The cure

Since this is such a hot topic right now, I feel like it’s safe to ask this: is the cure to inceldom to accept reality?
>I am unattractive.
>I am not willing to become attractive.
>Do you want sex?
>Do you want it enough to buy a prostitute?
>Are you willing to ask out every female in your geographic area out on dates via cold approach?
So it seems I am not an incel, just a regular celibate. Is this how this works? Because the single sole criteria to attaining a “gf” seems to be “be attractive” which itself contains, among other things, the criteria “approach endless women until one welcomes the approach.” Since I’m not attractive, on this count as well as the others, and since I’m unwilling to become attractive, does this mean I’m voluntarily giving up sex?
Advice is appreciated, although please don’t try to sell me sex, females, and girlfriends like they were cars at a dealership

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The cure to inceldom is to stop going to incel forums and start fixing your own life.

I haven’t been to incels forums unless Jow Forums counts. But in recent times, it’s been flooded by tranny posters and normies and I pretty much stopped going.
But would “fixing your own life” equate to “becoming attractive”? If I’m unwilling to do either, where does that put me? Because it seems voluntary either way. Although, from what you’re saying, having a “broken” life would imply I’m an incel although in this case it’s completely voluntary

Bumping for help

Being attractive is not the only way, user. You could try getting rich or becoming a badboy.

Elliot Rodger wasn't bad-looking, and he had money and a nice car. What did he do wrong?

He wasn't a badboy

He was a huge antisocial asshole that never approached a woman

unless you do everything you can to change your situation you're a volcel

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Badboys are attractive, and so is being rich. I don’t want to do either, though, and that’s the thing. I just want to exist and satisfy my desires with porn. Ideally I’ll eventually overcome my desires but whatever.
Then again, I would like money so I could buy a huge house with a huge personal library for me to live in until I die.

According to the manifesto, he did.

“Volcel” = celibate. Celibacy has always been voluntary. It’s contained in the definition

Just try to talk to people more. For me being social was the key.

Being social is pointless unless you're attractive. If you haven't got the swagger or the looks you're fucking done.

>is happy on his own
>complains about not having a gf
What do you need a gf for? Bitches just make life complicated and steal from you all your resources.

No. I already said I don’t want to become attractive. Being social is attractive. Being social is something I’d have to completely learn from scratch at 22. Not interested as I don’t see the reward as worth it. Just trying to see if this is truly a or the cure

>>complains about not having a gf
Literally where did I do this? Are you thinking my sexual desires which I satisfy with masturbation is the same as “complaining” about not having a gf? A big part of why I have given up is that I don’t see dealing with a nagging, bleeding human being as that much of a good thing

Is there any reason to not fix your life? Of course not. You do it for yourself. And your attractiveness will automatically go up as a side effect.

In middle school, once.

I’m pretty much entirely content, though. I’m fine losing some weight but anything more than that is vanity and I’m not placing weight loss as the most important thing in my life

You think chads ask out girls? You are deluded. Women flock to them. If a girl likes you, she'll make it obvious.

Unironically this. Attractive men are desirable. Women don’t want to miss their chance with a desirable man.

Yes, chads ask out girls. Yes, chads get rejected. Have you not gone outside in years?

Chad, by definition, does not get rejected. Generally attractive men do, but not the idealized Chad. You can say that such a person doesn’t exist, which is probably true.

Chad, by that definition, does not exist in real life.

They don't need to ask girls out. It's the 21st century, women will do the chasing if they're thirsty.

If they’re thirsty and he’s attractively. But the guy also have to be distracted with other women. Females only approach or initiate if it’s to vie for the man’s attention and other women are doing the same. If he’s attractive but not the center of attention he still has to do all the work


Eliot Roger never actually approached any women. He thought that they would approach him.

Through experience i have learned that I don't work in a relationship and I can't make a partner happy, so i figure it's better I don't waste anyone's time.

That’s a realistic and courteous conclusion. Some people like myself and I guess you shouldn’t really bother the more attractive people in society. It’s honestly best if our genes fade from existence

he was a weirdo who didn't know how to act normally.
I feel bad for pretty much all incels trapped in the cycle but it don't make it right to murder innocent people, no matter how hopeless you get.

No one has a right to life. Sorry.