What was his problem Jow Forums?

He wasn't exactly ugly. A little femmy sure but some chicks dig that. He had money and a nice car. How come he couldn't find a gf?

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He owned a used BMW.

He was a mentally ill angry entitled asshole.

Shitty personality

He was angry because he was shunned.
You could tell he was lonely and just wanted someone to share his life with. Look past the bravado and you'll see he was a sad little boy.

He wrote a manifesto.

Mabye if you read it you might get clues.

''Women are incapable of having morals or thinking rationally. They are completely controlled by their depraved emotions and vile sexual impulses. Because of this, the men who do get to experience the pleasures of sex and the
privilege of breeding are the men who women are sexually attracted to… the stupid, degenerate, obnoxious men''

He's not wrong

Contrary to popular belief, women can see the inside, and they saw that he was a monster

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lol Then why do lots of them end up with wife beaters?

incel tier manifesto honestly
no wonder he did what he did

They only want certain kinds of monsters, fren

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He was a supreme gentleman, women want a badboy chad at his age

It's not coincidence that society has gone to shit since the emancipation of women. Treating them as second-class citizens is about the only thing Islam has got right.

Neither Islam nor Christianity sees them as second class citizens you moron
they both keep the family unit intact which atheist hypercapitalism destroys to the individual unit. That's why Islam and Christianity works and creates sustainable societies but our current society is degenerating fast.

>Neither Islam nor Christianity sees them as second class citizens you moron
Really? There were plenty examples of how they were mistreated

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He never actually asked any girls out.

His therapists were shit. I swear to God they should take all the "therapists" from California and kill them for malpractice.
He could have been saved and with him, the people he killed.

You mean apart from the honor killings, female genital mutilation, hijabs and unequal treatment of testimony.

And no pork.

Fuck that.

Was his father there to raise him? Did he have any male role models at all to show him the ropes?

Otherwise (or in addition to not having one) I think he had a personality disorder going on there. He definitely did as a matter of fact. Don’t talk about him like he was an ordinary person, he wasn’t.

exactly, his statements are pretty bizarre

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This is the real answer

You don't need to ask girls out to get a gf.

Obviously societies fail and don't do things properly. Most people are mistreated in past ages. It's not just women. But both traditionally preach and treat women as equal to men. They merely attempt to create a family unit to which both the man and the woman must adhere, both losing some individuality and freedom of choice, both gaining in many other aspects such as security and love. Our current society mistreat humans fundamentally by treating them as atomized pieces, but even free atoms are under the influence of particles around them. The main assumption of our current society is flawed.
genital mutilation is some strange practice of Jews and Muslims, don't ask me about it. They make both their genders suffer from it (circumcision is equally worse to having your outer labia cut off, altho when they start cutting of the clitoris fgm wins out because that's disgusting even when you're already disgusted by the practice of genital mutilation itself).
Honor killings is more of a cultural practice among central/western asians and North Africans
turks don't do it for example
hijabs are meant to be worn by choice, obviously taking away the choice is mistreating women but it's not what the book says. It says it should be a choice.
Unequal treatment of testimony is a good one though, sole reason for it I can imagine is so some hysterical woman doesn't just falsely accuse you of rape, but that's bad reasoning. Luckily we don't have that in Christianity.
Yet Christianity is treated as a homophobic boogeyman and Muslims are revered in the west
funny stuff

He is definitely the patient zero of incels.

How did they fuck up? Obviously they did, I'm curious about the warning signs of a bad therapist.

From what I read on his manifesto and his reported behavior, I think it's likely he had some form of autism and he also had a big narcissistic vibe about him.

Also later on there was a vid on youtube saying his mother was a big enabler of his shitty, maladapted behavior. Which honestly is kind of strange, since I don't recall him mentioning his mother in the manifesto at all.

The guy needed to be taken more seriously. It was evident to everyone that the kid wasn't doing well. Not to say he wasn't guilty of all the stupid shit he did leading up to the shooting, but it was obvious to anyone that he needed some help.

>depraved emotions and vile sexual impulses.

yes that's why he let his depraved emotions and sexual impulses drive him murder suicide

He was a faggot

He wasn't shunned, he actively shut himself out. He was a real jerk and asshole to everyone for no reason.

