A recruiter msgd me

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I bet you’d punch a DI in the face too, right faggot?

what a faggot response

I want a reply before it's funny faggot. Also you didn't mention jews and Israel so you're just as much of a bootlicker as him.

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yeah, that's gonna be a yikes for me, dog

The military is desperate for people. They don’t have enough people who want to die for israel.

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>using the word "imperialist"
>the rich and powerful
>kill brown people for their oil
Outside being fake and gay, you're clearly a faggot.

>nothing about dying for kike overlords

I wouldn't call him a boot lick, soldiers often are grand people dying to save their people. Unfortunately they're being misused. I'd of just said. "Nope I rather not die for Judaic new world order and fucking Israel. That's cool you want to but I'm not game.

If you guys think that a civil war is coming, shouldn't you be staffing the army with /ourguys/?

They want more women. #draftourdaughters

>getting a message from a recruiter
that mean he went to see the recruiter in the first place, OP is faggot that couldn't tell that in front of his face and is now posting this thinking he'll get upvotes or someshit

Sooner than you think America is going to implement a Final Solution to the Liberal Question.

so much text when you could've just said "i'd rather not die for Israel famalam"

He still thinks the wars were for (((oil)))

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You need more masculinity, your reddit is showing.

All our army ads feature women prominently as well.

sounds like a whiney commie/ 10
didnt even mention the jq, immigration, or niggers

you really showed him

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Leftwing fag

>Be me
>Army recruiter
>Send out automated message to a random selected group of people
>One replys back with a speech, calling me an imperialist and wishing for all the brown kids to haunt me or some faggot shit like that
>Take faggots number and put him in the uneligable for service file, for he is obviously a tranny
For fucks sake people, its a simple yes or no question

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Based. I'm surprised more r/thedonald immigrants here haven't been recruited by Israel yet, I guess they're all too old to serve.

All talk no action. Join up and go die for Israel you commie scum.

Based and redpilled response.

>doesnt even mention Israel

fuck you

Lefty meme...

Should've replied with
>Thanks but I'm not interested, the right one doesn't have to try

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>military is desperate
If they'd pay for my new penis and testosterone I'd gladly take selfies in the mirror for israel

>not using navy seal pasta
shaggy doggy

Not everyone is a skitzo.

He got at least 3 from me, guy is a rockstar!


Using faceberg das da real cringe mang.

And not once did you mention Israel


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>Not even mentioning Jews

Fuck off faggot

Tell us what you really think mate

>Blames oil
>Doesnt mention Isreal
Missed a chance there and made yourself sound like a normie.

>No thanks, find some other gullible idiot to die for Israel in the coming Iranian invasion.

Shoulda sent this. Simple and true.

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They were though. Part of making Zion wealthy is through making the US government wealthy, then siphoning off their wealth.
They did a pretty good job of that. We're coming to the collapse that was pre-programmed when Zionist Americans hopped on board the train. They'll abandon the US for Israel as soon as they get the word it's all tumbling down. When the US is finally in abject poverty and as fully asset-stripped as it's worth to do so, they'll leave the rest of the carcass for the brown vultures to pick clean.
This is what the whole problem was in the first place with Zionism, it's not some symbiosis in which we directly benefit as they do. It's a parasitism intent on killing the host when the work is done, one where the parasite burns through not one but many hosts, kind of like a necrophage, using one corpse to gather and collect more.
It's what will make the ultimate decision to spare them, if not one more time with the whole world simultaneously aware of the events, so much more difficult. But it's what reduces them to where they belong, lowly desert userers struggling as a punitive underclass working towards redemption, instead of just outright dead for their sins. Even their own holy book tells them this is the way they've gotta go. I simply suggest they follow it.

That the diatribe of a coward.

Yeah, must be.
Don't forget to take your meds tonight.

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Wow you sure told him.

desu it would have been better if you had simply said “no thank you sir, I don’t feel like dying for israel”


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>1 post by this Jew
Stop replying you fucking faggot cock suckers fuck all of you retards

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Based Auspost

Dover nh or Delaware?

Pretty cringey neckbeard faggotry, even if your basic idea is good. 'i think not' hahahaha. Jokes on you, though. You'll be celebrating this Christmas in saudi arabia, waiting for deployment to tehran.

>for oil
It's for the defense of Israel, you mong.

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Missed a chance to be put on a watchlist.

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You guys all sound like NPCs ITT. Everyone is responding with the same answer of “Israel” to me lol. You are programmed to blame israel, all of you.

