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The fact that you texted me tonight after I clearly said I want space means that you have no respect for me or my wishes. I'm not surprised really because I know now that you are an asshole. After you exposed yourself I really don't want anything to do with you. I would rather have less friends than be friends with a dickhead.

I've always loved anime. I think I really got sucked into it when I was a kid and watched Princess Mononoke. I'll watch pretty much anything if it has a reason to be animated (and some things like Jojo which really just exist for the fans' sakes). The really amazing stuff comes when the creator just knows a lot about life. I'll never forget how fucking uncomfortable I was with that episode of GiTS where that guy keeps day dreaming about all the crazy shit he's never actually going to do about his frustrations, political or sexual, and I just sat there, 12 years old, thinking "waitaminute....this is kind of familiar."
That's what a good story is, something that's true to life, and I think a lot of America's media has forgotten that.

I started watching Black Clover last month, and it's cute. Reminds me of when CN started airing Naruto. Naruto had his own little slogan. It was translated into "believe it!", but someone at a bar last week told me it's closer to "damnit!" in Japanese. Asta screams "Madada! Mada mada!", and it's hilarious how articulate that is as a protest, and it's really hilarious when the other characters start saying it too. It's not the best thing I've watched by any means, but I just thought it was funny how well the sound of those words matched their meaning.
I think I like its message a little bit better than Heroaca. Heroaca is about another loser that is "given" someone else's power and has to work to actually use it without killing himself. Asta's deficiency itself is his power. He doesn't have any magic, so he can use antimagic weaponry without harming himself.

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Wow, you actually waited for the other one to hit bump limit. Thank you OP, bless you, bless you.

Breeder fetish>feeder fetish

Agreed. Woman's place is barefoot and pregnant.

women hold up half the sky

I help you with any and everything you ask of me, and I ask you for help one time and you choose to ignore me? Fuck you

I agree. Where would we be without sandwiches?

I miss you - V

Woman was pulled from the rib of man implying she is to be at mans side as she is from mans side.

Im sorry. Thank you for everything.

Initials? I know there's 8 billion people on this planet, but damn.


I hope this works. I'm not a praying man but please God help me with this.

My initials are E. B

Yeah fuck that nigga man

I wish you would fucking leave and you won’t and I’m a prisoner in my own god damn home. Fuck you for abandoning the car and making me and our friends look for you for hours. I gave you another chance and I was an idiot for doing so.

I really need to work on initiating cuddles. Why am I such a fucking idiot when it comes to cuddle time what is this mental block. I want to be snuggled 24/7 but I am way too awkward about giving and getting cuddles still. All I gotta do is simply lay my head on his lap and let it go from there why do I get so much anxiety thinking about it? Just fucking do it.


I wish I had a gf

Even though I feel like this is the day I finally do it, I'll probably just chicken out yet again. I partly feel like I want to tell you, but I also partly feel that I don't; because I'm tired of people trying to talk me out of it and I resent all of you for trying to stop me. If I did it then I also couldn't say goodbye to you for pretty much the same reasons.

I miss you. I miss you so much.

I wrote you an email, but I won't send it to you. God, I miss you, girl. I wish you came to this site... maybe you do, just so I can say it here.
Then again, you know I probably miss you. I'm sorry I fucked up. I'm sorry I forgot everything all the time. Just please be happy. That's all I can wish for you.

I was so close to that ring.

I don't actually want a gf. What I really want is to go back to when I was a little boy and do all of those scary things with those ladies I couldn't talk to anyone else about until they aren't scary anymore. It felt really good and made the nice ladies happy, even though it terrified me out of my mind. I knew it was wrong. I knew they were controlling me. Still, the desires to do the good-feeling scary stuff, feel their warmth, and be a good boy outweighed my reservations. If I got too scared they'd often stop to placate me and bring me back into the moment feeling safe. Plus, they might hurt me or be mean if I didn't. I guess what I really want is to be as afraid as I need to be, even cry if I have to, without having to worry about the consequences. I want to receive the warmth and affection I did back then without the stipulation of being obligated to give up my body for it and potentially be forced to endure violence should I refuse. I want to be free. I want to be held, kissed, and nuzzled like then

Guys what the fuck did Jow Forums do to me. This labor day weekend i went to a city with my friends to watch a football game and have a good time -right ? And ok the night ended was going really really well, met some people and got absolutely blasted. One thing led to another i wound up ranting about j*ws to my normie friends. I even went so far to ask some new people i met what their last names were to make sure they weren't (((people))). That being said i made friends with a few rambunctious nogs because i was literally extremely sociable- just i went off the rails with the j*w rant ? what the fuck has happened to me ahahah I wound up actually pulling a girl last night too - i literally asked her for her last name and i told her why but she told me how i was "being fun". I'm confused and conflicted.

