What do they plan for my dementia?

I have had a neurodegenerative illness for over 4 years and I have rapidly been losing my language skills, and starting to act more socially inappropriate, impulsive, and disinhibited.

It is well known that brain disease and damage can lead to aggressive behavior, and crime. I am certain that as time goes on I will eventually become to disinhibited to function in society it is inevitable I might steal something not understanding why, or hit somebody randomly for no reason, or touch a woman.

my family and doctors all claim there is no organic disease and that I am simply mentally ill, so I assume if anything happens I will be hospitalized in a horrible mental illness ward in Compton and die there very slowly and painfully.

I cannot qualify for euthanasia and I only have 3.75mg triazolam for suicide, I could try asking the pharmacist for barbiturates for my horrible insomnia and then use it for suicide.

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Snort Acetocholine

How old are you?

I have a counselor who dresses like this btw just wearing panties, I am on benzodiazepines and sometimes when we are studying chemistry for extended periods I got blue balls.

this is very very concerning for me considering all the brain damage I have and I am on sleeping drugs.
turn 21 soon

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For a brain damaged version, your posts are lucid and coherent. How come? I'm genuinely curious, I'm not familiar with brain damage bibliography.

Maybe you can get a cross-examination from a different doctor that you trust. What is the illness you believe you have called? What do your doctors diagnose you with?

because as his doctors have told him, he's mentally ill.

the doctors always say that not everything can always be explained and that medicine is more of an art than a science. I was given all the necessary testing and nothing came of it, except obscure blood test results heart rate abnormalities.

they want to do a genome sequencing to check for all the known genetic neurological conditions.

Neurologist said that I can buy a genome sequencing and show him any results but he recommends a very expensive sequencing through the hospital that is higher quality apparently extremely expensive

Okay, but what mental illness have they actually diagnosed you with? Is it something one can find in a medical book or guide or any formal document?

No they said the symptoms are secondary to a undiagnosed neurological disease, like the heat intolerance and the POTS, memory loss, polycythemia.

I believe I have apathy and insomnia diagnosed the apathy is distinct from regular depression it isn’t sad it’s just feeling nothing

Work on something. Try to be as productive as you can. Don't waste away.

tfw disease turns you into a hyper NEET and you get outcast from society incel's just ignore you and scoff, amazed at the degree of NEETdom and isolation.

you walk around at college maybe somebody recognizes you from highschool run away at the speed of dark they are afraid the incel disease is contagious.

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You will become the next Timothy James Byrne

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probably just die in the next year, been watching my blood count, heart rate, etc.

you know...yeah, its for the best I was just some dumb NEET anyways brain disease just amplified it

does it make it more dignified if I kill myself rather than just wasting away and getting dementia?

No, life is never dignified.

You should immerse you self in a positive fiction and see how it effects you. Record everything for the future yous.

I don't even care, i'm actually leaving the world forever why do I care if I look dignified or not, why should I care about anything.

I was born I did this I did that and I died, like everyone else.

maybe I should just hire those prostitutes for 135-150$

focus in on the time u have left and try to make urself comfy as possibke

She cut the price to 105

Is 105$ overpriced for a prostitute?

nothing makes it better, my brain is just too broken not even heroin

so dead inside... I am taking bupropion 300mg doesn't work. the only other option is amphetamine combination therapy for depression.

or a dopamine agonist but my doctor refuses mirapex

outch is this still happening?

Yeah my brain just broke completely it has refused to sleep for 3 months, and Has been gradually becoming more apathetic towards life.

I should have killed myself a long time ago...
before I became a NEET and an outcast from society, all I am now is a burden to my family. Everyone hates me.