Single mom scores NASA internship; Strangers raise $8K to help her go

What have you done lately, other than shitposting about back people and single mothers.

Get Bent

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One person is not the rule. She is the exception.

>implying it's not just their newest pet nigger and she actually had some merit to her name

Doing my 3rd year engineering homework, while having hot sweaty sex with the love of my life, with whom we both had our first times two years ago

Good for this niggress for trying hard and getting a place, hope it was out of merit and not pity

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>hoop earrings
How NASA has fallen

>What have you done lately, other than shill about back people and single mothers.
Right back at you, buddy.

Pretty much this.

Nasa needs janitors too

>chest tat
I don't care if it's some meme formula, its trashy as shit

and then she takes the 8k and disappears with it on a brand new yacht

oh good, maybe she will be the female nasa sends to the moon. moon cricket on the moon!

>nigger sitting at nasa space telephone terminal
>ayy sends a message

in other words we are never going to mars

>can design rockets for NASA
>can’t figure out how a condom works

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Why am I supposed to believe people like this are oppressed and hard done by again?

Wow, it’s almost like we don’t live in an oppressive racist society and people with actual ambition can find the help they need to climb the social and economic ladder.

>tatoos a calc 2 equation on herself
>gets a nasa internship

>look look every one. I found an outlier. Now I’m off to make another slide thread.

she has a masters in math and is going for her doctorate in math lmao, people on this website are such fucking losers its unreal

Would this be an example of integration?

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eyo pull up dat image of that sun n shiet, we science nao


what a disgusting animal

there were like thousands of white dudes at NASA in 1969, but wow, one black women did one thing. amazing. fuck hollywood

we finna bouta blast off to da mars, ya feelme

Affirmative action.
There are virtually ZERO niggers with an IQ over 115. Even considering outliers, they are still one SD below whites.

The nigress is having the time of her life at your dime.

She looks like dogshit for her pic

Shit bait

Yet she looks like trash
Really make you think

NASA is shot, what's new? Theyll probably film the next moon landing in a studio kek.

Why is an adult mother taking an internship from a college kid who needs professional experience?

>diversity hire roastie gets diversity hire hr position
oh wow how impressive

Theyre hiring niggers brcause they plan to restage the moon landing bt 2024 remember. Need a bunch of brainless thankful dolts to do fake tasks and never question thints to help the hoax go smoothly.
Please recall NASA claims to have lost 100% of original mission footage, 100% of the original mission plans and details and meeting minutes, 100% of materials acquisition reports, and 100% of construction plans from 1969. Let that sink in. Also let it sink in that you havent even gotten so much as a 4 second video of space out the window or a spacecraft with just a normal straight up camera yet. Moonlanding was a lie to demoralize and stun the world into pberestimating US power

if you left these dumb bitches in charge they would plan a trip to Venus and try to land there and get burned alive in the 8000 degree heat. women suck at planting ahead. no ones fault. they were just born that way.

PS- The Future Isn't Female

They accepted my retarded drug addict friend I use to hang out with. Nothing special desu

A white person wouldn't have gotten a dime.

You can readily google it, nigger.

Imagine being a nigger and thinking that tat somehow makes them look smarter.

Overestimating*. Same with nukes which arent an actual technology but just a bluff to force the world and enemies into subservience, nd also an excuse to invade by claiming nuke programs. Japan wasnt nuked it was firebombed intensely.

How the hell is a black female able to do higher math and physics at the doctoral level? She is an extrene outlier.

that's the idea behind the cold war. fallout shelters. fear.

it's all bullshit.

no one complained and said anything to stop it.

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She must be thanking God every day for that Caucasian infusion into her genetics.

>how impressive
Not as impressive as muh digits ayyyy check 'em faggots

And everyone at the space center clapped.

>t,Space Systems Engineer

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>Doing my 3rd year engineering homework, while having hot sweaty sex with the love of my life, with whom we both had our first times two years ago

Ok? Thanks for sharing, kid.

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never judge a book by its cover, i cant imagine your perfect either. you probably have some qualities you wouldnt want to be overlooked cause of your physical appearance

diversity hire

do you enjoy Huey Lewis? the most unapologetically white music there ever was. truly amazing. can't beat the analog VCO sound of the Roland Jupiter 8 synthesizer.

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Not a good choice of equation either. It's just a simple definition.

