How come there has never been a girl that was attracted to me? Isn't that like statistically impossible?

How come there has never been a girl that was attracted to me? Isn't that like statistically impossible?

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How do you know? Do you tell every girl you're attracted to that you're attracted to them? Maybe they just don't tell you

How could you possibly know this you faggot?

Just go fuck men, no one cares for your drawn out fall from grace. Pussy.

If you're ugly as fuck or your personality its shit, or you have a smell. Then it' has nothing to do with statistics

If a girl likes a guy, she looks at him.

No girl has ever looked at me unless they had to.

Girls don't want you, they want Rereboy.

They just never told you, you have to have wide connections to find out shit people don't tell you. Don't worry about all the missed connections. They weren't ready to date, look for people looking for people.

>another "I have never had a girlfriend but am an expert on women and know what they are thinking better than they do" thread

You don't know shit OP. Until you ask them out and they say no you are just assuming they are not interested in you.

Some men just aren’t meant to reproduce

No. Around 1% of men die virgins. Some guys have to die alone and unloved. Sorry you weren’t good enough. I’m in the same boat.

Plenty shy girls. You'll have your gf.

Just because a women isn't kissing your feet and drooling all over you at first glance doesn't mean she doesn't find you attractive.


Really? So if I'm standing or sitting in a group of people and a girl keeps looking at me while talking she's attracted to me? That's really all it takes?

Thanks for the tip, expert

Nice strawman but even in being disingenuous you’re partially correct

Friendly reminder that OP is really mentally ill and engaging with him in a discussion leads nowhere.

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>can’t engage with op in dialectic to find the truth

You are told the truth every time but refuse to accept it.

alright now go ahead and explain to me how I'm strawmanning

What is the truth if it’s so easily accessible and you’re so wise?

>How come there has never been a girl that was attracted to me?

You are not attractive

>Isn't that like statistically impossible?
It is unlikely, but not impossible

>If a girl likes a guy, she looks at him.
If you were being honest you would know what he meant. He means she’ll look at him unnecessarily or steal glances at him. But, even with your attack on the misrepresentation of his point, you are right; if a girl stares at you while talking in a group she probably likes you. And I’m saying stare. Not just looking at you occasionally. Staring, probably eye contact too.

Have you let every girl you've ever been attracted to know that you're attracted to them? If not, why are you holding women to another standard and assuming you have complete information to analyze the odds of something

First of all, not him. Secondly, men and women are different and can be held to different standards

I have only been attracted to 2 girls and I am 29.
Attraction is weird and you can't force people to like you.

people tend to stare at you when it's your turn to talk
people stare at you when you look funny
girls you find attractive staring at you does not imply they find you attractive you dork

You’re right. How could I be so silly?

This. I've felt attraction (at least, if you count every lone spark of fleeting lust) for hundreds of people in my life, and have only confirmed it to a handful, maybe shown enough enthusiasm to give another twenty or so a good hunch.

A girl passing you in the streets and thinking "huh, cute guy" is not going to show ANY sign other than glancing at you, which you might even miss.