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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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Im getting confident approaching women and I am able to hold conversations way better. But last night at a pool party with people I knew I had crazy anxiety. Why can I approach fully clothed sober women in a public setting but not half naked drunk horny girls in a private setting?

Will girls be upset if Im a virgin?

roasties will, that's about it

I really need money.
I have a panic disorder and in general am not well mentally and have never been well mentally. But I want to make money to get housing thst is wuiet and safe and comfortable for once in my life, because not having thst has made me even more unstable, and depressed, and wanting to die.

So I need to make money online.
I don't want to strip or anything like that. So what could I do to be interesting and make money as a woman online? What would you pay to see? What would attract people so I could sponsor something?

guys, be honest with me— do you still cover the cost of a date, say drinks and dinner? at least the first one? like say you met from tinder or something. i’m relatively broke and embarrassed being on hard times but i also want to meet people(including just friends) problem is a lot of going out involves spending money. :(

When going out with a woman, I always insist to pay the bill in full, unless things went really bad between me and her.
Own it. If you are working on getting better, you should first accept you are starting from a low point
>meet people
>spending money
You suck at meeting people then. Socializing irl is the most precious free gift you can get. You just need to look at other places

If I like you and I know sure. If you spring it on me during the date, nah.

Do you like when people masterbate to you?

Should you give someone you don't love but who loves you a chance?

How do you meet people if not around a meal or a drink, some activity at a location that charges for entry or participation, to where you have to drive, and so on? Going outside costs unless you're really just walking around window shopping.

I sorta think it might be nice to have a gf, but every foray I've made into the dating world left me feeling like literally anything else was a better use of my time. The "positive" experiences even moreso.

I there something I should be doing differently? Is dating worth it? How? I'm asking these honestly; I'm not looking to ruffle feathers.

darkweb hitman

First date is usually a bad idea now because of girls taking advantage of it for free food. Unless I know or like them well enough.

I think you're using "love" lightly here. If you mean someone who's infatuated with you, it doesn't hurt to give them a chance to get to know them and help them temper their expectations in the future. The sooner they learn not to fall head-over-heels for someone they barely know, the better. If all goes well, that's great.

If you won't strip I guess the way to make money online would be like a guy would: freelancing, copywritting, writing articles, something among these lines. You could also do something meme tier like streaming, but I don't really believe that works that well.

>I have a panic disorder and in general am not well mentally and have never been well mentally
Then for Christ's sake, don't put your well-being in the hands of degenerates trying to get off at your expense.
Get a job.

If you are using tinder and meeting degenerate nu-males, you can expect to pay. Using dates solely to get food isn't right, either.

You forget sex sells even when it's not. She could just stream and thirsty boys will donate especially the shy ones who think there's no guilt if she's innocent.

I'm aware, that's why I even bothered to mention streaming(wouldn't for a guy). But chances that she's qt enough for getting plenty of money are low.

I don't think any girl would be UPSET, but some girls prefer to be with someone more experienced than they are.

I'm not a guy but just sharing my guy has ever paid for my first date meal or drinks, or offered to (NOT complaining about this inb4 anyone calls me entitled). I would say...don't go into a date expecting to be paid for. Try and do something cheaper (like go grab a drink/coffee instead of a meal, or go to a park or museum or something) just in case he insists on splitting the bill.

>I don't think any girl would be UPSET, but some girls prefer to be with someone more experienced than they are.
you'd be surprised, I've at least heard enough shit-talking about guys whose virginity they took.

Don't be a manwhore and you don't really have to worry about whores being garbage.

gonna turn 27 next saturday and kinda considering mentioning it to cute coworker girl that i feel might be sorta into me

should i do it?
>she will probably ask if im throwing a party
>i have no friends since im foreigner

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unless you are throwing a party or something, don't bring it up

shit technically i could do it even i have my own (extremely small) flat

Sexual tension obviously. You see drunk, horney, girls which = sex. Maybe you'd say but i wasn't thinking about it, but you were subconsciously that nigguh don't lie.

I do. I also cannot imagine dating someone broke. I treat on dates because I have a sizeable disposable income. That dictates how I spend my life. That life isn't going to be compatible with one lived by a person with no money.

It's flattering, and I'm always good at playing into it, but I wish they would just come over and fuck instead.

Interesting insight. Maybe female voyeurs/exhibitionists aren't as uncommon as I thought. I always assumed they were rare due to the stigma surrounding dick pics. Many women seem opposed to receiving them, and I rarely hear of them sending out unsolicited nudes of their own. These are pretty much the opposite of voyeuristic and exhibitionistic behaviors. But perhaps they're just more quiet and reserved than male exhibitionists, so they aren't as well known.