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Very nice but you didn't NAME THE FUCKING JEW!!!

>kill brown people for their oil
>rich and powerful
Thank you for the mid-late 2000s nostalgia

wow so much late teens / early 20s cringe. you live off the system you're crying about like a gluttonous pig but you're dumb enough to have some faux self righteousness

top kek faggot

Fag response

Most of Jow Forums are retarded NPCs. I'm not saying Israel isn't a big part of the reason the military are gearing up for kill an Iranian play day but there's other factors and literally nothing wrong with OP's response.

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Found the boomer.

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It's really unkind of you to just post La Goblina with no trigger warning.

Military simps are dumb cattle used by the rich and powerful to achieve their own ends.

oink for me you criminal piggu

I agree no more wars for Israel but brown “people” are not people. I don’t care about dead goat fuckers and their offsprings. You sound like a faggot.

Lol, want to know how I know you've never served in the military? Ask the average DI their MOS. Most of them are supply or some kind of military band nerd. Suck a dick you retarded faggot.

Can you believe that they thought that bringing in the whole third world wouldn't lead to this?

did you have 50+ confirmed knife kills bwo?

>how are they saps?
>they’re saps, because they stick their necks out for strangers
>I don’t see it like that. They fight for their country.
>your country aid your blood kid, and don’t you forget it
>that’s Pop talking
>you’re goddamned right that’s Pop talking

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Fucking cringe

This is the most based thing I've seen on Jow Forums in a long time

Isn't it standard for male DIs to be recruited from combat arms due to the educational requirements involved?

Recruiters call my house phone, send me emails, and call my cellphone regularly. I've never spoken to a recruiter, but my high school forced us to take the ASVABs in order to graduate. Even though I didn't give my information on the form the shithole school forwarded my information to recruiters anyways since I scored really well.

So we've killed a lot or brown people over the last few decades. But where's the oil? It actually seems like we didnt get any oil out the deal at all. Weird. Almost like it had nothing to do with oil and there is another motive altogether. Now, what could that be?

You sound like a homo with a mask and urine bottles.

You didn’t see any benefit. Exon, General Dynamics, Boeing, Remington and Halliburton did though.


Israel got the oil from the Kurds after Iraq invasion. The US didn't get fucking shit as usual.

hoho boy you could've just not responded but holy shit this is a new level of retardation

What do you think you're accomplishing with this?

checked and this, I can only imagine the talk between people who received this and how autistic it looks

look at this mother fucking no brained nigger cattle shat out of a nigger cunt

Yeah you caught me bro I’ve never served a day hahaha real burn, fucking pog

It’s referring to a specific group of people who claim they’d never join because “they’d punch a DI in the face”. Did I fucking say every DI is Recon or some shit? How is that even related to my comment?

Im sure you’d be a great Staff NCO, because you clearly have shit for brains

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How tf is a zog-bot in the possession of your number/account in the first place?
Also not mentioning them is, unironically literally, peak gayness and you should remove yourself from the gene-pool, for both reasons.


Look at him and laugh!

I saw the writing on the wall back in 2012. I should've joined the army. But no, my dad wanted me to work part time and go to community college, so that I could work at the shipyard like he did. Problem is, even though officially the shipyard says they'll hire you with an associates, they don't because H1B and yuppy fuckers with bachelors degrees are in excess, so they get priority.

Now I'm 25, in debt, trying to get a proper engineering degree from a four year school. I'm the first person in my family in a century to not work at the shipyard. It's a fucking disgrace. Fuck this fucking clownworld goddamn.

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Kind of a dickhead response but the US has definitely overstayed in the Middle East. I joined up after high school and got discharged early on in my contract. At the time I was pretty discouraged about it but now I’m glad that it happened. So much bullshit going on it isn’t worth losing your limbs and life over.

>brown people for oil

Pfft it is not 2002...

This. That guy is laughing at OP if he bothered to finish reading that word salad all the way through.

Cringe. How many low test reddit plebs do you think these recruiters have to hear shit like this from on a daily basis? Fucking neck yourself OP you are clearly a faggot. You thought you would come here and receive validation for your adolescent screencap? Jesus...

Could have just said no. Making up a disability is a good way to get then off your back too.

Stunning and brave.

The military is obsolete.

If the invaders are not carrying weapons the military does not do anything other than sit on ass.

What is even the point?

you didn't even name them

>die so some fucks can kill brown people

go back to pleddit, faggot

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