How the fuck do I hit on cute goth girls?

How the fuck do I hit on cute goth girls?

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the same as you would with any other girl, very carefully

also that normie bitch ain't goth lmao she just got some meme eyebrows

That's a man baby!

no its not

>big tiddy
>the bra strap is all the way wound to the front
It's a trap.

post YOUR tits then

Is it just Jow Forums or are there really a huge fuck ton of traps these days?

Shagadelic shagohad yeah baby!

No, my tiddies are mine, and I post them where I want them. With my sliders on my back, because I wear my size correctly, since I'm not a trap.

For real though just be as handsome as you can. They don't care what you listen to if you can slap that D inside them.

There's a lot of guys of the incel/autism/bpd variety that decide to escape into the feminine world with their bodies. Also, sissy fetish stuff is massively more popular with male submissives, like way over pegging or traditional kink.

>add my snap
Why are bitches on tinder always posting their Snapchat? It’s the gayest fucking app

Shes a hoe. Just ask her to fuck and she will comply.

Def a trap my dude


Shit. I'm keeping that trick in mind. Spotting traps just got easier... although Charlotte the harlotte here isn't doing zerself many favours.
The whole trans movement in the modern day is rooted in escapism. Best you don't think too hard about it.

>How the fuck do I hit on cute goth girls?
if you're not goth, you probably don't have a chance

you need to have a genuine interest in the goth subculture yourself
otherwise you're just as much of an ingenuine clown as the normie stacies acting edgy and dressing in black

I'm pretty sure she(he) is

Ask her if she wants to come over to pop a xan and listen to Lil Peep obviously

Literally what about this bitch is goth? I don’t see anything goth anywhere on her.

Hahaha holy shit
Not even kidding. Op, Just become an goth/emo drug dealer.

that's not fucking goth at all... that's like... wow. that's some poser shit.