I keep sneezing these gnarly things what do I do

I keep sneezing these gnarly things what do I do

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Ding-dong diddly gross


Please see a doctor user. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.

i thought that was a dead little rat alexa fetus for a second but if thats a booger then wtf

hang on now you don't know what shitposter this could be we need to find out who he is and make an informed decision

That's called: you're about to fucking die, OP.

That is G*d's punishment for watching Tranny Night RAW. Stop watching and take up surfing instead, it's an incredibly cathartic hobby and the amount of sun you soak up is unmatched in any other sport.

What in ding-dong diddly's name is that? That's an F to you buddy.


Surfers are homosexuals. Kill yourself.

An extraterrestrial life form has seen your body fit as a host for their offspring. Head over to your local government facility as soon as possible and they'll send you to the specialists. Don't wait unless you want your fucking head to explode when the tentacles try clawing their way out of every orifice in your head.

Becky aren't you having a match? You couldn't wait to get the abortion until after?

I don’t care what he posts online. He doesn’t deserve to die.


Stop dilating

you watch WWE. Just keep watching

he said sneezing not oozing

who finna in here /asp/ stand all the finna way UP

I don't understand newspeak. What did he just say?

ya SEETHE lil man?

Looks like nose bleeds

Its retard speak

Wot the fok, you need to see a doc bro.

Drink water and . . . see doctor OP pls

lil bits of ur brain sorry dude

Drink way more water, way less drugs and alcohol, change your air filter and wash your bed linens.

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