Boob chart

Is there a boob equivalent of pic related?

I want to see how I stack up and see if men find me hot

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well i’m 30-32a so might as well an hero

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>boob equivalent
It would have a much flatter distribution. Men are less picky about breast size than women are about height.

Women aren't picky about height, gay men are. All of these meme charts are made by incels projecting their homosexual desires onto women.

This kinda makes sense.

Though my girlfriend says one of the reasons she likes me is that I'm tall. (but holy shit wtf I'm 5'11)

she may be perceive you as tall because she likes you, but she could also be an height digger who hasn't found anything taller yet.

Or she just likes him. One reason this meme persists is that girls often get asked the loaded question "do you like tall men?" In reality tall men don't do any better on the dating market.

Personally for me anything between c cup and dd cup is good, I feel like outside that might be too big or small. some guys are ok with F cup and bigger,
Some guys are ok with b cup and smaller.
But i think in between / around D cup is best.
That's usually what happens when a gay guy tries to become a woman, or if your an 11 year old kid.
Talk to your doctor about making them bigger.

>Women aren't picky about height,
Have you ever been to a dating site, idiot?
Boob size mostly depends on your age. If you're under 15, smaller breasts are more expected and I'd say preferred since if you get older, they won't be as saggy.

Somebody got triggered fierce. How tall are you?

Have you ever been to a dating site?

I have been on dating sites, as well as met girls from them, hooked up, got gfs, and so on. The usual. Why are you asking? You're frothing with buttmad.

I know 3 guys who love smol boobs, don't you worry sweetheart owo

I'm not mad at all though, you're the one projecting and trying to go off topic. Stick to talking about boob size and calm down, buddy.

well they look proportional i guess then, since some kids are taller than me. i’ve thought about surgery but decided not too.
i do get self conscious sometimes..

No because boob size is completely up to taste. For example I love small titties but many men love big ones, some like inbetween.

It's not like height where 6' is always better than 5'8''. Some men prefer an A cup to a D one

that chart has so many meme variations to fuck with people. manlet cut off is 5'11

Huh. You're the one who went all ballistic and started calling people names. All because of something irrelevant. Have you been diagnosed with autism?

>6' is always better than 5'8"
This is demonstrably false.

Because you said something very idiotic, fucking retard. And if you've been to dating sites, you'd know that women prefer taller guys. Kill yourself.

Someone posted a factual statement and you got seething mad because it went against your incel cultist beliefs.

No girl prefers a 5'8 guy over a 6', provided everything else is the same. Not a tall girl, not a short girl, not an average girl. Height is one of the few things that really has a range of desirability.

You're the incel here, don't group me together with your extremist cult.

My minimum to consider dating is at least a DD/E cup. My ex is a 32H and it was glorious, though her sister is a 36J and if I could stick her tits on my ex I'd do anything to get back with her. Seeing both of them in their bikinis at the beach or flopping around in just a t-shirt and underwear at their apartment was a religious experience.

>provided everything else is the same
It's obviously not. The 5'8" guy will always have the advantage in looks and body.

Depends. Taller means more attractive usually, provided both are trained and have a similar face.

To gay men maybe.

Funnily enough, more masculine gay men tend to prefer shorter men.
We can pretend women don't care about height (much less that they prefer short men) but it is what it is. Taller = better

And non masculine gay men prefer the big tall muscular jock types.

Why are you so buttmad obsessed about something irrelevant? This thread is about boobs. Why do gays always try to hijack threads and make it about themselves?

Yeah, that's pretty much about it.

She asked whether you could rank boobs in an objective way and I told her that boobs don't work like that because they're up to taste unlike height (which is literally the pic she used). Then some retard jumped me with the usual "nuh uh women don't have preferences and only care about the goodness of your heart" bullshit.