What's the real meaning of this film? be honest. be elaborate

what's the real meaning of this film? be honest. be elaborate.

is it a form of containment? or is it a shrewd, unprecedented breach of the cultural walls around us?

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its basically some NEETs journal put in first person form

but the remarks about modern society are priceless. its a great book.

it is about gay liberation from the gynocracy

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you're not your fucking khakis

It means get a healthy amount of sleep

junior high tier social commentary

You're not really supposed to talk about it.

Schizophrenics rule the world on easymode.

I do wonder if maybe it's a mixture of both. It had their fingerprints all over it. I mean look at the production/casting process. Yet somehow the message gets out...or does it? I just find that it's an important touchstone for the state of modern culture. It's like a tantalising, yet benign form of mocker. I dunno.



that's a concept I can get along with
makes more sense than the "patriarchy"

It's about the castration of men in society

Basically "live life as it is" or "midlife crisis :(" or "incel uprising" or "i'm depressed pls hALp" with plenty on not naming the (X), and the whole story falling flat to an illogical ending of "just BEE yourself".

it's about a literal maniac who starts a cult

Isn't it about two soap salesmen?

This movies only message is: Nihilism.

It's about the book of Job

It's about how chasing the things (((they))) tell you to chase including money and objects leaves you with emptiness and how all the freedom you need is already within you. You couldn't be more wrong

lol it's amazing how no one here in this thread has actually gotten it right.
having a brainfart, pol or it's just that time of day where it's only kddies lurking?

It's about how any attempt to subert / overthrow the system eventually leads you to a position where you've become the same thing you once fought against.

it's so simple, really.

Also about the concept since 1666 of doing evil to hasten the return of God to earth

Jewish director of it used the sales to fund illegally purchasing american nuclear triggers for the Israeli nuclear program.

reality is stranger than fiction, and the movie doesn't need to have a meaning.

It was used for a purpose and the degenerate nature was purely a bonus for the jews that made it.

The film set as the typical blue collar life

seeks something to break monotony which no false worldly concept will satisfy

they seek violence to degenerate themselves into pre-civilised society - as a means to return to that which is true

but find, the structure of society itself

is a call out for God to return

in all it's hellishness

the movie raped me

Good replies.


good little chat with the director. interesting thoughts.

It's about being a beta faggot incel, and how that leads to terrorism.

A condemnation of the eternal roastie.


Homosexual propaganda

It's about gay anal sex and not telling anyone about it

Man has lost touch with nature, being isolated in cubicle jobs. Any resemblance of a meaningful task is now a mere masturbation of its real labor. Men spent countless hours improving themselves in video games but not even a second in their physical body. Sum this to the fact of our generation being raised by our parents telling us that we are special and that everyone is a winner, unconsciously raising the notion that competition is bad. Life is nothing but the struggle, and entertainment and comfort are but facades to put us away from the laborious reality of nature.
What Tyler Durden does is just to gather the will of all these lost men and focusing in one direction - the destruction of the status quo so anarchy can bring a new and natural order.

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Jack Donovan tier ritualized S&M cult

Its about masculinity and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Mostly this.
It was written by Palahniuk, who is the Portland version of Bret Easton Ellis, another ultra-degenerate faggot author that can't help but fill everything they write with the edgiest shit possible. Palahniuk is rumored to be involved in some of the most heinous pedofaggot degeneracy possible. Every one of his books tries to set the new standard for shock value and that shtick was trendy in the mid-90s to early 00s right along with the whole Jackass/Bumfights/CKY anti-morality push of that time.
The movie was so capably made with that same anti-authority message that nearly every young male watching it entirely missed the "no need to cultivate female relationships, men are all you will ever need so burn the whole fucking thing down so we can have our own little faggot caveman paradise."

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It's really a bunch of nihilistic mental masturbation wrapped in a quasi-meaningful symbolism.

Read the book it's godlike

Project Clown World, honk honk.

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>Hating on the movie cause it went over your head
LUL the brainlets in here

The book was written as a big fuck you to a publisher because they refused to print Survival.

Tyler isn't red pilled, he's a charismatic cult leader taking advantage of forgotten young men with no place in the modern world.

Agreed, it was spot on regarding the gen xers lost in the middle since both mother and father were out of the house and working. But the new "natural order" as laid out by the author is a bait and switch skewed towards a homo fetishization, instead of rebuilding the family unit

Here's an interesting excerpt from 12 Rules on it.

