So if the prolife argument is that the baby's body is separate from the woman's body...

So if the prolife argument is that the baby's body is separate from the woman's body, why cant the woman just vacuum out an intact baby's body and just leave it to survive on its own? Don't chop it up or anything, just leave it on the table and let the doctors put the 1 month old heartbeat baby or whatever in foster care with all the other babies. Once it has that heartbeat it should be good to live life and be on its own separate from the mother, right? That way everybody wins.

Why must we be forced to pick a side when theres perfectly a valid middle option?

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The pro life argument is pro life, that is, not killing babies.

They keep the whitey to rape them and put the niggers for adoption.

But removing a one moth old wouldnt kill the baby because the baby is its own body, not the woman's body. It can do stuff own its own, and anything it might need a woman for could be replaced with stuff like baby formula. Furthermore there are literally placed where you can put fertilized eggs, embryos, and early fetuses on ice. You could even make refrigerated foster care units for situations like this. Even Sofia Vergara has embryos on ice right now.

i do not get it is it not genetically half a mans? how can they claim 100% ownership when half is not theirs?

Your parents should have done that to you. That's all I can say for certain.

A 1-month-old fetus isn't viable outside the womb.
Putting it on a table to fend for itself would leave it dead within 30 minutes.

Thats the magic of this argument. The baby isn't 100% theirs and its not their choice to kill a baby, and thats still murder. Its their choice to evict it. So if you can remove the intact one month old, or however old baby, you can just put it in foster care. Or the man can finish developing it if he wants.

Win win all around.

Removing a one month old from care and leaving it to look after itself would kill it. We agree this is murder.

Somehow you think killing something that can't look after itself is ok.

Yes it is? Its it's own body at that point. It can survive on ice or in foster care. It can actually be fed nutrients from other sources and the doctors can keep it alive for the state in a Petri dish.

How is that murder? It's being left in the hands of the state. Its exactly what foster care is.

for that matter, if a new born baby is a separate entity from the parents who birthed it, it should be able to survive on its own, right? also if a ten year old is separate from its mother's body it should be able to survive on its own in the wild right? lol pro-lifers btfo

Theres too many degenerate low quality trash humans, why not be in favour of getting rid off them through abortion?

Uncle Adolf couldnt have come up with a better eugenics program than this one. Degenerates willingly end their own offspring, and we are in the process of eradication downs syndrome.

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A newborn and a ten year old can also survive separate from their mothers, though. Its called foster care.

i would more argue the fact on (((their))) and say yes give them abortion BUT only for rape up to whatever is and it has to be substantiated like a rape kit etc and severe punishment for lying i mean why is their argument i wanna be a slut and can kill it whenever? if you give them ground it makes them say what they really mean i had the crazy thought that if they put as much effort trying to justify abortion as they did who let fucked maybe they wouldn't need them

No nigger, it can't.
No eyes.
No mouth.
No nose.
The only method for breathing and feeding at all at that stage of life is the umbilical cord, and doctors can't keep a 1-month-old alive in an artificial womb.

Well, the problem there is that abortion is murder, my friend. A better solution is to either birth the babies proud fetuses and embryos on ice. Then we can have freezers full of rat tail people. All state provided and covered by simply purchasing a bunch of extra fridges in the foster care budgets. Technically no one will be murdered, a woman will maintain bodily autonomy, and the man can finish development without the woman if he wants. Everyone wins this way.

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I'm not going to defend this pro life religious hysteria, but your complete separation between a personhood and a fetus in the womb, as if it were literally just a piece that hasn't been dropped yet, is sick. Just wait until you have your first one going in there. If fat, neet faggots are having kids these days that is

>when theres perfectly a valid middle option?
For allowing women to behave in highly sexually promiscuous ways via methods of abortion?
How about no.
Their FIRST RESPONSE was, " Well we're just not going to fuck then. Sex strike! "
What's that tell you.
They're only sluts because abortion allows them consequence free sex. And these days you can't even hardly find a decent woman who hasn't been plowed by 50 dicks and nuked her womb a few times.
It's disgusting.

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It does have eyes, mouth, and a nose. It can also breathe and feed. All human life can do those things you inbred ape.

