Europeans invented basically everything

>Europeans invented basically everything
>Cars, electricity, computers, internet, trains, modern medicine, airplanes etc etc
>Asians invented

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How did they invent cuck stuff tho. Seems like a naturally occurring phenomenon that demands extreme violence.

it's my birthday today frens

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>no VB longneck
this guy must be a kiwi

Europeans with their creative and visionary minds invent new stuff, japs with their more rational minds improve those inventions

Black and Indian people will now invent the future.

>Indian people will now invent the future.
only after they invent toilet witch repellent

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>VB Longneck
here ya go cunt

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Happy bordday fren

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shoo poo shoo

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ever heard about gunpowder ?
that's it, I don't know any other Asian invention

>White man invents something
>decides it's good enough
>Sees how many people he can kill with it
>Invent new things when bloodlust returns

>Asian doesn't invent anything
>Takes previously invented items and incrementally improves them and adds a few layers of autism to be safe

We should team up. White warlords protecting us Asians, we improve their tech in peacetime. Win win

pic related

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Hbappy birthday

I hate you dickhead. I hope you have a terrible birthday

*ATTCCHAAA* birthday

Happy birthday, user!

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happy birthday fren. sorry the jew wizard made it a sad one

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they invented the printing press and gunpowder, without both of those, we couldn't do what we did.
i don't like insect people though, don't start sperging out.

Happy WMAF birthday.

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i'm not a jew… wanna know who's the jew ?

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cuckold fetish is the white man's fetish
it's the white invented and the most common among Pinko makes

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I'm an ethnic Jew of Ashkenazi descent and proud of it, but will gladly be your fren

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only jew wizards cast sadness spells on peoples birthdays

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Why did this make me want to fap?

India has a designated orbital feces programm and will be super pooper by 2030.

Happy birthday, fren!

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will we be frens if I offer my poo-poo hole to him ?
>pic related

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Not even gay but this is hot. I don't know what's wrong with me this morning

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>what's wrong with me this morning
you are just fucking horny too

u r forgived, anonz

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too bad they can't get rid of the boo in the loo
>pic unrelated

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The earliest record of agriculture originated in Asia.

sooo in other words... Asian master-race ?

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kek OP pic triggered some Jannie.

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what? isn't it mesopotamia instead?

>Lol nobody invented civilization except for the Sumerians
It's like baby's first anthropology lesson. The phrase "Most of X's Y came from foreigners" applies to almost any group when you are allowed to define X.
There is a reason you selected these technologies and the cut off date.

which continent was mesopotamia on?

it's the middle east, i wouldn't say it's Asia.
it's a crossroad between Africa, Europe and Asia.

yeah ok fair enough.
but saying agriculture was born in asia sounds like chinks invented it.

Says the man that bows to the pedo false prophet that will drag us back into the 6th century.