Redpills on college campus

Jow Forums how would you go about trying to redpill people on a college campus? Is the only safe option to stick to the shadows and put up posters during the night or are there more social ways about it?

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Stand up in the middle of your mandatory diversity classes and just ask how diversity is a strength.

Redpilling npcs

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Hahaha great website

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I'd been thinking about putting up posters at my college to redpill the Normie
What kind of stuff should I put up, I'd been thinking of promoting traditionalism and informing people about jews

Jow Forums how would you go about trying to redpill people on a college campus?
Read them crime statistics but just reverse the races. When they all agree with you reverse them back.

Switch out your philosophy major and become a history teacher. Sow the seeds of knowledge unto the next generation.

Posters won't red pill the npc or sleeping normies. You can actually only red pill yourself. You need a means to create epiphany from within the programmed mind, and I would be pretty surprised if you could come up with a poster to do that. Names of people brutalized by crimmigrants... Good luck, user.

I'm actually a Bioinformatics major.

This is a great idea.

Also, using their ideas and meme-words against them. Example: if you deny IQ differences between blacks, you are denying the systematic oppression of blacks which has lead to their decreased cognitive abilities. Now you have them accepting that there IS a difference, which is step 1.

Another example: if you deny the sucide rate among trans people (you gotta say "trans people" not "trannies" or even "transpeople", gotta be two seperate words, it's complicated but trust me!), you are denying the hardships and oppression they face. Now you have them accepting the statistics, which again is step 1.

Denying higher crime rates among immigrants is denying both the hardships they face and that they are discriminated by the police and hence arrested more often. There, I just made that one up. It's easy, basically just claim that denying a statistic is bad because muh oppression and that the statistic exists because muh oppression.

Doing it in steps is necessary. Removing layers of ignorance until they have no choice but to see the truth.

I'll trust a Swede when it comes to political correct decorum.

You can' t. Once the brainwashing is complete, there is no return. If they believe the sky is red, you can pull them outside and show the blue sky: they will still insist of it being red.

"It' s just another wavelength. Aren' t all colors just the same and we see them differently. What are you, a colourphobe?"

they're not your problem. you're not paying to help others.

I am a master of this, bro. A while ago I got drunk and started dropping true redpills among my libtard friends and got riled up and threw up a good ol' roman salute. They just thought it was funny and that I was messing around, and that what I'd said kinda made sense. Gotta wean them on it. Inside every white person is a racist.

that doesn't work, in Brazil the fact that niggers commit all the crimes has been openly accepted by the left but they just embrace it and start blaming the fact that the money is not giving them enough money as the cause of their murderous and rapist behaviour

the only way to red-pill people who don't want to redpill is to not point to the truth, but point to the inconsistencies within their thinking and *then* you start dropping the red-pills

start by questioning why countries who have been exploited the least by Europe are the biggest shitholes in Africa, that's a good way to invalidate the ''the blackies are doing bad because whitey took it all from them!''

the goverment is not giving them enough money***

>go to tranny group
>ask them why a tranny running for Congress is a white supremecist

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You can't. You can say stuff, but they will wee it as conspiracy theories.
The only one who can redpill them is themselves.

Option 1: befriend libs, then show them the contradictions in their ideas

Option 2: Get them to watch George Carlin

3: Post memes at night

Don't be a fucking cuck. You faggots do even have free speech just don't go autismo

That's because you stop at step 1. First you have them accept the statistics, that's a must.

Then you have to look at their supposed causes and dismantle those. Or, sneak in more redpills. For example: one reason that blacks get arrested more often is the cultural differences due to which they behave differently than the idealised 'white' response when dealing with the police, a result of 'white' ways of behaving having become the standard of politeness and respect whilst the black response is seen as disrespectful and aggressive. VoilĂ , you now have libtards not only accepting crime and arrest statistics but that blacks have a different culture and set of behaviours that are more violent, loud, aggressive and disrespectful.

Now you can build on that, saying how violent black responses are common due to their history of oppression when dealing with the police, and their mistrust of the police and of white people. Boom, now you have them accepting that blacks lash out against whites and pick fights with the police.

Even a "blacks need more money" stance can be exploited to have them acknowledge that blacks need more help than whites, they don't do as well, they are more troubled, they come from broken homes, abuse drugs more commonly, etc. etc. They are not going to be redpilled in a week. You need them to accept as many redpills as possible with the excuse that 'it's all due to oppression', that after a while they pretty much acknowledge the nigs as inferior but with caveats. Sure they might cling to those excuses and explanations, but deep down they will have seen the nig for what it is.

Print out redpilled memes and infographs and put them in books in the library or other places on campus. Also, include a url to the library of hate so they can find more.

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"Minnesota twin studies"
BTFOs the entire Left ideology, from race to homosexuality.

You cant, theyre resigned to cucking out for everything evil. Best thing you can do is make sure the accelerationist policies hit them first and hit them harder than anyone else. Nothing aside from them willingly accepting random beatings from minorities on the daily before they wise up.