese
>Can't get a date in the 5 years living in a city
>Try Tinder
>haven't got a single match in the year I've been using it
>Read on all those stats about dating
>Realize that you really are super low in the sexual desirability statistic
>go to a bar
>not a single soul wants to talk to you
>go to work
>Not a single co-worker wants to talk to you

Now that I realize that I can't ever get a date or a girlfriend here, what should I do?
>Move to a new city
>Give up and just live a passive life
>Keep trying

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the mainland Chinese robots have ruined dating for other Asian men.

I get a lot of tinder profiles and bumble profiles that say
Very disheartening.

That sounds really messed up. Maybe try working on what's within your power to become more desirable, like getting buff and becoming more social if you're not already. Or try going after more uggos.

I have been going to the Gym, but that hasn't helped. Uggos don'teven want me. I already had 2 not really pretty girls reject me.

Easier if you go gay.

Find ways to seem and be more interesting. Instead of going to the social matching factories for a relationship where primal instincts are heightened and skewed, attend events, take up hobbies, visit places where people are actually doing more than swiping this or that way on their phones. Just go out and experience life some more. Approach others gently, start with just a quick question or compliment and leave it at that. Gauge and see if they are in a talking mood. Make real connections even if fleeting. Don't become obsessed with this.

I understand why that sucks, but it's also a pretty good way to filter out all the girls who are scum anyways, no? Like the ones who say "no one under 6 ft.", it's like a courtesy to let you know how shitty they are right off the bat.

Gay men actually don't like asians either.

Dude, an asian bottom twink will always have a daddy.

who does really...


Keep trying

go for black chicks or indian chicks.

You could unironically just buy a wife from south east asia or the uygur region

>be japanese 5'6 manlet living in America
>go on tinder with shitty pics
>find tons of girls with kpop or anime obsessions to hook up with
Maybe it's not that you're chinese but actually that you conduct yourself like an incel? I mean just based on reading this post you sound like a miserable, self loathing, self pitying person, so no wonder nobody wants to talk to you.

Move to a bigger city, if you talk alot shut up. If you talk very little, become a smooth talker. Chinese is very wanted. Short hair grow it out, long hair cut it. Do something different

Then you wonder why we are against racemixing when it produces more undesirables like you.

Can only speak for my own race, but most whites seem to be very wary of mainland Chinese (is there any wonder here?) due to the communism and terrible, terrible lack of ethics.

If you're mainland, we'll there should be plenty of local whores to choose from. If you're not, then the world is your oyster if you just focus on things like physical fitness and financial gain.

We both know you could study fashion and what not while doing college, dress like a kpop fag had sex with what ever is in fashion right now and you would have a shot at the smallest girl at anime club (so shes still overweight and probably has a higher body count than her male counter parts by a long shot).

nah nigger it's not because you're chinese

how tall are you? what's your body build? do you have an accent? do you have a decent education? do you have a good job w good status and money?

im american born chinese too, ive been w cute white girls, asian girls, w/e. even tho there are stats on there, don't blame everything on race and give up. that's some pussy shit

Just live a passive life. Do what you enjoy that doesn’t involve being loved, having kids and seeing them grow up, or being respected as a man.

Where do you live OP?

A lot of white girls like asian guys but don't talk to them because of tbe stereotype that they only go after asian women.

I am Korean American and I lived in Korea for a few years so I am not completely Americanized. I rarely if never show interest in girls, and I've had girls show interest in me, they're mostly white.
Maybe it's cause I go to college and there's a lot of girls around me, but you take care of yourself, do nofap, and try to be the best you, you can be.

Go back to China and date fellow East Asians, retard

I also think you should get out more, I had random girls in markets and places show interest in me... I don't think it's your race. Girls like guys who are proud of their ancestry, you need to stop with the blaming on being Chinese thing and make it work for you.
The girls that showed interest in me don't seem to be kpop, or anime nerds (maybe they are but didn't seem like it)...
Girls like muscle btw... I mean I am not really muscly right now but I've been working out