I also drag raced the electric scooter bikes with some freshly made pals and fell off going like 20 mph so that was fun. Just was overtly intense about the JQ- my normie friends though it was hilarious. I guess that's ok - what have i become

I'm going to stop frequenting Jow Forums for a while

i replied to the old thread like a retard
what do? its only min wage so its not a big deal if i have to quit the job if she says no

I miss you too send the email

Text me K, I miss talking to you. You're one of the most intriguing girls I've met in a long time. I hope you think of me the same way as I do.

Ah he confessed but I reacted nervously. I wish I could have just been cool and responded coolly but now he’s not responding to my texts. Ughhhh I want to text him things but I’m worried I’ll be crossing a line

I wish I could. But I know it won't change anything. I know you won't come back. I'm here, though.
I'm here. I made a promise to you. I'm...

I’d say it depends on the last interaction with her

Why do so many people just say no I can't... Why am I so scared? I just can't leave yet, I think this thing can be saved. We can be saved, I can save us... I feel like I'm waisting time, but if I just keep running is it worth anything. How long is long enough? I died so many times, I can't stay down. I'm crawling back up. I'm not done yet!

My last physical reaction was here acting like she didn't want to be around me and trying to leave as soon as she got there.

My last text was giving her what she wanted.

What did she want? Sorry if I’m being too intrusive but i can relate and it helps me think about my situation. Is it possible that she gets nervous and seems cold but she really just has anxiety

and yes, she had anxiety.

Maybe tomorrow. How does one fall asleep while cuddling anyways. This is basic shit I don't have any clue how to do I am a failure

Sooo? What if I'm asexual? How the fuck does that kill me? Fuck you

For whom?


Please don’t let that apology be for me. Please don’t go.

Or at least message me and talk about it so i can have closure

Who are you?

Pink Floyd is great, I agree, they had smart lyrics. They weren't sexy like Led Zeppelin though.

I have no idea what to do with my life and I want to kill myself. I really just want off this ride now.

Me too

Wait for the aliens

You still expect it all to be fair, you expect people to play fair. They will use everything in the book. You will have to bend somewhat, it will leave you battered and you will see hell. There is no other way. Play it 100% straight and noble and you will lose.


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I feel useless. What good am I as a gf if I'm so far away when you need help? I wish you'd consider seeking therapy. Your suicidal thoughts are so concerning. You say you don't think you'll love long enough for our first meeting. What am I supposed to do? I can't do anything. I love you. Please, please don't hurt yourself.

I have a coworker who I do nothing but get into shit flinging contests with, and yet he still greets me and hangs out when we run into each other in public.
What's this fucking pierced weirdo's deal? He shares links to a bdsm profile on facebook. Do women really like getting dommed by a guy who looks like a living personification of little brother memes at age 30?
>Mom says it's my turn to top.

He's probably play flirting with you he wants you to be his bottom
GL user

Not even close to happening.

He has gf and identifies as straight, as do I.

There will soon be a chaos beyond what we know. Then, in time, order will be introduced because the confusion will be unbearable. Only the strong survive.

Let's say I'm A. K's someone I work with.

is anyone else just completely miserable

I am begging to be happy

Why am I never the first choice for any woman I ever start talking to...

Yeah, I can see why your exes all had the same problem with you. Boy, are you emotionally dumb and boy can you be careless and selfish. I wasn’t planning on being your girlfriend before, but I’m just taken aback at how dumb you are. If you date this other girl, I hope she has low expectations for emotional fulfillment from you because BOY OH BOY are you not gonna provide lmfao. She better be an emotional rock that’s good with anything. I have to laugh because who does this? The common sense, the manners- zero! I was sitting on the couch and imagining myself at a party in the future telling people this situation as a funny anecdote and everyone would laugh at how obviously wrong the situation is. So thanks for the fun party story. This was just so obviously the dumbest fucking choice to make, I would be more upset if this wasn’t clearly a massive emotional oversight on your part because... you don’t have emotional intelligence! I knew this about you but damn dude. Way to hit the basement floor.

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I want to belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeve

What happened?

I miss you so fucking much

I get this, I do. I would make you make you my first choice.