That could make finding one difficult, though. There's a surprisingly low number of places where people with these fetishes gather. Sure there's stuff like nude beaches, but sexual behavior isn't allowed there and erections are frowned upon. Online forums aren't much better, there are plenty of places where people post nudes but they're often segregated by gender and generally bad for hooking up with people.

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I'd prefer to, but I'm also not willing to pay for food I don't morally agree with. So I'm leaning towards non-food dates.

At the same time, while I'm perfectly willing to pay the cost of a date otherwise and would probably prefer to in general, I can't say I'd be thrilled if a woman didn't at least offer to pay her half. Just kind of screams skeevy behavior to me.

Dates that don't require food or money are always an option.

I’d enjoy dick picks much more from somebody I actually liked and it led up to it through previous sexual interactions, than with a stranger who just sent me a pic right off the bat

Don’t mention your birthday. Just ask her to dinner or something

Well, strangers are some of the most fun people when it comes to exhibitionism. Not as much fun if the person has already interacted with you sexually.

I would pay for it no problem, but I just ghost the girl if I sensed she was just using me for free meals.

Girls, do you own any sex toys? what kind?
how did you get your first one?

continuing on this note
so i have birthday but i havent organized party since, basically ever and my social circle is pretty small. I could still manage like 5 people easy, but my place is super small so thats even optimal.

that wont work were not THAT close

>that wont work were not THAT close
that's how dating works user, you ask someone out before you're close so it's not a shitshow

though asking out coworkers is typically a bad idea

i dont think it is because its a weekend job anyway
but the issues is >shes not single

so, why did you post the question to begin with?

because no woman is single

This slut in my unit is fucking everyonr and destroying unit cohesion. I can completely ruin her life by destroying her relstionship with her boyfriend, who doesnt know whats going on. Shits collapsing on her within the unit as well, and Im going to finish it off. Am i a bad person.

Women, would you date a guy whose room looked like this?

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Depends which military you're in if you're asking whether you should try to help it (i.e. don't help NATO, Israel, or Anglo*ds).
But despising thots doesn't make you a bad person. Being a thot or engaging with one does.

Not a woman, but you should prop up your mattress if you don't want mold to grow under it. At least air it out regularly.

For a figure head ive been posing as a white guy that looks like alfred e. Numan. I did work and have a brand and a seperate worth of 13 bitcoin. Im trying to combine the two for to run some stuff but am concerned the founder of fourchan might have a katana and lives by me and may come after me for my figurer head looking like that guy. What do i do

No. Girls will hate you if you don't blow all your money on useless shit

so its true that women in military just go to be sluts

Go for it, same shit happened in the unit I deployed with, down to a T of her bringing everything down on herself.

ffs at least get an actual fucking bed poorfag

Any sex
Bringing this question back from one of the others since I only got two answers
Does rejecting people feel good? I want to reject a female before I die. I understand I have to become heavenly attractive before a woman would approach me but I’d be willing to approach a woman and lead her on for a few dates and then ghost her. Not quite the same but similar. Anyone with feel-good stories of rejecting ugly losers or incels?

are any of you actual women?

not really, specially when you see them get fat and depressed because they can't find a bf.

Sounds pretty good to me

My friend cheated on their partner and the person found out. How do they get the person back?

>they cant find bf cuz fat and depressed

giga cope
ANY female can get laid

Given that I said,
>not a woman
No, I don't think I am a woman.
You should still treat your mattress properly, since mold is a health risk.

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Don’t ruin the person's life.

>thinking you need an actual woman to confirm that a bare mattress sitting on the floor is poorfag-tier.

why the fuck would you help them?

If a man says sexual things to you, is it safe to assume that he is okay with you saying things to him? I have a hard time doing things without verbal consent

Oh absolutely. In fact most probably wouldn't care even if you were the one who started it first. We don't really get offended by sex talk.

Male here.

Should I attempt to flirt with an old co worker whose moved to a different job site but seldomly visits my job site to say hi to friends?

I dont have her on any social media but would adding her and attempting to flirt with her do more damage then good?

Most men these days are also hedonist pigs, that's not a good reason to act like one too.

I have never been on a date, but I would absolutely consider it a given that I would pay. I like being a gentleman like that.

One. A pink vibrator dildo thing. I ordered it off amazon. It works well, but requires a lot of prep (washing, disinfecting, lube) and I'm usually not in the mood. I get off just fine with my hand so the toy is a once in a blue moon thing for me.

Needs proper bedding, then I wouldn't mind. At least it's clean...that's the most important thing to me.

It doesn't feel good to reject someone at all. Please don't put an innocent person through that for your lame incel fantasy.

I rejected a woman once. Didn't feel good. I'm glad we managed to stay friends after, but it was super awkward for a while.

>Get job at store
>Catch one girl in particular checking me out, or at the least often catch her looking at me
>She would even do this when I was just a customer
Is she into me? I plan to introduce myself tomorrow, wanted to today but she was always with some other person, come to think of it, the dude she was talking to kept eyeballing me once I got into the area. He's gay as shit though so no worries.

