Responding to cancel culture

how Do you respond to someone or a group of people trying to cancel you? Not just leaving mean comments, but doing shit like digging things up in your past (old tweets, relationships, etc), taking things you say out of context and framing them a certain way, twisting your words, making certain judgements about your character, etc? These things can have an ever lasting effect on your reputation. Even if you don’t care about what other people think of you, if you do business online, make videos, games, art, write, etc, you get that reputation tied to your work and it can follow you into irl shit as well. When people do this, what is the best response? Just ignore it and let them look stupid? How do you go about this?

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Don’t pay them any mind

Just leave that group of toxic people. Ignoring is the best, don't express any kind attention towards them.
Be positve, build your things up. It will annoy them af.

You know what bait is, right?
In games like this you only lose by answering.

Won’t that just make them even more upset, and further their attempts at trying to bring you down? If they see you gain more traction they will only become more vocal

Don't play the game, engaging in it only allows them more opportunity to fuck with you personally. Depending on what you did or they think you did, it can literally be solved by ignoring it - if it is affecting your livelyhood, consider contacting the police, ask them what can be done.

Keep no trash

If they chose truth as their opponent, they will have a bad time.
Make a joke out of every one of their appeals that gains traction so that it's obvious what the truth is. The rest can be safely ignored.

If you did nothing wrong, there’s nothing to worry about.

You only need to worry if you did something bad and truly “cancellable”, eg. Abuse, assault, rape, racism, overt sexism, extreme violence, etc.

If you didn’t do any of those things, then don’t worry.

whatever they say wear it as a badge of honour
Racist doesn't mean anything anymore anyways, or any other character trait

>having social media

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Don’t pay attention to them at all. Most people think it’s bs they just won’t speak up

They'll get bored eventually. About 2 years ago I went through a terrible breakup with this bitch and she started making up shit about me and telling our friend group about it. I saved every chatlog and picture just in case she went too wild with her imagination and then just waited it out. I figured this kind of situation would weed out the people from our friend group who weren't worth it and sure enough it did. Everyone ghosted me except 4 people which I'm now incredibly good friends with. So (optionally) save proof that you didn't do nuffin and just wait it out.

What majority of people do you think actually give a shit about cancelling/calling out other people? All I see is people screaming and throwing a shit fit over it, so it’s hard to buy that there are people who don’t buy into it and submerge themselves neck deep in that culture.

>online shit
>matters at all
Real interactions with real people in the real world are infinitely more important than online shit. It doesn't matter
Buddy of mine broke up with a girl and she started making up false rape allegations. Some of his friends believed it but the true junglemonkey nigbars stuck around. You're always gonna lose the people who are more invested with your detractors than with you. And that's fine.
>just ignore them
Yeah that's pretty much it. Pay no attention to it because it's absurd and meaningless. Right?
The only thing you need to make sure of is not to get memed. So the offensive strategy here is really just to own it and make fun of it in a self deprecating manner. Like whatever they're saying, maybe it's that you accidentally on purpose tweeted nigger. Pull an idubbbz on them. 2ez

What did you do

>just world fallacy

I posted pro trump shit before the election and then deleted my facebook shortly after. I don't even follow the news anymore but I am pretty sure I am now that "Trump weirdo" to old friend groups despite the fact I never talked to them since. People will be shitty but at the end of the day I am completely fine over here.

The time for people getting "cancelled" over nothing is quickly passing. The only stuff that really can end your career now is stuff that is actually morally objectionable, eg. actually sexually assaulting people, actually raping people, actually being really racist. Even then a lot of the time, doing a "cancellable" thing doesn't even end someone's career. 6ix9ine was a literal pedophile who was caught on video, and it didn't affect his career one bit (his eventual arrest was completely unrelated). Xxxtentacion was a woman beater who was caught on camera (again) and also regularly said misogynistic and anti-feminist things in public, and his career was only becoming astronomically bigger and bigger until he died (again, over unrelated incidents).

Okay but those are black people everyone knows they are off the hook with this shit. Black privilege does exist believe it or not.

What a retarded comment. 6ix9ine is Mexican by the way, not black

Okay sorry PoC are off the hook. The point I am making is you are full of shit twitter is full of retards with a power fantasy about destroying white boys lives. It is a toxic community that absolutely nobody is better off participating in.

I really doubt this is actually going to wind up a problem for you in the future. You're probably not going anywhere high profile enough, you're not about to become some massive internet celebrity recognized the world over, and future employers I guarantee you will probably roll their eyes at the childish bullying you endured if they did know.

Are you going to provide any examples of these white boys you say have been cancelled in the past year? And no, having a bunch of teenagers with kpop avatars tweet bad shit about you doesn't count as "cancelling" in the way you're referring to it, that doesn't actually end people's careers.

You need to be more specific. If you're referring to randos talking shit on a vidya gaem then you should probably just get the fuck over it. If you're talking about an incident that directly relates to your career, that's different.

If it's career-related, I can give advice that personally worked out in my advantage, but if this is just you feeling self-conscious over assholes on the internet, I'd rather not waste the time.

No because I don't care twitter is shit and full of bullies that will do this crap to you if you say the wrong thing. I am completely cut off from that world why would I know about any of their crap?

If you don't know of any actual examples then why are you trying to talk about this issue with such confidence? You have absolutely nothing to back up your posts. God damn you're an idiot.

No I have seen it before but I don't have evidence because I don't keep that shit saved on my computer to win a dumb internet argument. You don't need "examples" to know something happened there is this thing called memory.

Oh where to begin... work an industry that values performance and as my father would say, "Never dip your wick in the company ink."

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Like how you deal with bipolar, borderline and other flavors of crazy people: NC (no contact) the most you can.

If you absolutely MUST deal or socialize with them, all contact should be publicized, always with witnesses around you and the nature of said contacts should be superficial, sparse, no room for intimacy or closer bonds. Preferably don't keep a twitter or personal facebook in first place, or lock down those once per year. Instagram is the "biz" social media of choice atm

I also hate this feeling because I'm very engaged in many artistic communities and the leftist "cancel culture" shit is spread all over the place. So I'm super paranoid as well. You can't let these people know that you do something as innocuous as following Pewdiepie

Ex gf treated me like shit and was emotionally + sexually abusive to me in our relationship. Sent her texts telling her that if she didn’t clean up her act and start respecting me and my boundaries that I would leave her. She pressured me into apologizing for it, then She took these texts, posted em all over Facebook and said it was proof I was an abuser. She punished me for leaving and went after my family, my siblings, and anyone associated with me. Lost all my friends and she said she had full intentions of hunting me down wherever I worked at and destroying my reputation there. All my “friends” I’d known for years were either silent or sided with her out of fear. No one believed me and I’m still struggling with the trauma and self blame to this day

So you have stalkers? There’s harassment laws that could do something but lowering your digital footprint is the best advice you’re going to get. Get a vpn if you think you have people trying to track you to steal your personal info.

Memory doesn’t count for shit if you’re looking to do anything though a court about this.

Trolls only troll when they can get a reaction, interacting with any of these people is a worthless idea. The best way to avoid Lulcow status is to be boring.

Accept that it's not about you. Its about them. Be the bigger person and succeed regardless of what they say. No one gives two shits about what people say it only matters what you DO.