⟨Prayer Request Thread⟩

This thread is for giving and receiving prayer. Please feel free to ask for prayer even if you don't believe in God.

[A few words of encouragement:]

God loves you no matter what you've done or what you're going through. Even when you're going through the worst it doesn't mean God doesn't love you. He will forgive you for your sins if you ask and he will listen to all you need to say, he will forever be there for you when you have no one else. God also knows what's in your heart and everything you're thinking and everything
about you so he's a pretty good person to talk to. ;D

Thank you and God bless you all.

[Disclaimer: This is not a troll]

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God please give me a girlfriend

I would like to give a prayer to all of my anons tonight to have a great rest of the day! Its nighttime for me so i will say goodnight everyone!


lord give me the mental fortitude to ask out my coworker

You need to pay me to pray to you

I'm really loving these threads God bless you all

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Anons my family's going through a tough time. My father (Main income) has lost his job because his work decided to nigger him and he missed a few days reports on his account.

He's been getting worse. I think he wanted to lose his job, despite us not having any money otherwise. He's been treating us less like family and more like enemies. His beer and weed is more important to him than us, he spends money we don't have on items we don't need or won't make money on, gets loans from alleged members of criminal association and people who're less than savory, and it's all come into picture how shitty with money he is.

All money I plan to make he'd want so he could supply his weed and beer, his flagrant spending, and his careless regard for the law.

I need some prayers. My family's being stressed to the point of breaking. My mom and brother are thinking of going down south across state lines to live elsewhere, my girlfriend and I are considering getting an apartment, because he's shown we're not family.

I talk tough to them and him but I'm scared.

Job hunting is going terribly and it stresses me out more each day I'm not even able have anything to show for it since it leaves me feeling like a failure. I should probably pray to God myself about it since I do believe I'm him (the biblical God), but it's very hard to shake off the feeling that he's not really listening or even happy with me, which I wouldn't blame him for. I'd appreciate if you could pray for both my own faith and some help/hope in this trying period jobwise.

That feeling, that worry, that God's not listening is a test from him. A test of your faith. If you keep the faith that God's watching you and does care for you, does love you, you'll see that. You'll feel it. You'll know it.

Prayed for you buddy. I believe God will pull through and you will find the job you seek so much. Keep the faith, user. Don't lose it. Not when you need it so in a time like this.

I'm sorry you're going through this, I really hope your father changes for the better and for your family's relationships to be stronger and healed. Praying for you.

Praying for you too, I hope you find a good job and I'm sure you will. Also I agree with this user here

god should give me 4k if he really loves me

I'm sorry you're going through this, I really hope your father changes for the better and for your family's relationships to be stronger and healed. Praying for you.

Thank you. He's been like this his entire life I'm afraid. He's a dishonest bastard when it comes to work and his philosophy is to fuck everyone as hard as he can and rob paul to pay pete.

I never noticed as a kid, but as an adult I notice and it sends such outrage through me since I'm his polar opposite. It just hurts that my families going through such a time.

My best friend Tom from highschool is coming back to my state after a long time he is staying a week and is an atheist pray that i would give him the gospel and that he would be receptive.

I have to say be careful user. Don't go full biblical and just beat him with it. Take it slow, take it careful, don't weird him out.

Dang, I just got an email requesting an interview not long before I read these from a place I tried to call this morning about an application I sent in a couple of weeks back. I guess God's also trying to remind me that he's still there, even though our distance feels so wide and I still don't feel like I can show him my face. It's not a position I can imagine myself staying in long term like I'm ideally looking for, but it would be enough for now and might be helpful in finding opportunities to be where I'd like to be at. Thank you a lot for your prayers, and and may God bless. If thread is still up tomorrow after the interview I'll try to report how it went.

Think of this as a stepping stone, or a float in the water user. This is your chance to get back up on your feet and step into a better situation. God bless you user. Remember, God knows you and loves you. He will not forsake you, ever.

Keep him in your heart and you'll never be alone.

I pray that my girlfriend will be feeling like herself again soon. It's hard seeing her the way she is right now.

Ive given people the gospel before and led atleast one person to christ before, i am not bad at social situations either and god will be working through me. We are very tight and I want him to go to heaven.

