Want to end it all

>want to end it all
>parents are still alive

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It's your life, not theirs. You're just looking for excuses.

an hero must make hard decisions. Will you be an hero, OP?

fuck off you subhuman nigger, no respectable person could ever intentionally bring great pain to their parents

Lerne leiden, ohne zu klagen

Maybe this is why psycho's kill their parents first

Based, everyone who uses the "muh parents" excuse doesn't actually want to die they're just too scared to fix their problems

t. sociopathic asi untermensch

Age-progressed Mike looks disturbingly similar to my dad.

>Want to end it all
>Think about my nigger Etika
I can't do it. I have to go on and finish all the animes for him, masturbate to all the cute anime girl feet.

I often think the same thing
Off the bat, I already know you are a good person for caring about your family
The world needs people like that!!
It is hard, but I'm here in the struggle with you
We have to keep going training our minds to think about the good parts of life and the world, knowing things do always get better

Total cope. Your parents will die and you'll still be too afraid.

Just keep on running
Just keep on crawling
Just keep on dragging

The thing that pissed me off about that was the dude who made the etika ouji board video after he died, fucking sociopaths

Can relate OP, I'm in the same boat.

I don't want to make them sad or disappoint them. Alao someone needs to be around to care for them as they age.

When they're gone? I'm out.

The problem of our generation.
I don't know what to say anymore. Why can't it get better again.

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I just don't know what to do with my life

I am stuck and have been stuck forever

I don't like life at all and I know I can't kill myself and I don't know what the fuck to do

>gunna kill myself
>wait for breaking bad to end
>go a few more months
>get shitty job, like making money
>still can't move out of parents house
>depression comes back
>wait for the pokemon games
>depression goes away
>watch infinity war
>can't kill myself because of end game
>end game comes out, ok time to do it
>breaking bad movie announced

entertainment is the only reason i don't do it. im sick of this shit

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Hang in there muchacho. Also forgive me if I'm a fucking idiot, but if you live with your parents even if you have a shitty job cant you save up money and eventually become independent?

yeah in 15 years maybe. $300 a week is nothing when rent is $1200.

say i go 10 years saving every penny. obviously minimum will go up so lets say my net pay for a year is 12k. Lets say im able to save 8k of that after bills

8x10 = $80,000 + 10k because minimum went up.

so 90k in 10 years. now I'm 35 with 90k in my pocket. now what? back won't give me a loan for house with even a 50 percent down payment because i won't be able to afford it making minimum wage.

so its either buy a shitty little crap shack for 90k and just hope i can keep up with upkeep/taxes and im able to pay the bills or save ANOTHER 10 years and buy a super small house for 180k. obviously inflation and the market is going to make my 190k worth a whole lot less.

so basically i have to work 20 years to attain a house with no savings, no retirement funds, making a few dollars above minimum wage. yeah fuck that, i'd rather just die. i don't want to live at home another 20 years and i don't want roommates because that's not true independence. so fuck all that. after the breaking bad movie im roping myself for sure

i dont know what to say, I can only see one solution to this and thats getting a better job, but i know you must have already tried that. I think my brother is in a similar situation having moved back in with his parents, although he was able to get a job at the bank and also be in a relationship at the same time. He's also learning computer programming and shit, i dont know dude, good luck and i hope you dont kill yourself

i've been trying so hard to get a decent job. it's hard without a degree or skills. last place offered me $14 an hour (minimum is $10.10 here) for a job worth $18 an hour. I couldn't bring myself to get taken advantage of again. besides the living wage here is $19. so whether you make $10,$12,$14,$15 or $17 you're not affording an apartment so there's no difference in lifestyle.

at least down south if you make $4 above minimum you can afford an apartment. $17 an hour you can afford to save for a house. the northeast sucks balls and i want to move out so badly but i have no family down south and the south is dangerous for onions boys like me

>can't do it because parents are still alive
That, plus desu I'm also afraid of dying.

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I’ve had similar thoughts in the past. Generally, though, I’m over my suicidal tendencies. My parents and siblings are still alive and I love them, and I’m basically living the life I am for them. I would not be in college, paying bills, or anything like that if it weren’t for them. Again, I wouldn’t outright kill myself but I’d probably be homeless which is de facto death in the eyes of normies. Do what you must, op

>Ending all just a few years short of experiencing the AI singularity
Fucking idiot.

How is AI taking over going to be good for actual humans? Or living things in general?
>a few years

Are you me? I've never been seriously suicidal but I was never bothered by the idea of dying until a new game came out or something.

Just think of the advancements in bio engineering.

I will finally be able to have a 8 inches dick and balls the size of Kinder Eggs like I want.

Wow. So much to look forward to.
>implying I could afford that

>Implying the price would not drop so more ppl would use it making even more money to the companies that provide the service

>implying there will be jobs for the underclass

Cancel your phone and internet subscription. Buy a van and drive to central America.

Same only its monthly gay manga and text based quests for me

go gas a kike, kraut

But mom will be sad

>go on a mass shooting
>parents now hate you
>now its ok to shoot yourself