>society has gone to shit
Tell us more of your great wisdom. How is society shit, how was it before, and what changed it?

Fourth-wave feminism, destruction of family unit, transgender clownworld

too autistic to make a move on women and believed that women will throw themselves at you if you were attractive. That last part is actually truth but it doesn't really apply to every single relationship out there.

Also, he had a superiority complex where he believed he was better than everyone else and therefore deserved the best and that he was entitled to everything he wanted.

His dad was also a spneless cuck and he was half-asian. A recipe for disaster really.

>fourth wave
Ok pp head now you’re just making shit up

Yes but that wasn't his problem

He was sooo fucking autistic, and that’s from the videos of him, he might have been even worse with people

society voted for trump, that’s what’s wrong with it

Because this kid was a stupid asshole. I would have punched him in the face if i saw him irl

Nothing new, they did vote for reagan too.

Because he was clearly a total sperg

Real talk why don't you come to Canada or Europe? Let the US burn.

the alternative was to vote for hillary. and now the alternative is to vote for an intersectional socialist crackpot promising a utopia of government gibs. that's what's wrong with it. enjoy five more years of orange hitler.
t. didn't vote in 2016, probably not voting in 2020 either

the kid in the picture probably voted for trump too and then he did a mass shooting

There’s nothing wrong with socialism

Or sucking nigger cock, don't forget sucking nigger cock.

t. not posting from venezuela

things aren’t that bad in venezuela

That's why everyone is trying to get out right?

no ones trying to get out. lots of people are trying to get in actually. you must not pay attention to the news

Nobody mentioned sucking cock until you did. Projecting much?

> There’s nothing wrong with socialism
> Real socialism hasn't been tried yet

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> things aren’t that bad in Venezuela

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Literal millions of people, between 13-20% of the population, have already left.

nice try but that’s a virus link

also you pulled those numbers out of your ass. venezuelas population has increased by at least 25% in the past 4 years

Post a source for that claim. That's not a virus link.

Yes, people still fuck and give birth. Doesn't contradict the fact that millions are fleeing.

>also you pulled those numbers out of your ass.
> Venezuelas population has increased by at least 25% in the past 4 years
Pot - kettle

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no one is fleeing. their population has grown significantly in the past 4 years because more people want to live there
that’s a virus link and you know it. i refuse to click on it.

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You're the same underaged faggot who always keeps posting "that's a virus" whenever someone posts a link that proves you wrong. Did you come out to your parents yet or will you wait until you turn 18?

> that’s a virus link and you know it
Imagine thinking Wikipedia is a virus website

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my antivirus told me that link is a virus so there’s no way im going to click the link unless you can prove its not a virus

Post screenshot of your antivirus saying wikipedia is a virus site.

You didn't answer the question, did you tell your parents you're gay yet?

post a screenshot that proves it’s not a virus

you can write that question on a piece of paper, crumple it up, pull your pants down, and shove it up your ass

What is your antivirus software? I will download it and confirm it flags wikipedia as a virus site. Otherwise we will continue to assume you are a 16 year old homosexual.

Show pic of room, user

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i have Avira antivirus and PC antispyware 2010

So why are you not posting a screenshot of them flagging wikipedia as a virus site? Because you can't? It would once and for all prove you are not a homosexual 16 year old. I wonder why you are not posting proofs. Hmmmm.

Yeah right , that's why all serial killers from ed kemper to and richard ramirez , richard kuklinski , charles manson , ted bundy and so on , recieved love letters and nudes from women , kek.

Like I said, they only want certain kinds of monsters

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you’re the one who needs to post proof that its not a virus

show me proof that it isn’t a virus and ill click the link

You still haven't posted proofs you are not a 16 year old homosexual.

He lacked any self reflection. In short, he believed his own bullshit.

Yes you do. Girls will not make the first move unless they want something else from you. They don't want to look "easy", and they are used to guys asking them out instead of the other way around. No matter how attractive/cool you are girls won't approach you and will wait for you to approach them.

It took me a few years to get this. If you don't ask a girl out within ~2 weeks of meeting her they assume you have no interest in them, or will look down on you for being a pussy. Even if they aren't interested/aren't single they will respect you more if you ask them out instead of being a beta orbiter. If you ask them out and get rejected, you will probably stay friends with them and they might change their mind or set you up with one of their friends. It's better to get rejected than to not have asked at all.

