They are coming for us

And (((they))) will get their way.

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Jow Forums is full of nonwhites though.

(((experts))) say


Lol at these people thinking this will stop progressing. A critical mass of whites fully believe they are being systematically replaced by their governments and until they are proven wrong this isn't going to stop. Shit like this will only accelerate the violence

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>tackle something that has 38% public support
Good luck with that.

jews are not even human how could they be american?

The funny thing is if white supremacy only targeted blacks they wouldnt care much, they didnt care much before. Now that anti semitism is sky rocketing though they are freaking the fuck out and trying to pass laws to stop it.

More people were killed in St Louis last month than by "white supremacists" in the last decade.

They are creating the next Hitler

wanted to write this.. they are to late they did fucked up

there is nothing they can do
whites are cornered
you can't run anywhere if you don't want to live among shitskins
the only thing left for whites is to fight

Is there really a substantial population of people falling for these language shell games

I always read these headlines and wonder what exactly they are talking about? Where are all these obviously racially driven murders?

Which games exactly? My post or (((their))) article?

Don't worry, cumskin. We hate the Jews even more than you do, and the savage in us won't show them the mercy that that faggot Hitler did.


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It's a boogeyman to stir up hate and division. The media needs to be labeled terrorists.

>Slaughtered again and again because, whether Jewish, or black, or simply not "pure" white, they are a pestilence to be purged.

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Death to all non-whites

The latter
>tackle white supremacy as terrorism
Which basically just means "criminalize ethnocentrism for people of European descent"

So much mouth from this population of people who come from de facto caste societies

They will try to put whites in camps soon

Post your Black Sun’s.

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>Right to comfort
Oh so Peterson is a huwhite supremist now? Kek honk

>de facto caste societies
Like, Jews and goyim caste societies? Literal tranny nigger faggots have more social status in America than honest white men who care about their race.

You better start believing in caste societies, because you're in one.

>be jew
>scared to go on Jow Forums because of the "jews behind everything meme"
>every time i go on there's a million anti-white articles
>every single writer is a berg or a stein
>it's not a meme at all

i didn't do anything wrong. why is it like this?

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Lol this. Jow Forums is the most racially and ethnically diverse place on the internet.
>an ethnic home for every race
>every colour has its place

It's ok the jq was tough for me as well speak truth to them ask them why the Holocaust is more important then the rape of Nanking or the Armenian genocide

Man, I wish this place was the way that these faggots always portray it. We'd have all the minorities mopped up before dinner.

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> Experts

All this proves to me is that "Multiculturalism" is a disaster. And measures will be taken to preserve the white race even if it's begrudgingly done so as I do not see myself as a racist nor do I recognize white supremacy, only survival.

I cannot see survival as terrorism. We have a very different view of "what is terrorism?" and I feel that is an irreconcilable difference and trust has diminished for the normie establishment.#

Loss of trust = no cooperation.

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but when white people unironically rise up, what happens to me?

Whites are humanitys merciless exterminators.

(((Movies))) and (((TV))) has brainwashed the whites into showing mercy.

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>muh jooz

>cnn having any influence
oh no. we are done for!

Yeah. Need Hitler 2.0. Kike burgers are literally quaking at the very thought of Supreme Aryan shoahing them all.

An extremely racist news article. Who would've thought CNN would become a source of racism in America?

Please keep pushing this lol.
Even the dumbest normies are realizing how fucking stupid they sound

ethno-nationalism certainly is terrorism or leads to terrorism. no need to single out whites, though.

More peopled died in baltimore over the weekend than "white supremacy" has killed in 20 years. Why are (((they))) silent?

Niggers are now white supremacists?

Haha stupid woman

>haha kill all spics, niggers and kikes
>ehm... no I'm not a terrorist

No one really wants to harm innocents who weren’t involved and didn’t espouse antiwhite or degenerate ideals.

Adults wearing hoodies is off-putting and childish. We should treat people who dress like this as children if that's who they seek to imitate.

Rude and violent genes aren't white so these people have nigger genes.

jewish supremacy is terrorism

t. Levi Nosebergstein

join us

jewish terrorist

>kill.all ************
Only non white shills say that.

Whites view all humanity as humans with equal rights to live just as much as anyone else, just that our nation should be identified with our people to serve our peoples will.

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I agree with CNN 100%. I think they should tackle white supremacy the way they deal with Muslim terrorists, Antifa and murderous gangs from Mexico.