- a woman

I work with As


or just one make you*

Listening to TS Lover

can't type and listen lol

Honey, you are home. You are beautiful inside and out. You are so gentle that it brings tears to my eyes. I swear I will protect you and be there for you no matter how bad your Illness is.

My sweetheart. I'll treasure every moment.

So sweet

Where are you located? US?

Oh please, no one wants a PTSD-addled faggot who has difficulty letting female strangers within 4 feet of him and is liable to flip out and start crying during sex. Let alone, at risk of slipping how he's still in love with the person who made him a PTSD-addled faggot and likes you for your similarities to her. Fuck, even just touching with all of our clothes on would be a pain.

i will kill all men
just you watch
i'm doing it right now

Medical school soon, but all I can think of is what happens if i fail my board exam.

Fuck, also been watching documentaries and feeling incredibly scared of death. Its heartbreaking to see doctors tell their patients that they're going to die— I’ve always been good at distancing myself from these issues, so seeing it up close makes me want to cry

im scared for the future and I want to be able to handle what comes my way. or at least be decently equipped. I feel like shit when I think about the ppl who die from cancer and how that could be me. It’s terrifying to think that I may not be here in a few years— and the same for my loved ones. I guess you really have to live in the present, altho I have lofty goals that I desperately wish I can fulfill

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I believe that, in general, Canadians are more advanced. More peaceful, more loving, more sensitive, more psychic. Hate me all you want.

I don't think Canadians are that psychic. Not psychic at all. I would date a Canadian man but not for his psychic prowess, but for the fact they're not very annoying or obnoxious. They can be, especially the westerners, but not as obnoxious as our swamp people.

I don't think you know us.

I don't think you know you.

Oh, I know myself very well.

I will fight for you despite everything you've done to me. It hasn't been

Prove it.

They have more soul than you have in your wee little pinky.

That's the thing, I don't need to. I never will have to prove anything to anyone.

I need to be packing to head to my relatives funeral and i'm here focusing on why these stupid asian bitches who don't give a shit about me and lied to me.
Don't get attached to anything because you'll just end up losing it.

Artistic masters.

Well done. You passed the test.

I hate how real talent is trampled on and ruined. I admire those who remain true to their work, despite offers.

Unless I pump myself up in anticipation for social interaction I am a deer in headlights whenever someone talks to me. My heart feels like it’s gonna burst out of my chest while I’m thinking about what I’ll say but when things get in motion I’m pretty cool with it. Otherwise I’m curt and awkward and get upset at myself afterwards. Truly, a mans greatest enemy and ally is himself. I wish I could just be a goldfish or something, but that’s retarded because goldfish can’t do too much.

You worded that to mean the opposite of your true intent. As is, what you said is nonsense

You're simply just not smart enough to understand what I meant.

Whatever, just tried to help your poor writing. Hope you hurt whoever you're intending to.

Stay out of what you don't understand. I wrote it the way it was said to me. Go pick your nose or something now, you need hobbies.

I'll gladly stay away from somebody you has not said one remotely friendly thing

>somebody you has not
poor writing.

got me troll... got me

I’m so bored of my affair person but work with them and can’t find an easy way to end it right now
They very badly want me to end up with them but in some ways they remind me of my spouse years ago and that terrifies me. No thank you. I told you it would never be serious. Why are you so obsessed with me?

I’ll wait for you...

I was so drunk for a week straight I went around with my friend basically being ratchet as fuck. I did so much dumb shit I actually want to stop drinking

I hate how people judge other people's work as if they are the judge if some work is done by someone ''talented'' or not. Also how they claim ownership where there is none, if people are ''talented'' they will stay that way anywhere they go.

I am depressed and drifting into suicidal thoughts, but I will not do it god damit. Luckily I googled and found that you can't tell your therapist or they will lock you up. (Your move mister lawman)
Now I just try to not think the big worry thoughts but everything that is important to me is about to slip through my fingers.
My cute, Nietzsche reading gf
My projects at uni
The money that I saved over like 15 years
And most of all the image of myself becoming a scientist (which I had since I could walk)
So yeah things are fucky, I will try hard to do it but it seems pointless, like the paper I am failing to write.
I guess I can enjoy life and off myself after losing everything. So I don't need to worry about where I will be in a year.

Sorry everyone, wasn't as clever as you thought. No hard feelings, okay?

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>Be suicidal men
>See Tumblrina post on Jow Forums
>Feminist manifesto.txt
>Seems like we have a common interest, m'lady

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