We're in different departments so there's no way to naturally start talking to her, I have to force it. It'll be ok.

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Girls, what are your thoughts on public boners? Assuming the guy isn't hideous or creepy, if you saw one just walking down the street pitching a tent, do you find it disgusting? Funny? Sexy? I get erections a lot due to immense libido and trying to hide boners gets tiring. Debating if I should stop bothering to hide.

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I'd probably get a chuckle and see how others react

What's a good place for a date?

As long as it's a positive reaction that's fine. I just don't want to gross anybody out. Though it's not like they can call the police on me, I'm not breaking any laws.

Go to a place you can talk, and hangout.

girls, how do you keep your pubes? how often you take care of it if ever?

how do like men to be groomed like down there?

A man's opinion: Vaginas are gross looking, and the reason that women have pubic hair is because we aren't supposed to really see them. If a girl prefers to shave then that would be fine, but I would never expect a girl to do anything with it.

Where do people do those?

You sound gay to me
A man who eats and fucks pussy's opinion.

Good luck finding a man who will admit to that faggot shit.

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>Vaginas are gross looking

Please Respond, going to bed soon

I've had fantasies about this but it seems more of a concept in movies and not sustainable in real life

I did some freelance translating and editing but it's exhausting and hard to find

I have one.. part time and easy and good money but I am tired of it often

A park
A bar
A cafe
A lounge
A beach

Be smart user

Vaginas / vulvas are the best part of a woman, you're just gay.

Dudebro here

She's into you enough that her eyes fell on you in a crowded place. If you can strike a conversation with her you can figure out how into u she is

Eating pussy is probably the gayest thing you can do dood

A park? People really just go to parks? How do you even do that? "Do you want to come to the park with me?" and do what?

"ay bby i wanna park my dick in you"

Ladies, why don't you ever text first? When I text this girl, she talks like we're best friends and keeps the convo going. But she'll never text me first.

Yes you fucking idiot. Walking in the park and talking about things is one of the best ways of getting to know each other when you're starting out. It's a public place so the girl feels safe, and just walking along someone will help you get to know a lot about them.

A real man's opinion: vaginas are fucking beautiful. I'd love to see and eat them out all day.

Do girls who wear chokers actually suck dick or is this a typical college rumor?

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Every girl sucks dick user.

>But she'll never text me first.
She's not interested, next her. When a girl doesn't put any effort, I skip because she's probably talking to somebody else that she actually gives a fuck about.

Reposting from last thread since it got archived.

For girls
What are some specific things guys do during sex that make you come back for more?

Who's still wearing chokers in 2019

Probably not representative of all women because I'm VERY submissive but...being manhandled/treated roughly, being choked, being spanked, being pinned down, hair pulled, spitting in mouth, etc. Kissing me very passionately without caring about saliva lol. MOANING, making me feel attractive/desired, and seeming like you're enjoying yourself are huge too.

So you just walk and talk? What happens when you get to the end of the park?

Hey folks I am a 26 year old straight guy with zero experience at all dating, kissing, etc with the opposite sex. Just a real depressed, lonely sack of shit with no self-esteem. I am kind of tired of this life and I'm either going to change it or end it. Any advice to get out there and meet people? I work out and dress fine and shit but I am genetically an ugly person due to poor genetics so keep that in mind. Thanks. Just kinda scared that my total ineptitude at this age has just sort of shut me out of the game all together.

What does it mean when a girl takes a long hiatus from seeing me and says that she
>doesn't know if she still wants to be with me
>is thinking about our relationship and where to go from there
>doesn't like how I've been treating her lately

I think I blew it with her by being too demanding or just mean. All I ever wanted was to see her and spend time like we used to, but she's saying that I'm being too mean that way- (when that's what I've always been with her, hasn't changed). I think she may be cheating on me or is just plain tired of my shit. Should I break up and never speak to her again?

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There is no excuse not to handle life basics, man or woman. You can figure out how to post here, you can figure out how to make some income. Life costs money, that is the reality- so if you want to partake, you have to also partake in giving back into society. That's by knowing how to use currency responsibly. It sucks but everyone has to do it.

Normally, most girls I date haven't got a penny to their name so I don't really have a problem paying for every date. But the last time I did this, the girl just took advantage so maybe I won't be so careless the next time...

I met my current longterm loving gf at 26

Also you are lying about having no self esteem, I can prove like so:
>zero experience with opposite sex
>means you haven't been talking to them enough to get rejected a lot
>means you're afraid of rejection
>means you have pride that could be injured by rejection

If you really care about nothing in this world stop giving a fuck and ask out every girl. Even the ones you don't give a shit about, just as practice.

Im rich enough to not care how much money I spend on the date. I’m using her for sex might as well let her use me for food.

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