We will literally die if we don't import some people. Americans just aren't having kids.


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>Implying you are white

We need fewer Jews.

>We will literally die if we don't import some people
How the fuck is that gonna make anyone die?
You know not long ago the US had a lot less people. We didn't die.
Once the world had a LOT less people. We didn't die.
We got like 7 billion fuckers on this planet and I figure if you got rid of 6 billion nobody would blink.

So what’s about to happen with all these shill threads?

May I be of assistance good sirs?

wouldn't abortion factor into the equation aswell?

we have more weapons more technology more resources and more choice land than any country on earth. why is it a bad thing if there are fewer people to enjoy it, or dare i say as many people as there were at the turn of the last century? the fewer people, the higher wages, the cheaper prices, the happier the individual.

this “we need to replace a declining population meme” the saddest scam in human history.

false flags and war

"immigration from where?!" - Elon Musk

>we need more workers to tax and fund our old geriatric asses and our bloated retirement plans!
Fuck old people.

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Elon's am immigrant from Africa. We can take more Africans.

They're called women and they're a big fucking problem.


>The number of babies born in the U.S. in 2018 fell to the lowest level in 32 years, according to a government report released Wednesday.

>The numbers are part of a decadeslong trend toward fewer and fewer babies being born each year — which means we’re getting further away from the possibility of having enough children to replace ourselves, according to the report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

>Hamilton and his colleagues found that the total number of births in 2018, at 3,788,235, was down 2 percent from 2017. The general fertility rate for 2018 was 59.0 births per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44, another record low for the U.S.

>For perspective, it’s lower than in the years after the Great Depression. In 1936, for example, the general fertility rate was 75.6.

>More telling, perhaps, is the drop in the “total fertility rate,” which also fell 2 percent compared to 2017 figures, to 1,728 births per 1,000 women of childbearing age.

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economy is on such a larger scale that it relies on a certain amount of people to support it + the overinflated gov budget and spendings
in other words fuck your culture and your people, globohomocapitalzionism needs its shekles and paypigs

The countries GDP and the economy would blink

Will I be among those 1 billion saved?

Cool, who gives a fuck? I'd rather have a country than cheap iphones.

After outsourcing manufacturing now the West is outsourcing pregnancies. Better leave the dirty works to third worlders.

Actually it's an indicator of the population settling to where it needs to be, who gives a rats ass about the government tax base. Governments are prone to change and there is no rule about the necessity of keeping it.

Yeah they tried those lies years ago. Nobody belielved it then either. No immigrants

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When will Americans wake the FUCK up and realize that they NEED brown immigrants?!

I like how the immediate answer is to get more immigrants rather than create programs to promote the birth rates.

let women work
I am investing and getting rich

It's boomers are flipping over their retirement funds and social security, they will do everything they can to ensure their fat and happy until they die, including destroying their own countries.

>Economy changes absolutely when the demand is simultaneously taken away with the supply.

What the fuck Muhammad?

So what? White women have always been garbage. What we really need is to open the borders and let the invaders slaughter everyone inside. Yes I will kneel with glee, I hate you all that much.


you cucked white people need to take your womans rights away, and draft them into breeding, even if its against their will.

thats the only way to save your race.

Kek. More than 50 million "white" americans have a black ancestor.

Replace the names of groups and change races and you know whats happening.


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Endless growth is the bait of the jew.

Or we could start discouraging women from pursuing careers and be homemakers again.


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> median salary is maybe 5% higher inflation adjusted compared to 1990
> assets houses are 60-70% higher inflation adjusted
> overall cost of living is higher
> more education / training is needed (higher debt)
> result: 40 hour workweek on median income is not enough to be able to afford a house and the quality of life you would've had 30 years ago
> result: women are now required to participate in the workforce to get similar standards of living for workers as 30 years ago, effectively making a 40 hour workweek for a single household into a 72 hour one if the woman works 32 hours.

Because more migrants equals sustaining infinite growth models. If you're interested in fixing birth rates obvious answers are to address the many ills current globalism, sourcing, migration, workforce participation and so on are bringing to people. Globalization is a source for misery for all but maybe 1-2% of society who is profiteering tremendously off of it. But in long term it has succeeded in destroying the west.

Daily reminder: The (((USA))) classifies white as every race but east asian and sub saharan. Meaning the (((USA))) doesn't even know what white is(European btw) and has no idea just how many are in the country.

African Americans aren't classified as white.

So what you’re saying is that abortion murders not just a baby but our nation as well.

I’m with you op. Outlaw abortion and force all women of birthing age to have at least 3 children each.

These bitch want to pretend they’re in the Handmaids Tale. Let’s make that shit a reality.

Who cares? Get some chickens, be landed.

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>rednecks are the problem
>not the overpopulation explosion that is currently happening in Africa

Nice propaganda, Shlomo.

