Is my sister a Lesbian

She draws porn of naked women getting fucked hard by men like the women are I n chains and shit. Or women in lewd positions with “milk” dripping out of them. What the fuck is wrong with her. This is something men would draw.

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She doesn't sound gay, she sounds straight and horny.

How old is she?

Straight women would also draw naked men which she never does

27, has a bf but I think she is closeted.

I don't know if this is true but I don't think women are as interested in just looking at naked men, in the same way men want to look at naked women. Women are more interested in the act of being fucked.

Not necessarily

Not your problem

why is "milk" in quotes?

different people have different interests in porno, dude. this isn't an indication of her sexuality.

Bro, you just said that the girls are getting banged by men

Lesser her art for research to determine if she lesbian

I doubt she's lesbian op,
It might depend what specific part of the world you live in city/country. How old your sister is. What shape her body is in, does she have masculine fat body, or skinny fit body with little curve, big chest and how many feet tall.
The best way to find out is to give these answers to us and maybe use a private source like putting discord link here to get more private person info sent to help you find out the truth.
You said "naked women getting fucked hard by men " By Men. So it should be ok i think.

>porn of women getting fucked by men

Hm I can’t tell. Why don’t you post the art so we can see if she’s gay

do you know if she'll draw for free? i kinda need a lewd artist for one of my projects

>something men would draw
how can you know that? there is plenty of female lewd artists, like myself, hi. just let her do what she wants and fuck off

If she's drawing men banging a girl how's that lesbian?

>Worrying about your almost 30 year old sister drawing porn.

She's probably having bondage sex with her boyfriend and cumming hard while doing it.

she wants your dick bro

Maybe don't worry about who your sister wants to fuck. I mean are you trying to fuck her good luck. I can't see why it matters unless you plan to raise her kids or something.

>This is something men would draw.
No, that's actually par for straight. If she were gay it would be more like furry/gore/lesbians and it wouldn't be requests. Likely a kink artist.

>Is my sister a Lesbian
>now let's read the post

Give her a good dicking op. It's your duty as her brother

She's probably participating in BDSM, and probably watching her boyfriend fuck other women in front of her. She's probably bi as well.

men and women get off to the same porn and because men control the porn industry most women end up having lesbian tendencies

I'm pretty sure I was a fem fag before I started watching porn.