Be 5'4 male

>be 5'4 male
what can you do with your life that doesn't involve wanting things like affection from women/ raising children/ having peers that respect you/ moving up in a career where taller people are always picked over you/ getting bullied and teased about it every where you go/ being a disappointment to both of your 6 foot tall parents and younger brother/ other people in general?

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I'd hide my face if I was a girl with a Shylock nose and a Jay Leno chin

Acquire currency and fuck bitches. If you were 6'4" you would not be any more successful. You would just find another excuse to whine about.

that's a straight up lie, if I were tall id prolly still be a loser somewhere else, but I was bullied for most of my life till college for being short, to the point where I avoided all people and I never learned how to properly socialize or have things like feelings.

is that a kid

This is such fucking bullshit.
If i was 6'4 instead of 5'5, I wouldnt need all this fucking money, which only proves girls dont want me for me, but for my money. Its really bad actually. I cant go to concerts and crowds because I get selfconscious and cant see anything. I dont deserve to be this fucking short. Honestly if I was 6'4 I would be the next Zyzz. Alas.

You are lying. It was never about your height.

If you were 6'4" you would be a kissless virgin NEET posting from the basement.

Absolutely fucking bullshit. I have sex but its a big struggle because of my height. My flirting and confidence game is good. I was the popular kid at school and many followers etc. on social media. I havent watched anime in years. I live on my own, in my own house.
If I was 6'4 I would be a fucking god.

Big struggle how? Are you a skinny weak twink?

Its a struggle to get sex. My rate of girls taken home wouldve been skyhigh if i was 6'4, as opposed to resorting to uglier insecure girls. I know how to fuck. Im just fucking tired of putting so much on girls plates that I realize its unfair.
Abundance mindset doesnt work because im unwanted as a 5'5 manlet

You clearly have issues with insecurity and self-esteem. It's easier than ever to get sex so if you are struggling you are doing it wrong.

Clearly. I am flawed because of my height, something I have no hand in. Im hopping on hgh very soon at 21. Why would I feel fine with being restricted of enjoying things as much as a 6'3 guy would?

> guy has insecurity and no self-esteem because of his height
> "you have insecurity and self-esteem issues"

im 6'4 and get treated like shit by bosses and coworkers. 24yo kv too.

marry a woman shorter than you

Fuck you dude my short buddies did all that stuff before I came close. A man works hard end of story.

Ask Al Pacino.

At 6'3" your insecurity would just make you whine about another excuse. Probably that you're ugly. Other guys your height are getting sex just fine so the problem is obviously you.

>At 6'3" your insecurity would just make you whine about another excuse. Probably that you're ugly. Other guys your height are getting sex just fine so the problem is obviously you.
No thats the thing. I can do something about ugliness but I cant do anything about height. Boosters are cope. Travelling to asia is cope. Pretending height doesnt matter is COPE. Seems like the only option is to get over it and accept it, but why would I be fine with not being taller? Im not fine at all with it.
And 5'5 guys do not get sex just fine, quit fucking lying.

Thats because they are napoleons. They think pressuring or treating you like shit reduces the powerful aura you emit as a tall man. But the kv part is fucking stupid. At 6'4 getting laid is retarded easy.

That's some COPE. Instead of doing something, instead of being a man and going out there and getting pussy you shut yourself inside and whine like a faggot. Because trying is hard, better come up with excuses to not try.

>At 6'4" getting laid is retarded easy.
Lel. Who told you that?

kek I'm 6'3", relatively good everything else and i've only had sex with one girl. Personality and game is everything. I know short people that are uglier than me that get way more pussy than I do. Stop making excuses for yourself.

Keep your ass open, m8. You're acting like height is the only thing you can get bullied for and that this is the only crap affecting your success in life. I'm 6'4 and have been bullied severely, mostly by people way smaller than me. You're just a little bitch dwelling in a cognitive triad.

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>"me hab big goyfidence"
>this abomination of a thread

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I try every fucking day. I put myself out there in lounges, bars, caf├ęs well dressed and groomed, shower before i step outside, fragrance and hair done properly. I lift and I have a car, house and decent wealth. I admit to not having good convo game but I get out there and learn from every single convo I have. I try.
Personality and game is big, but height means you don't have this inferiority complex because someone is taller. The one core aspect that makes me insecure and fucks my personality and game up.
6'3 is easymode. 5'5 is not.
Bullied at 6'4 because everyone is jealous of you. I would consider that a fucking win you fucking idiot. Literally permamog all manlets for the rest of your life. Take pics and mog anyone. Don't have the crippling fear of appearing in pictures on social media and being bullied for it. Theres so much struggle for manlets, you dont even know.

And the other guys your height don't have any inferiority complex, it's just you. You want to whine instead of trying. If you were 6'3" you would be a khv because you would be the same massively insecure faggot you are now.

>I have crippling anxiety and fear issues and am mentally ill
>That means every guy of my height has crippling anxiety and fear issues and is mentally ill

i mean... tom cruise is doing pretty well for himself :/

>Bullied at 6'4 because everyone is jealous of you. I would consider that a fucking win you fucking idiot.