Aborting a baby due to rape is still murder you moron. The baby deserves life no matter who the father is. So you can just remove the baby and put it on ice, then rape dad can have his baby. Its only fair.

Why is it sick? You can literally remove 1 month old babies and keep them alive. Its valid.

Life is not sacred.

5 gorrilions trillions have died before us, and 5 gorrilions maximillions more will die after us.

This is a battle for maintaining viability for life on earth in its totality, and in order for that to be viable a bunch of people have to die.

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>The baby deserves life no matter who the father is.


i didn't say it was it's called compromise you can't have everything you want and if you're serious you would realize if you say okay to that what other reason do they need it and also it's called empathy can i rape you and expect you to want to carry my seed forever rape is wrong to and two wrong do not make a right but expecting someone to get raped and then live with that reminder against their will?
>inb4 adoption
use your imagination and pretend you have empathy what would you expect in that situation?

As much as you want it to be the case, that isnt the case. All life is sacred. Those babies are alive and can be put on ice.

maybe women shouldn't be absolute sluts
and maybe we shouldn't give a flying fuck about some sluts baby

it's not really that difficult to understand

No ice! Wouldnt want them to ressurect and kill us all

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Yes. Abortion is murder.

Rape is wrong but so is murder. The baby deserves life. Just make the baby live on ice instead of aborting it. Adoption can work too,but most people dont adopt unless the baby is at least 9 months old, so it could get a little tough. Thats the state's problem though.

Also I imagine the embryo freezing business could legitimately be big bucks in Alabama in a decade or so. Could be a lucrative idea to start investing in related companies and sending in product ideas to corporate. This could seriously be a win for fucking everyone here.

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Why not just give birth to a baby and leave it to die?

Yes. That is hard to understand because you're endorsing murder you edgy faggot.

You cant leave them to die explicitly, thats neglect. However it is legal to put them into foster care, leave them at firestations, etc. Doing the same for a one month old conception baby should really be the same thing. Might involve a little extra ice, but no big deal otherwise.

>Murder is bad
You clearly havent gone far enough down the rabbithole.

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The only reason most women can survive is men help them do so.
And yet those women still have protections on their life.

No they dont? You dont have to protect women if you dont want to. Theres no mandatory white Knight program.

do we even have that type of technology yet? who is footing this bill taxation is theft my dude i think harsher penalties for rapists as well like death and chomos get castrated

We already have technology for freezing babies, yes. The ones that are at a point where they can't be frozen are actually developed enough for a premature birth and the foster care system can take them on as primi babies. Theres actually no reason to force women to carry to term or kill babies. The middle ground is clear.

>removing life support isn't murder
>dude why didn't they just survive on their own
>stop arresting me it's not my fault all I did was pull the plug

i would say artificial insemination? maybe for women how are infertile maybe be something to work with their if they can't conceive is one thing but maybe nigger rig that baby oven or something idk

Removing life support isnt murder if you switch them to a different life support system. In this case it would be ice or you put them on actual life support if viable. Your analogy makes no sense.

Artificial insemination could be an option for the women who want to pick up an iced foster baby and carry it to term. Then they wont have to have their husbands babies and it could even become a fetish for some people. Imagine all the bored wives or single 30 somethings adopting and birthing those foster babies. They can even get off on giving birth to mixed babies if they were too scared to actually go ahead and cheat behind their husbands backs.
This idea really just keeps sounding better and better the more we discuss and think about it.

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>Then they wont have to have their husbands babies and it could even become a fetish for some people. Imagine all the bored wives or single 30 somethings adopting and birthing those foster babies.

Jesus, this whole thing was just a way to loop around to cuck posting.

Isn't that what anti abortion laws are in the grand scheme? More niglets born and more gibs handed out.

A one year old is separate from its mother, lets leave that thing by itself because it should just fine.
You are retarded and I hope you die

This is obviously in bad faith but whatever, I'll take the bait.
Yes, the baby is a separate organism from the mother; no, that doesn't mean she can just vacuum it out and leave it, any more than parents with a one month old, one year old, hell even six year old can just abandon their kid with no consequences. It's in its natural environment and parents have responsibilities towards their child, like providing food and a safe environment, which for an unborn baby means being in the womb.

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There should be an option for people like you to get sterilized.

Your so smug. I Like it

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