Being a cop isn’t


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True they exaggerate a lot

fuck pigs

good point, bet there's emojis
fuck you faggot

>dying because you’re a fucking idiot and wasn’t paying attention = getting shot by some drugged up black guy

plus garbagemen collect all the garbage whereas cops can't even make a dent

There's a difference between getting ambushed by niggers and dying because your dumb ass doesn't know not to stand next to large hydraulic machinery

Most police deaths are car accidents.

Ya the thing is neither one happens to cops more than it happens to average joe.

cops are scum

and suicides

garbage collectors are more useful to society than costumed ticket pushers and roving tax collectors. Some tiny fucking subset of cops ever even draw their gun, much less get shot by a nigger.

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There’s a difference between “it’s a high crime to touch me,” and the average joe, making police less likely to be harmed than regular people.


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>their job to stand next to large hydraulic machinery
>hey quit standing next to large hydraulic machinery dumbass!

How retarded do you have to be to die from picking up trash?

>getting ambushed by niggers
19/20 cop deaths are the result of them playing too much CoD and rushing into dangerous situation unprepared and unready only to find out they bit more than they can chew. that or ignoring safety regulations (i.e. not wearing their bulletproof vest, standing near incoming traffic, etc.)

What's the difference between the two?
At the end of the day they both take out the trash

Cops are sovereign citizens, the only middle class free people, and they obtain it by subjugation of slaves.
In my town the cops speed 10 over in their civ cars, or 30 over on dirt roads, just for fun. Nobody else is allowed to.

>doesn't know where the machine's range of motion is

Then why not become a cop?

Really? I didn’t know that. Guess you have a point.
That still doesn’t detract from the sacrifice some police have made by getting killed while serving though.

No, 19/20 cop deaths are accidental.

A binman having a bad day will forget to check traffic, stick his leg out and get caught by the brave people who try to go past him and accidentally run him down.
A cop having a bad day will sit inside and eat doughnuts.

>using stats from before when we had a president demonize cops and start up the war on cops.
Sure thing faggot.

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Because I’ve known too many of them.

Bad day for a cop is having to go into a meth-house. Things are fucking full of shitty traps laced in feces and AIDS, basically a septic deathtrap waiting to collapse on top of everyone.

*more useful to WHITE society
Until the area I live in is again a white society it’d be ridiculous to say that the cops here aren’t necessary. Blacks need to be policed in order to not go full on Africa mode

You are just a germaphobe, and cops don’t clean the crime scenes retard.

yep, they're working as a garbage man because of their Harvard degree and because it's their first choice of career. most cops actually wanted to be one.

I wonder why that is.
Cops get paid well, have all these benefits of power, and clearly have little oversight if they're able to abuse you so regularly. The only thing stopping someone from being a cop is being a subhuman vermin on the same tier as a nigger. Maybe that's what you are.

0 IQ post, kill yourself.

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like a faggot

you really think most cops die from being shot?

Fuck them both.

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when was the last time you need a cop? once a year, if that?
when was the last time you need a trash man? everyweek?

>12.00/h is good pay
>everyone’s dream is to work as the mayor’s thug
Holy shit dude, no, I would rather aim for mayor.

you can literally resign at any time you want. it's not conscription. but no you wanted the glory instead of a similar career as a mall guard.

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>you have to be even mildly intelligent to know where you're standing

Because I'm not a class traitor

most cops where i live make 55-90k a year

The mall guard actually has to clean the nasty messes, cop is better choice for a germaphobe.

Don't go in then, dummy. Your fault.

>it’s this way where I live, so it’s that way everywhere.
Brainlet IQ. Oh wait that’s right you can be disqualified from hire as law enforcement if you have a high IQ, almost forgot.

I will never understand the police worship in this country.

It goes against the entire foundation the country's principles were built on.


online search also say otherwise
average pay of 50k a year

good. i hope the cops catch aids and die a slow agonising death from it

fuck off you fat sweaty pig

Modern Police walking the streets was encouraged by the telescreen for 100 years is why.