Your level of ignorance, envyness and stupidity is unmeasurable even for lookismfaggots. I've been bullied by people smaller but also bigger than me for different reasons. I barely heard comments about my height but more about the fact that I was a polak on a german ghetto elrmentary school surrounded by turks, germans, russians and niggers. Shit turned better in high school but I've still been bullied due to my nationality.

You're insecure, miserable, malevolent and lugubrious and I wouldn't find it suprising to know that you suck in life only because of that you utter fucking imbecile. It's better that you're a "manlet" since with the few centimeters height distance between us you'd just become some nercissistic faggot that would find something else to put the blame of all your failures on. Bitch ass fucks like you will always stay mad. This is your shit life and you deny the fact that you're wasting the potential of you being the best version of yourself.

If you're about to end it all make sure to not hurt or kill any other people around you, snowflake.

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You will never know how painful and demotivating it is to get rejected for being short. Cant go to clubs and grind thots because I get laughed at. Cant appear serious on pictures. Can't be taken serious in many environments. Kid size clothes and shoes. Barbells and dumbbells are too big for my palms, cant even deadlift properly because of suboptimal grip. Every childhood friend made a remark on how I haven't grown. Can't pick a fight with bullies because I cannot take them on. ID asked everywhere I go. Have to pray a short person sits in front of me at the cinema. My dick is slightly below average, I cannot brag about my cock. I cant even ride some coasters. ZERO dates from tinder because I get asked my height and then unmatched. Small body big head bobblehead frame. Big forehead, babyface, round skull. Cant grow a proper beard, it looks like pubes. Every time I hit the gym, it feels like absolute cope.
Just a few of many bullshit i deal with, some on the daily. Go ahead and brush it off as nothing.

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Every other man your height is doing fine. You are literally the only person with these issues. It's you. You are mentally ill. Get therapy.

You are mentally ill. Get off this website its making you hyperaware of your flaws and making you a toxic and spiteful person.

I understand.

I'm 5'5 and all the gym shit you're talking about is total bs. Sub optimal grip? What are you talking about I've been in the top 3 deadlift, squat and bench weight in every gym I've consistently trained in.

The rest - yeah it sucks, but your biggest issue is your defeatist mindset. Bitches don't run from you because you're short but because you have a short person mentality.

>pic related Franco Columbu was the same height as you. He was Mr Olympia, a movie star, a Doctor & a badass manlet that didn't let his height bring him down

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Does hgh that late actually do anything?

>You are literally the only person with these issues.
As a 5'5 manlet I'd like to clarify that these issues are actually very common for short people (mostly just the social ones for me though). However that doesn't mean you just give up on life.

>because of suboptimal grip
Except for that, this guy just has weak forearms

And you'll never know how it feels to see your dad choking your drunk mom almost to death in an argument so that literally foam comes out of her mouth at age 10.

Stop acting like you've suffered the most. We both didn't. Life goes on you bitch faggot.

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>go to gym
>try to gain weight both muscles and fat but don't go too far away with fat, weight matters more than height
>practice a combat sport
>date only short girls
>problem solved life is good
Height won't help you with a shit, you can get rejected by some thots but you could turn their lanklets into your little bitches if you're trained enough and ruin them mentally.Look at pic related, same height as you and beaten the brains out of his opponents many that were taller and heavier than him.

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Just fuck short girls problem solved

being in a combat sport as a short man is depressing because you are surrounded by taller men who can also fight and they can fuck your shit up twice as hard

Not everybody there is taller than you, you will see people that are as tall as you, a little bit taller and even shorter, not everybody there are with 20cms taller than you, the luck of the taller opponents is the range if you know how to block their hits and hit in sensitive points you can send them to sleep, for beginning you won't be put to fight against +188cms and 90kgs opponent but somebody as heavy as you.Learn to be a sadomasochist, but more a sadist than a mascohist, don't start to whine when you get hit but love them since they're going to harden you and make you better, don't worry about your height everybody has their own complexes and troubles, nobody is perfect and have a self hate.

im 5'4 everyone is taller

nah, there still shorter people

you have to compensate with a wicked sense of humor and feigned confidence. anecdotal evidence maybe isn't the best evidence, but the guy I know who gets laid more than anyone else (by absolute qts, mind you), is short, fat, and even has a fucking skin condition. he was even unemployed for the longest time and DIDN'T HAVE A DRIVER'S LICENSE, but his personality will have you hanging from his every word and he tricks girls into thinking they need to work for HIS approval.

granted, you can't cultivate a persona like his overnight, but you can start working toward that goal, anyway.

the shorter the girl the taller the guy she needs

this, everyone here is coping hard


They aren't common. You are just a victim of confirmation bias.

this. Height isn't everything. I'm around OP's height (5'7") and I still bed a 6'something fashion model from Chicago. If you let your looks hinder you, you will never get anywhere with women. Women are emotional creatures first and foremost- logic comes second.

You are taller than Al Pacino, Tom Cruise and Martin Luther King.

Find another excuse