>4.5" penis (erect)
>See all the shorter girls with guys significantly taller than me
Why even live? Nothing makes me happy anymore it just reminds of what a loser I am

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Imagine feeling this way but being an ugly and completely undesirable woman

Imagine being envious of those two meh looking girls and two ugly guys.

At least they're taller than me. That makes up for it

You're envious of two tall ugly guys with two meh looking girlfriends?

I'm envious of anyone who is good enough to pass on their genes

Have you made a thread before? I feel like I've talked with someone with your issue(short and obsessed over passing genes over)

Fuck genes, man. And fuck thinking you're a loser. I'm 6'4'' and some of the people I respect the most are 5 feet tall.

Which is pretty much everyone. What makes you unable to pass on your genes?

He has. When shown a 4'11" guy with a hot gf he used mental gymnastics to say that doesn't count because he was 4'11" and a 5'1" guy can never get women because he is too short.

I dont fucking believe it. How the fuck does a 4'11 guy get a hot gf let alone not fucking die from embarassment in public. Just how? Im 5'5 yet im insecure as fuck.

You're 5'5". Taller than most girls. Stop being an insecure fuck and look at other short guys who have hot gfs.

My unattractive physical traits, its not that big of a deal, it's just extremely disappointing that we've been told that everyobe can fall in love when in truth it's a game of chance and luck

Being what? Fat? Diet and hit the gym. Bad hygiene? Take a shower and shave.

No it's because I'm short and ugly

Being short is irrelevant. Ugly is because you don't take care of your appearance. Work on your looks.

>Being short is irrelevant.
That is not what the statistics say


>Work on your looks bro!

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At 5'1" he's at some disadvantage but about the same disadvantage as a 6'5" guy. Both too far from optimum heights. But 6'5" guys can still get girls so why couldn't he.

I’m 5’11” and even I have girls say I’m a little bit too short, it’s over

Fuck off gay psyops.

Not him, but how is that at all gay psyops?

Same height, I get called short all the time. Also my dick is 7.5" and I get called small all the time. The rope is the only way out. Unless you're 7' tall with a 10" dick just kill yourself.

My gf is 5 even and I am 6'3"
Honestly, I have no advice. Just maybe date midgets?

>just be yourself?

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midgets are even worse about going after tall guys

they want to steal your genes to make more midgets

This is so absurd I read it and bursted out laughing. You've got to appreciate how fucked Jow Forums is, it's hilarious.