Fuck you garbagemen actually do something useful.

>I will never understand the police worship in this country.
because they are beta nu-male who can't and wont defend themselves
they are cowards

So dumb you don’t even know what a word means. You asked why I didn’t become one. I’d have to take 12.00/h pay or move is why.
Cops work shitloads of overtime to get that 50k.


One dies by murder
Other dies by a labour accident
False and fucking incredibly stupid equivalence

Cops average $28.97 not including the benefits of the job. The only requirements is a good content of character, highschool or equivalent, and no prior felonies. Everything else is at the discretion of the agency, and the standards to become a cop are so ridiculously low I wouldn't be surprised if they'd waive minor felonies behind the scenes. You never see one living in shit like the degenerates they beat the crap out of. You also now obtain the power of justifiable homicide, arrest authority, and union benefits which bleed the city dry. On top of all that, you get a pension and a ton of insurance. Cops look out for their own and you can do whatever you want, there's literally no reason to not be a cop.

The fact of the matter is you're a fucking retard and deserve your life of misery, which you will get and nothing on this Earth will stop short of your death, because you're much too moronic to ever escape the rat trap you've made your life you fucking worthless vermin. People with a criminal record should be immediately executed, this country doesn't need prisons and only got shittier when Jews introduced them.

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It’s “a culture of cowardice” taught on TV and public school.
Don’t defend yourself, wait for Batman.
Don’t rush the shooter, hide under a desk and hope he doesn’t choose you.

Its cancer meant to destroy America.

Cops don’t die by murder more than regular people.

i think you are confusing mall cops with real cops

No, I’ve been asked to clean a crime scene before. The cops didn’t clean it I fucking did.

Yeah, but they’re rare. It’s more dangerous to be a firefighter, yet you don’t see faggot flags talking about the thin orange line.
Firefighters will sacrifice their lives to keep you safe. Cops will sacrifice your life to avoid breaking a sweat.

whatever you say Paul Blart

This is how slavery works. I want those things without being a dog of the state and a bitch of the mayor.

Car accidents. Getting hit while giving a ticket. That sort of thing. Even in the inner city, some crackhead isn’t going to fuck with the guy carrying a piece and wearing a bullet proof vest.
I swear to God, you bootlicking cop worshipers are too fucking much.

But the cop that got shot was a fucking idiot and not paying attention, especially considering it was a drugged up nigger in this scenario.

Why should cops, whose job is to enforce the law, waste their time cleaning a crime scene? Why would that be their job, and why should tax dollars go to doing it? Why is it the responsibility of the police? Shouldn't they be doing more important things than being janitors?

>I'd rather be a slave than the slave master, because I've known too many slave masters. I'd much rather live in a miserable hell, because I'm upstanding. Also I'm a janitor.

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I was unemployed at the time. As I cleaned I found a vial with weird contents, and a scary looking Mexican in plain clothes that had a shirt that said, “my job title is badass motherfucker” or some such, and he asked me if I found anything and I gave him it.
They not only didn’t clean it they didn’t even search the place adequately.

Are you fucking dense.
This isn't about numbers of deaths it's about cause. Police officers get shot and killed. Labour men have an accident and unfortunately die as a result. Do I have go fucking spell it out to you? Of course the mother fucker who was shot with intention to kill is going to be mourned more in a societal manner then some guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong fucking time.

I say this as a labourer myself. I'm quite sure a bin man doesn't want to be remembered as "That one dumb cunt who didn't listen to the OHS drills:

Imagine actually believing there is a war on cops.

>I’d rather be righteous and courageous than take the easy path being a slave with bonus points.

>I can't even do my menial low-labor job for retards properly and I help criminals, fuck cops

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Can you prove that cops get murdered more often than people in other professions or are you literally making stuff up at this point?

>What is the 9/11 memoriam?

Did you get your janitorial job from some special access program? Poor people are genetically inferior and mentally retarded.

>took the biggest terror attack in all of history to get a plaque.