Eliot Roger thought that girls would randomly approach and ask to date him. He would stand around at random places and wait for this to happen. Obviously they never did. If Eliot Roger had went out to some social stuff and actually asked girls out he could've gotten a gf.

the proof is that i say im not. im also going to assume that the link is a virus until you post evidence that it’s not

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It's wrong though. Plenty of women hit on guys if they're attractive enough.

Girls will only do that if they're drunk.

95% of the time you have to make the first move.

Hr didn't want to

>Honour kilings


> Female genital mutilation



Never met a woman who was forced to wear one. Nearly every Muslim woman I know does not wear one

>Unequal testimony

Also Haram. This was introduced to Sharia law more than a thousand years after the revelation.

Wow youre mad as fuck

If he was that desperate for sex he should’ve just bought a hooker

>Girls will not make the first move unless they want something else from you

Yeah like your phone number for example

>No matter how attractive/cool you are girls won't approach you


Not all wamen are the same, stop generalizing

You're right. Obviously some girls will approach you. Obviously some girls will say hi to you or want your number. But the vast majority of girls will just smile at you and hope you approach them. If you stand around at a bar or club for long enough and are attractive a girl will talk to you. If you actually want a gf though it's best to assume that girls won't approach you and you that must approach them because most girls act that way.

Eliot Roger stood around at non-social places and never spoke to anyone. He thought that a girl would randomly approach him when he was standing around in the streets and ask him to fuck her.

>Eliot Roger stood around at non-social places and never spoke to anyone. He thought that a girl would randomly approach him when he was standing around in the streets and ask him to fuck her.
What's wrong with that?

He gave off gay vibes because he acted like a female. Most guys who hate their mom act like women.

Surely, of course, he was shunned for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Just like racism and prejudices all sprung out of nowhere, like how stereotypes are based on nothing...

I don't buy it. As someone clinically mentally ill, I think there comes a point where you have to admit your health is your problem and comfort in solitude is a non-negotiable as you will inevitably end up alone at some point.

He was one man, of many, who had no intentions of making peace with hard facts everyone had to make peace with at some point in their life-- like how you're responsible for your actions. Unless you're suggesting he did not have that agency, in which case I'm guessing we found our 'why.'

Because that doesn't happen. Porn isn't real life.

If Eliot Roger had spoken to women and asked them on dates he wouldn't have been incel (most likely).

Ya'll with the mental illnesses need to acknowledge that others are not obligated to deal with your shit unless you pay them. You don't see homeless people walking the streets asking for insulin. Your (potential) lovers are also not your fucking psychologists and have a right to leave you if your mental illness pushes them away or makes you abusive towards them.
Get treatment, or accept your fate of solitude.

>Frank didn't plan on getting a steady job. He'd work just enough to pay rent and then spend the rest of his earnings in lottery tickets, expecting it would buy him into retirement.
"Wrong" is a tall word, but if your plan sucks ass (want girl > won't approach girl), your results will suck ass.

If you're thin-skinned enough that the notion of your plan being flawed brings you to violence or denial, then it's not like we could have helped in the first place. Right?

Even better yet for you: of all the people you can choose to change, you can guarantee only that you can change yourself, never others. So why would you opt to demand others change, knowing full well the agency to change your approach lies with you (as the agency to change others does not), and that doing so might garner different-- and even more beneficial!-- results?

At some point we, as onlookers, can only really suck air through our teeth and shake our head. We can try only so hard before we're burning up our own resources on a zero sum game.

In his manifesto Rodger stated how he would obsessively buy lottery tickets and thought he was destined to win. He was stupid in many ways.

Basically Eliot Roger lived his entire life wanting a girlfriend but never put in the effort to actually get one. Most girls who I asked said that Eliot Roger was a 6-8/10 (they didn't know that he was a shooter). He could've gotten laid if he had put the effort in and started hitting on girls.

If only he stayed alive to see kpop go mainstream. Now bitches love the kpop Asian dude look.

obviously a manlet made this comment

I'm 6'3'' lol.

Women only approach me when drunk or horny.

Any time elsewhere they just make eye contact and smile and expect you to come over to them.

He obviously had trouble understanding social situations