Shite wrong person

I understand buddy, I just wanna make sure you don't drive him away.

What's been plaguing her as of late bud?

She's been diagnosed with herpes. With herpes you've got no idea if it's recent, or you've had it for ages, but she hasn't been her usual bubbly - and horny - self.

I've assured her that I don't feel any differently about her, and I still want a life with her.

But she's still feeling unsexy and undesirable right now.

Can't herpes be cured? Or am I thinking of something else.


I'm so happy for you!

The outbreaks lessen over time or disappear completely depending on how strong your immune system is, but you carry it for life.

I don't believe in god but I want to die like everyday and I feel alone in this world full of evil people that give me so much stress. I've never actually felt safe in my life. I've never felt I am safe. I keep trying to fight through this but it never ends, without hipe there is nothing. Family doesn't like me, men didn't like me, hard to keep friends. I used to hate myself but I actually really love myself now, and it hurts to throw away because I cannot mentally deal with the constant stress and no escape that is my life.

I'll do what I can, despite being an agnostic (sorry for butting in):

To the user who is struggling: I care about you, and I hope you succeed in overcoming your hurdles. I wholeheartedly believe the world is a better place with you in it, and while you may have plenty of evidence to the contrary, life will eventually get better.

> anecdote time
I was out with my 7 year old son the other day, for a 10Km bike ride, where I intended to teach him about how to use the gears on his bike. When you're going downhill, avoid coasting. Pedal for as long as you can, because it will pay off later. And when pedaling is hard, keep going, because you'll get a lot further in a shorter time than you would if you had chosen a lower gear. Eventually you'll find that you've arrived at where you wanted to be.

>Shameless confession time
I somehow managed to turn into a normie. But I still think it's worthwhile advice.


Not him but you ain't butting in user. We all need prayers at times, believers, non-believers and the unsure alike.

I believe in nothing but… I swear that my granpa feels better rn that hes dead

My relation with gf got worse after I told her about some stuff that I had done like drinking excesive with my friends, since the beginning of July we were mostly arguing, I wish everything to get back to normal and see her being like before this thing to happen.May God help you all and forgive you for all the sins, Amen.

I'm so sorry you're going through this but as this lovely user said I know your life will get better and you are a beautiful person. You should seek some good hearted people for your life, you can find a lot at church (not trying to force you to go) but just in my own experience. Praying for you, I hope it gets better and I'm proud of you for being strong.


Remember Jesus loves you bro, so much that he gave His life for you.

Talking to a gril now anons, she's been handed a bad deal in life, she was born with a heart defect and has some mental problems and isn't that great socially, though I'm hoping I can bring her to know Christ better. Her and her mom used to be pretty religious, but seem to have drifted very far from God as of late. I've known her all of my life, and I know she has liked me for the past few years, however I don't think she's in the right mindset for a relationship yet, and I personally feel like we wouldn't really work out together very well because of the differences between us, even though we get along very well, care about each other, and have a lot of similar interests. Anons, please pray God will give me guidance and help to change her heart and mind for the better. God bless you all and I'll be praying for you guys as well.

Please God, give me strength and mental clarity to get through school. I need this to go well. Also, please bring my ex back into my life. They are my soul-mate, my lover, and my best friend. Forgive me for my sins.

I'm not a religious man however I found a nice Catholic girl and I wanted to thank God for giving her a reason to be the person she is today

Pray that I can get over an ex-friend of mine and that I'll be able to build my self esteem and make new friends who won't eventually leave me

God bless you user remember God puts people in our lives and takes them away just as easily dont be upset that its over but grateful that it happened and you'll be able to move on :)

Please get me out of here. I hate this life :(

user wih the family troubles and the situation with his dad. Last night, when apartment searching, I found that the house we lived in prior to the one we do now is up on listing.

The previous landlord refused to sell it so we had to move. Since we've come to this place, my dad's mental state has deteriorated due to excessive (and I mean fucking excessive) pot and alcohol consumption. I just want to go back home. I can't be in this house anymore, this house is not a home.

I just want God to give me a job. I am tired of sitting around the house all day disappointing everyone when I will have loans and bills to pay very soon.