And how exactly do tax negative turd worlders living off social security help anyone except Hollyjew and Walmart?


Then we die. No more immigrants under any circumstances. If we die, SO BE IT.

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>We will literally die if we don't import some people. Americans just aren't having kids.
t. retard who doesn't understand how natural selection works. Whites are due for a rebound in fertility rate in a few generations, since the roasties and numales are being weeded out of the gene pool.


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Perhaps they should improve their circumcision methodology. I hear the bone saw method is highly effective.

>Population might decline
>More room and improved quality of life for everyone
>"literally die"

The actual truth in this thread.


Can you not fucking read?

You see the real message.


>as more women choose careers over families
lol there was a study that looked into this claim and determined that it’s because women can’t find suitable husbands, mot because they’re choosing a career over family

media always presents it as women going their own path but the reality is much different when you talk to these women

>a decrease in total population means society crumbles
sounds like someone is running a ponzi scheme.

>we need more pipl

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I wasn't attacking you, I was just making a comment that that scene is literal anti-white propaganda.

women need careers because they contribute immensely in the workforce

Consider how utterly retarded and suicidal it is to subsidize the elderly at the expence of the young. It's no wonder people aren't having large families anymore. 30-40% of earnings go into taxes in the US. In Japan and Europe is FAR worse.
The direct cause of low birth rates is caring for the elderly so those old bags of bones can live posh before they finally croak off.

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I know, do you lack reading comprehension?
>Every race except for east asians and sub saharan

Sub saharans include "African-Americans" which are West African ethnically.

West Asians,Southwest Asians,North Asians,Central Asians,"Hispanics"(US only term),Turks and Arabs all are "white" under US classification.

And now more will have to work to pay for the migrant entitlement class. Like pottery my fren.

Imagine a strafing run...

Whats so bad about low birthrate? Speaking of things terrible for the climate, more people is probably one of the worst things. Literally why do we need more? I already feel packed here, and we live in one of the least dense countries.

>into taxes
You mean into the pockets of the owners of the Jewish Federal Reserve Bank. That's the entire reason the younger generations are getting screwed. Keep your eye on the ball.

Because the Jewish Federal Reserve Bank is literally a ponzi scheme. It needs more goyim to feed the beast.

Is there proof of this? I just had my 2nd and both of my sisters are pregnant. How are the statistics gathered?

Because it specifically targets European descended people. All the population control propaganda is aimed at the European populations which are the world minority.

The REAL problem is Africa and Asia. Particularly the former which has grown from 300mn in 1950 to over 1.1bn as of last year. It's expected to hit 4bn by 2100. Those numbers don't include the diaspora Africans which infect the European homelands and European founded countries.

There are a billion zillion empirical scientific studies to back up how women worship money and status but they'll still be portrayed as just wanting equality.

Women can't help but be elitist. In fact, the more money and education they receive the worse it gets. They don't have a limit.

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We die anyways mixing with subhumans.

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Its because to properly raise someone it takes money - people that don't understand that (illegal mexicans/indian h1b's) are from poor countries and dont know what will happen to their children if raised poor here....propensity towards drugs/alcoholism/degeneracy

Good news. Liberal women do not have children. This will further enlarge the difference between conservative and liberal women. Low IQ christcucks think that's it bad.

Oh no! Not a worker shortage! They would have to raise wages, anything but fucking THAT

Kek there was no America before the immigration act of 1965. You didn’t know that.

That is my definition of hell.
Fuck crowds, fuck eternal growth fags.


We die of we import them.

If we don't import them we will see wages rise, and a rise in stay at home moms, followed by a rise in children.

It's called a market response. Immigration is the WORST thing you could do.

>I just had my 2nd and both of my sisters are pregnant.

Dang, you got both of them pregnant at once?

The vast bulk of our taxes pay for welfare, not interest on the debt.
Something like 70-80% of our income taxes go into welfare programs, where like 5% goes into interest on the debt.
If we no longer paid the interest, we'd STILL be doomed. It costs a FUCKTON of money to pay for niggers, spics, wahmen, and especially old people. Old people who are not only getting social security but are more often than not getting medicare because their health is failing.

Waste of ammo. A Tornado with a JP223 dispenser would do a better job.

(I don't actually have any pics of a RAF Tornado with a JP223)

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They don't conserve anything. Traitors to their race,nation and natural environment. All are (((Civic nationalist))) cucks with their "based black/asian/mixed [insert gender]" heroes.

Only Ethno-Nat's are worth a damn.

Congress confirmed in 1981 via the Grace Commission that in fact "not one nickel" of federal taxes goes to pay for anything other than servicing the national debt. All the rest is just more loans from the private Jewish Federal Reserve Bank.