So thats positive media stories, protection from law enforcement, white supremacists in government roles, 100% tolerance and acceptance from the public, pro-white supremacy marches with 'lgbtq for white supremacy' 'blacks for white supremacy' 'women for white supremacy' banners. Whitephobia made a criminal offence. Lets really show those anti-white supremacists how love and tolerance and diversity is the only way forward.

Would you rather humans take over the world and expand into space and beyond? Or continue to stop speciation from occuring over a bleeding heart syndrome until a cosmic event like a gamma ray burst cooks the earth in a milisecond?

When you have people like Tariq Nasheed looking for any incident where a white guy got the upper hand on a black guy in a street fight, its white supremacy and a hate crime.

yup. look how many sheep still believe 9/11 was committed by random muslims trained in Broward County; the Mossod Foothold of America.

Terrorism is so 2003.

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Why the fuck is CNN constantly linked on Jow Forums???
Why the fuck do you even read that garbage?
Whole threads get made to discuss that nonsense and it's never an archived link either. Meanwhile there's a paris summit discussing how to rid the internet of "hate speech"

White Nationalism is a movement of peace and harmony and not an enemy of any humans.

We are the ideology of peace and want to.end all violence and wars this is our main mission.

We want justice and to serve our community.

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Jews are white tho.

Holocaust was white genocide.

>Treat white people like terrorists.

So, flood them into white countries by the millions?

RIP yoga classes

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White supremacy is a jewish boogeyman tale to rile up non whites, in defense for the jews. Once jews lose their grip on non whites. Kews were responsible for slavery and pass on that blame to whites

Brown countries

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>Jews were responsible for slavery and pass on that blame to whites
Not really

It is just evil and destruction!

Terrorism is ideological by definition.

>wants an ethnostate
>cant even achieve an ethnoboard

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>jews worked on their ethnostate for like 6000 years
>whites should give up cuz pol has niggers

Perfectly timed Parry + Riposte

I guarantee you that 99.9% of posters on Jow Forums don't actually want to see their Jewish neighbors, classmates and co-workers hurt. What you're seeing here is generalized anger at the climate created by the select few Jews in the media and academia who are actively espousing anti-white hatred.

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A reminder to everyone reading this to disregard anyone that says "jooz" instead of "jews"
They're literally kikes avoiding actually naming the Jew while trying to fit in.
For example look at the French kike in every holocaust thread.
He always types "da jooz" instead of "the jews" cause he's Jewish himself.
It's glaringly obvious.

Don’t cry about it. It helps your argument.

>404 sides not found

>oh shit whats this bitch doing, protect the drink
>nope, nope, nope, fine if you want the food that bad take it
>walks off sipping beer

Nobody here ever says that.
You're a fucking retard and you need to go back to R3ddit.

Hes Sephardic

I'm sure the white oligarchs happily betraying their race are pleased that they escape notice

Just lie and disown the evil side. Nobody is going to purge a loyal partisan with a dirty 23 and me score.

the article is right....

White Supremacists are no better than Islamic Terrorists and should be treated the same way.....

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Whites are the best race though.
Being a white supremacist just means existing while white.

So who is going to decide who is a good white or a bad white?

experts say start treating CNN like terrorists

yeah I bet you've hung an islamic terrorists, faggot. Nigger please.

>tackle """white supremacy""" as terrorism
>tackle islamic terrorism as criminal law
Really makes you wonder...

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It's going to be a crime not to conform to Leftist thought in the very near future.
Simply not agreeing, will be terrorism.

He forgot to kick her.

anti-Semitism is coming from their own blacks and Hispanic pets

Unironically this.
There were ethnic hebrews in the Nazi high command, ffs.
I have a couple ethnic hebrews married into my family, but they're not globalists, and they've cast off the Synagogue of Satan, so we're good.

Not all hebrews are Jews, and not all Jews are hebrews; it's not too late to join the moral side.

Jews use the government to kill white men.



I bet you have some dna evidence for this, just like for germans being hunnic, right rabbi? Im sure you wint post 30 reaponses dodging again

Problem, reaction, solution.
Antisemitism, kvetching, enslave goyim

The ones profiting from the antisemitism are and will always be the Jews themselves.

Because you would have if they didn't. Its not in your mind to decide, its in your DNA to subvert. You are the "artifical intelligence" you kikes crave. Its projection. A doppleganger of a human.