How much ibuprofen should I take to kill myself, if it’s even possible...

How much ibuprofen should I take to kill myself, if it’s even possible, are there any other common household pills I can use to kill myself easily ?

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dude, dont. please.

Don't kill yourself moron.

And even if you do. Pills are the lowest form of suicide. Half the time they don't even work. Don't be a coward and go out in a blaze of glory, kill someone, burn a building down, become a terrorist or something.
What does it matter, you're gonna die anyways, you won't feel a thing.

Shut the fuck up, moron.

OP, what the hell happened to you?

Killing yourself with over the counter medicine is actually extremely hard to do. Just don't, you'll wake up in a hospital bed with a tube down your throat pumping your stomach. Probably be a medical bill in the five digits.

the best way is to burn charcoal in a closed room and passed out to never wake up

any other method is painful and can fail, this won't as long as nobody comes to find you, but you should precaution that this could affect other people and choose the location wisely.

I feel unbearable pain too and sorry to you for suffering, but I knew someone who failed taking pills and it's not pretty.

Don't do it user. It's not worth it. Things will get better, why cut your life short before you find that out?

Take 20 Benadryl

it doesn't get better and this is what people with no real issues think people want to hear

Most of the time it gets better and there are ways to not klll yourself. Humans aren't meant to be happy but we sure as shit aren't meant to kill ourselves either.

You're just going to fuck up vital organs and be in a world of suffering until you die 30ish years down the line from premature death. Drugs are stupid for suicide unless it's heroin.

it doesn't get better for a lot of people and it's unfair to expect them to continue when they don't want to

being unhappy is not the same as having a mental illness either and people like you will never understand and never experience this. it comes off as patronizing and annoying.

Don't kill yourself.

OTC pills are relatively non-toxic and have a huge therapeutic window.

You're going to need a few hundred pills and to make sure you won't be found for a few hours to guarantee death, and at that it's going to be extremely slow and painful. If you are found, you have high odds of having organ damage, lots of pain, and medical bills will be high.

If you want a slow painful death that may or maynot work go with ibuprofen.

Euthanasia forums have a lot of info in the best suicide techniques.


20 benadryl isn't gonna do shit other than get you a little fucked up. It makes you feel restless for a few hours and it's really awful. Also killing yourself with stuff that's OTC is going to be extremely painful.

It isn't possible. "Best" case scenario is that you'll damage your liver and get some chronic ailment. Consider living instead.

Concentrated bleach is going to be way more effective but even that wi probably just leave you writhing in pain on the floor or drowning in your puke. Best bet is always a properly placed gun shot. My new favored second is jumping in front of a train

about 6 kgs.

And also, don't bother with ibuprofen. You need several kgs to die, and your body will likely reject that long before it gets to a fatal level.

What will happen is instead that you get cirrhosis from being so monumentally stupid, which will plague you for a long time until you finally die.

If you want to kill yourself, slit your wrists in the bathtub or reroute the fumes from your car into a closed space. Just make sure it's not an electrical car, or you will end up looking pretty stupid.

ibuprofen is one of the worst ways to kill yourself, you are better off chugging gasoline

Try car exhaust; you can always puss out half way and not totally fuck up internal organs

OD has like a 3% success rate just exit bag, shoot, or hang yourself from a bridge. But if you really wanna OD wash all those pills down with alcohol