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I'm os angry

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I think the moral of the story is that both the narrator and Tyler are the extreme forms of feminine and masculine attitudes and behavior toward life and living.
Neither extreme is the best way to live.
It's why at first, Tyler is seen as the savior.
And he's right about a lot of the things he speaks about (that conflict and a little savagery are required in a man's life).
But as time goes on, we see Tyler become more unhinged, basically going to the extreme of anarcho primitivism, and using violence to that end.
The movie/book goes from an extremely feminine perspective in the opening act, to a more balanced position between the two, with a rejection of the matriarchal lifestyle the narrator had been living under, into the final act where Tyler's masculine nature has almost completely taken over the narrator's life (being treated like a sheltered wife almost).
With Tyler's death, the narrator is apparently given an opportunity to integrate the best of both sides into his being.

On a purely shallow view, the movie/book is a fantastic deconstruction of our bullshit, hyper feminine consumerist society. On a deeper analysis, it seems to touch on Taoist views of balance between the masculine and feminine, or order and chaos.
Still my favorite movie of all time, and the only instance where I believe the movie is better than the book.

I have literally had enough of all this bullshit

>real meaning

What do you want to do with your life before you die. Whatever it is you should be on your way to doing it.

Let me say it again

I have had enough of your human bullshit

If you read the book it’s pretty clearly a cautionary tale about durden’s philosophy and his trapping of the mc. Just because a work of fiction comments on homosexuality doesn’t mean it ultimately supports it.
The movie didn’t come off as cautionary only because of the producers censoring it. For example, in the book Tyler kills innocents seemingly for the hell of it, it that was deemed too edgy and unpalatable to a moviegoing audience, so his message and tactics were watered down and deradicalized in the film.

Why must you lie and lie and fucking deceive even yourselves

You have incredible taste, sir.

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It's about the ease of being indoctrinated into a cult movement when life is seemingly meaningless. Even the cult leader is caught up in the flow, and is unable to control the ideologial monster of his own making.

>men having comraderie, men displaying genuine platonic affection for one another is homo eroticism.
Fuck off faggot. Everything is butt sex to you faggots.
To those smart enough to not fall for this bullshit attempt to undermine a very powerful movie, look at societies where homosexuality is outlawed.
It is a fact that men are more likely to display platonic affection for one another.
Muslims countries for example, where homosex is outlawed have a culture where when are comfortable hugging one another and kissing on the cheeks.
Now compare that to countries where homosex is legal and you'll see that the men are less likely to display such genuine affection for one another (likely because the sexuality of the country of so confused, and straight men don't want to be mistaken by sharing too much affection for their brothers).

Homosex faggots not only undermine the culture with their sexual deviancy, they also undermine the ability for humans to display genuine affection for platonic friends.
Men showing affection for their friends (see: "no homo") is not faggot butt sex shit. It's genuine behavior that we have been robbed of thanks to having faggots in our midst.
Like so many memes and cultural icons of white culture and white masculinity, the kikes, liberals, faggots, etc all see these things as the dangerous ideas they are and will work to undermine them through any means necessary.
Do not fall for it.

It's written by a fag, very nihilistic but still has some good commentary about the soulless nature of modernity. Doesn't offer any long term solutions so it's a bit masturbatory.

It's about being a faggot in the club scene.

it is mandatory viewing

This is true. I had one of those 3AM conversations about this with a friend I hadn't yet realized was gay. He was really jealous of how close straight guys could get with each other without caring, whereas he couldn't do that because they might find out he was secretly gay. Interesting conversation.

after reading the book many moons ago what i got from it was 2 very important lessons:

1) never, ever, settle down with a woman until YOU have everything YOU want in life. the split second you do this you will be unable to complete any "life missions" you have left. for very obvious reasons.

2) unless you are born into the establishment the game of life is indeed rigged against you. knowing that it is rigged gives you a clear advantage in knowing which hands to play, and much more importantly, which to fold.

the narrator is modern life and society at large, being conformist to boring and lame standards. tyler is what life is meant to be, the ultimate we're here for a good time not a long time. back in the day men created wonders of the world while being what would be seen today as barbaric and hedonistic. tyler is that part of us that longs for those days again and the narrator is showing us what we have become instead. i honestly think every male should read that book and see that they ARE worth something, life IS worth living. i can't understand all this talk of homosexuality, i think it's more the feeling of the narrator having his balls clipped by society but i certainly didn't get and homosexual vibes at all from the book. if anything it's a celebration of what life COULD be like if we found that middle ground between the 2 extremes.


ade stiga, faggot

First of all...
thank you brother poland.
and yeah.its largely anti-cosumerism , anti-corporate and, yes, Im afraid to say that it IS anti-fascist.
and even flexes some anarcho anarchism in there...but, it IS kind of entry-level 'how-to' manual for teenagers who want to be "counter-culture" in their own rights.