>How the hell is a black female able to do higher math and physics at the doctoral level? She is an extrene outlier.
They don't. These people are having their grades super inflated to the passing minimum in university then score internships like these in their 2nd and 3rd years. The entire thing is a fucking scam to punish engineers for being white and reward them for being "muh oppression checkmark".

the whole industry has been screaming to replace white males with blacks and/or women but
>never judge a book by its cover

they judge by the cover, white, male, but you should not.

anyhow, the "news" is actually non-news. this is an unpaid internship. anyone with internet access and able to fill an online form is a potential intern.
the whole thread is cheap israeli bait. sage. report. kys.


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Kys nigger, you cant posit imponderables and placate and expect it to hold water.
Niggers are not smart enough to work for nasa on their merit. That is a demonstrable fact. Even their outliers are 1 SD below whites, east asians, ashkenazis(sic)

It is affirmative action.

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clutching the glory of Atlantis so fucking hard lol
fucking niggers. it's all fun and games until she
gets others killed.

You are a faggot for implying the only reason we care about meriticracy and fareness is because we arent getting laid.

Fuck you

So you're really saying that the next rocket to go up is going to explode.

Is that the integral test for convergence on her chest? Fucking lmao. What a dumbass formula to get as a tattoo.

My grandmother was a single mom who, after switching from computer science to chemistry, got a job at Eagle Picher, helped create some of NASA’s batteries. She was so skilled and involved, her and a bunch of other scientists were allowed to sign their names on the battery of the first working martian rover, Sojourner. I hope this is out of her skills and not a quota reach. If so, she should feel proud of herself and try to get her kids to ne successful like her

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>t. nasa

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I don't get it, there are like 3 black people in a group that looks selectively chosen for diversity reasons.

Affirmative action is cancer.


I would be fucking fuming if I was a 21 year old who applied.

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I applied for a job there.
Got the job there.
Pay was shit.
Quit for more pay.
I ain't going to lie, it was easy work.

>forgets how to integrate
>looks at chest
>puts in formula upside down
>everybody fucking dies

>She was so skilled and involved, her and a bunch of other scientists were allowed to sign their names on the battery
Your grandmother replaced a competent white male for the job who probably would have done a much better job. Let's see how grateful you are when you're not getting internship or job offers for your sex and skin color.

>paying to support a woman with a kid who is not your wife to take away jobs from men
The absolute state

tats in general are trash senpai. If I buy an ugly shirt I can just goodwill it


That comic needs another 2 panels
Kirby throws one of those heart things from his newest game, then Eye-guy is his devoted 'friend'.
(What? I have young nephews)

Lol, she got to teach at the Airforce Academy. I guess she replaced a white teacher?

Well it was either that or receiving more disability.

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Tons of white guys do the same and don't get free money and free jobs handed to them

at least she didn't ask for like 100K like these niggers always do

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BREAK NEWS: alt-right neon-nazi white supremacist dog whistling blood libel incel spread FAKE NEWS to STEAL black kween's NASA money, Trump steps in to top up the balance


>Ph.D in math
>any job i want
>300k starting

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A high IQ white person doesn't get to have that job now because we have to treat niggers special.

>EU flag

And you don't just get a PhD in "Math".

You forgot to tell us about you 19" dong

>when you exhaust the planet's welfare and have to explore the galaxy looking for more

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More than likely unemployed. Not to mention in some schools you have to pretend to be Jewish otherwise the Jew/Paki/Indian/W.e professor will attempt to fuck up your grade for being a white male. The third and fourth year STEM classes at my university were practically a good 90% minorities/women with the white guys having to act like theyre jews. There was one other white guy in my Ochem3 class that was hated on by the professor in front of the other students and flat out told him he wanted to fail him. University is FUCKED at the moment.

NASA math isn't that complex.
The rest is basic trig.

>tattoos a number on his arm
>gets a free stay at camp for years

Jews are always winning

White thots and grifters open gofundmes all the time. In fact, this nasa bitch would be lucky to earn in her entire lifetime what some Twitch thots earn in a year.


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Ayyyoo f’real?

Explains why we haven’t made it Mars yet.

Thank God for affirmative action


> Nasa
> Moon Cricket

Makes sense

I wonder if she knows what that tattoo means.



Imagine the smell.

Holy shit she is absolutely fucking revolting.

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Mathlets on suicide watch