Is this your only argument? Gifted and Talented Education was “special access,” I suppose.

More like special needs.
>he's so stupid he fell for the GATE meme

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Do you have a peanut for a fucking brain? Christ I honestly think they need a intelligence test an entry bar for Jow Forums because the amount of stupid bullshit I see here is depressing.

Use your brain. How more likely is a binman to die by getting shot then a police officer? Is there an epidemic of binboys getting shot on the job which I don't know about?

>dying because you’re a fucking idiot and wasn’t paying attention

>implying this is not the main cause of every workplace incident ever, including that of police

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No shit. Because they died as the result of a terrorist attack. If we had a plaque for every mofo who died we'd end up with a sign post reading "this guy died because he slipped on his boyfriend's soggy dildo"

It really depends on where your beat is. You have a lot lower chance of being killed in a white neighborhood than a black one

You better respect the blue, faggot

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I didn’t fall for any meme, in the US ‘education’ is compulsory for a minor.
Stay angry.

A monument for an attack that killed thousands, mostly office workers?

That is a fair argument. Discharges by gun or training mishaps/shit driving. However that doesn't take away the factor of most police deaths in america atleast more then likely being the result of cop killings.

I wouldn't be so fucking against cop hate if it wasn't the group gathering for the mentally retarded and ignorant. I've had a lot of shit cop incidents. However just the mere mention of "Pigs" or some general teenager antiauthoritarianism is enough to make me forgive that shit just because of how fucking braindead it is.

Cop haters literally turn away supporters by being fucking dumb. Stop doing this shit. Find legitimate reasons and stop making shit up. Same logic could be used for hating blacks. Don't make shit up. Use real issues.

This is a gay thread. Can the "fuck cops" cool edgy teen meme die already.

Apparently not compulsory enough, jannie.

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Boomer mad

Who the fuck do you think was evacuating people out of the towers flower boy?

It very obviously isn't hatred, it's resentment and butthurt. People who legitimately hate something do something about it instead of belly-aching and bitching like a fucking woman.

>Discharges by gun or training mishaps
>shit driving.
The vast majority.
>However that doesn't take away the factor of most police deaths in america at least more then likely being the result of cop killings.
Yeah, except that you made that 'factor' up.. 'Most deaths at least more than likely...?'. Please.

Prolonged donut abuse probably kills more US cops than criminals do..

Taxi drivers get shot more often, trash men about the same.
36 cops out of 3,000,000 isn’t an epidemic, it’s the same risk of being shot more or less than most other jobs.

cops are great, they support the corrupt drug war and write speeding tickets where the limit is set for apparently senile grandma drivers. based.

You evacuate buildings, you don't evacuate people. Well, you can, but likely not in the context of a terrorist attack...

Besides that: Most people left themselves when the planes hit and the fires broke out, I would imagine.. And all of that is besides my point anyway, which was that the 9/11 memorial is literally that: The 9/11 memorial. Not the 'Firefighters that lost their lives on 9/11 memorial'..

Why don't you just google it, dipshit?

>fuck cops also I shouldn't get in trouble for driving too fast it's unfair that I have to follow the law
Most cops are against the war on drugs because they're lazy and it creates more crime.

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How much of "Police getting killed instead of dying by accident" do you not fucking grasp? The majority of the deaths which make up the larger percentages are assault. With two or three being health related.

The fact I had to search this shit up and post it and that you didn't fucking just deduce "hey the guys who handle criminals and the unhinged are more then likely to get shot so their deaths are likely caused more by human intent then accidents" is fucking embarassing. Check yourself.

Oops. Didn't post it.

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>Why don't you just google it, dipshit?

Google what?

Also, I don't know about the US, but here the 'enforcement' of speed limits is 99,99% revenue driven.. Speeding tickets are basically a variable tax at this point.

ITT: smelly weed smokers, anime watchers and sovereign retards complain about the people keeping them safe on a daily basis


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This is a thread about american police.
Why the fuck are you talking about european police?

Fake and gay.
And your graphic is LITERALLY propaganda.

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