This movie in particular (Almost as bad as They Live) get's propped up by desperate outliers of unpopular political movements as some kind of brilliant dog-whistle for a select group. kind of like how Qanon turns everything it touches into dog shit.

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I recognize to much of the symptoms here and I'm not even that degenerate with my porn use. Going cold turkey on porn immediately.

Edgelord wannabe-intellectual garbage.

>ultra-degenerate faggot
Palahniuk coined the term snowflake and Ellis was the only public figure with balls to say that Black Panther should have no place in Oscar nominations.

What is mans place in a modern world that seeks to enslave him on every level /mental spiritually and in body/ but to destroy it.

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Anyone who levels Wilmington, Deleware is based in my book.

Palaniuks father was killed by a nigger and he said on a podcast he browsed the daily stormer. His book correction day is a literal satire of day of the rope.

What’s his name again?

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Gary Willis

Obese Bruise Willis

Woke kike telling his fellow Ratpeople that there are no breakes on the happening-train.

>anti fascist
Anyone who has read chuck palahniuk wouldn’t say that. It’s very much a vague flirtation with hyper masculine fascism it’s vindicator of self as much as it is of society.

How had Jack become the establishment?

split personality disorder by mental virus.

Most people don't get the background point. He completely changed himself and formed a cult to end up exactly where he started.

The book is about the underground gay sex scene, not about fighting at all. The author was a homosexual dating a boxer at the time. Tyler Durden is the protagonist's wild gay side where he can "take 5 men at once." He hates the woman because she distracts men.

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By the way, if any of you have the chance read his last novel "Adjustment Day". It's about a group of guys who get a book just like Mein Kampf and go full day of rope, stablishing ethno states all over the U.S.
[spoiler] there's even a black ethno state, with flying pyramids and shit, as a parody of the we wuz kangz mentality [/spoiler]

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Have you read his last novel, adjustment day? There's this meta part where one of the characters talk about how every piece of literature is but the conflict between two extremes - normally portraied into two different characters -, and how fight club subverts this as it puts them both into one person, killing both at the end, in a dialectic process of self knowing.

It's some MKUltra jewshit, the protagonist is dissociated and freaking out until he does something stupid that benefits (((them))).

I think of this film as an expression of how fucked white men are and the worst is yet to come.

But I don't usually talk about fight club, as a *first* rule.

I will say that the film helped me to decide to become a wizard. And I've survived despite society is now rigged against white male wizard's who are now discriminated against as 'incel's". But that just washes over me like water off a duck's back because I've gotten desensitized that to Tyler. Thanks based Mr Durden, the best friend we always wished we had without being full on gay.

Me now thanks to Tyler Durden. And have survived.

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Fincher's a catholic you mental fucking dingleberry

It was designed to program a generation of idiots to become edgy cyberhackers ala anonymoose

The the CIA, MI5 and Mossad would corral them all into secret societies where they do cyber attacks and ''panic art'' designed to take out the current financial system, collapse the dollar and let the IMF usher in the one world currency - which is planned to be crypto - SSR issued through Chinas AC chain

Literal Jew World Order mind control like all media

and you thought you where so clever

silly goy

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No shit? I havent read his last couple. For sure have to pick it up.

It's about faggots at BDSM clubs and them laughing at straights who don't realize they are being subverted by perversion.

read the book. read all his books in fact.

Both the novel and the movie was a product of its time.
The last ''true''ish economic crisis was in 70s, the last ''true''ish war was in Vietnam (South america and gulf wars were meh compared to that). So what you have is the generation x, not living in the good old days of boomers but not millenials either. Gen X lived a life which was relatively okay, 80s and 90s economy were nice, there was no draft, no massive social movement, no hippie unrest. Compare this to what has come before with boomers, or what has come later with millenials.

That movie and novel reflected upon the dissatisfaction of the generation x worker, remember the quotes of tyler
>“We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War's a spiritual war. Our Great Depression is our lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won't. And we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off.”
This is the cry of the generation x, they had no struggle, they had a future but a bleak one, they were spoonfed in the booming years of 80s and 90s, and now the emptyness of this was coming out.

most of you are zoom zooms, you will not be able to relate

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its the communist menifesto updated to the 21 century

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correct. it's all a big gay metaphor by the homo author. tyler's gun was in my mouth.. it's not a gun.

Just a movie about a good looking dude trolling some betafag to think he's schizo and also passes all the blame on him for any illegal activity.

the producer is LITERALLY MOSSAD
he's a hero for stealing shit from USA dept of energy labs


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