Boomers and retarded millennials will ensure we do it

>pay people used to living in dignity and prosperity like third world slaves
>Refuse any and all benefits
>Slash your "labor costs" to record historical lows for the West
>Make everyone top to bottom in your company replaceable
>Zero stability for anyone

And then...

>Why aren't you having kids??????

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Women who choose children over careers pass on their genes. "Strong and independent" women are dying out. Why is that bad?

We don't have Tornado's anymore.
Yay budget cuts while sending dozens of billions to helping niggers and poo in loos and even more money to the (((European Union))) per year.


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the left
>abortions are awesome
also the left
>we need more people and the only solution is importing minorities from different cultures into the country like theyre artisanal cattle

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Yes you do. The Tornado ADV (Air Defence Variant) was retired, but the IDS (Interdiction/Strike, an attack platform) is still in RAF service. The real shame was the retirement of the Harrier before you got F-35Bs.

Considering the absolute state of things these days, I think what you really need is a lot of new spitfires. Maybe put some spirit back in to your people and troll the world with them.

There are more European men than European women. I'm talking racially btw not the bullshit nationality crap of today.
Every woman lost, is a nail in the coffin of the tribe. Whether thats to suicide,choice,career orientation,race mixing etc.
When women do have kids, they only have 1 sometimes 2. It's not enough. Every European should be committed to having 3 or more. We need a breeding programme that rewards patriots that repopulate our native ethnic numbers.

The gender imbalance in Europe is so massive we could have literal war(probably race related) simply because of the lack of native women and the competition it causes.
China has begun a breeding programme of its own due to the decades of bad policy regarding child limits. They have openly stated they don't need foreigners in their country, they will simply make more of their own people as without Chinese people, China dies. That's the attitude we should have and its the attitude we used to have.

And then date young girls instead of those "career" women just like Leo

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>When women do have kids, they only have 1 sometimes 2. It's not enough.
If you force them to reproduce, they will pass on their bad genes. Let them die lonely.

Because we need more people, silly goy!

We need 10 billion before things get better because of demographic decline and infertility! HIAS said we need billions fresh out of Africa and Central America. Don't you trust G-d's chosen people? You already see severe overpopulation in America, but we need more, yes!

Are you goyim ready?

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I hear China has been importing paki women for marriage

>sustaining infinite growth models
This is why you have to stop supporting capitalism. Under a capitalist system, nothing matters but increasing profits from the previous year - not the preservation of a nation, not their ancestry, their history, their social cohesion, not the sustaining of the environment, only the dollar amount that goes into their pockets. This is an infinite model that cannot work in the long term, but they are not interested in a stable future.They will achieve this infinite profit increase by any means necessary, even by importing millions of third world niggers into your borders and awarding them citizenship and tax-funded gibs. Because they don't care where the fuck the dollar comes from. They just need bodies. They don't give a shit about you, your family, your lineage, your cultural values, your unique history as a people, NOTHING. They just want consumers.

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>thinking we can produce anything domestically now our industry is all foreign owned
>thinking the literal traitors in parliament give a shit about the country and its native population.

We're dead, We're a shadow of what was with these so called leaders running everything caring for profit and "diversity" in exchange for sacrificing everything else.
Now a domestically created fighter jet with a spitfire style aesthetic and modern combat abilities would be really pleasing.

Today parliament debated on whether to bring forth a bill that will officially define "Islamophobia" as racial hatred to be charged under racism laws in an amendment. Currently "Racism" is prejudice against anyone for ethnic background or skin colour. The inclusion of "Islam" would for the first time bring a religion into the racism category meaning anyone who speaks bad against it would officially and (((legally))) be classed as "racist" and by extension be a backdoor law for blasphemy against a faith.
Labour party,Liberal Democrats,Sadiq Khan,Scottish Conservative Party and the CUK's all back the potential bill.
The government rejected the notion saying more time needs to be given to investigate the consequences and the parliament is now triggered to say the least.

No I'm not trolling. This is the absolute state we are in.

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You can't get rid of capitalism. SOMEONE is going to own the means of production. And that someone will be the capitalist.

great, let's invite people from europe

>having more people come into the country who will either be taught to hate whites (because that's how dumb they are) or already hate whites for various irrational reasons
>taking some relatively minor economic sacrifices to keep a safe and civil society

man what a hard choice this must be if you aren't white. you have my pity

The infinite growth model is years old. It's also a failed model, but then you go and rant about "capitalism" as if that's not a Marxist word. Communists get the helicopter.

Why do they need them? Country shouldn't extinct because of low birth rate

Never let Gerry get you down. Listen to the sounds of the Rolls-Royce V12 Merlin engine to calm your nerves. No other people in modern history have been able to engineer this. Not even Icarus could maintain this banking angle with his wax and feathers, and yet come out alive.