Liberal women

>be me
>18m college freshman
>super liberal campus but it's one of the best places for my major
>meet cute girl in philosophy
>cute, hella smart, sort like that girl next door aspect to her
>kick things off well
>get her snap chat
>talk everyday for about 5 days
>things are going super well
>we live in the same building
>agree to go eat at the restaurant in our building
>things are going great
>laughing alot, feel like this might work out
>asks for Instagram
>give it to her
>she looks disgusted
>remember that my profile pic is me in a MAGA hat
>she's to nice to not add me on Insta
>super antsy to go back to her room
>go back to our own rooms
>check out her Insta
>says shit like bash the fash and dump trump
>so close to a good start to the year
>don't think she'll be talking to me again

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See what happens, a girl fucked me because she hated Trump and I loved him.

Dont give up fren, just keep politics out of the game and maybe she will switch to your side naturally after some time. Remember, the right is the right, she will get smarter.

>profile pic is a MAGA hat

why? that's just dumb, and not because you support trump, just who brandishes their political party like they're supporting a sports team, it's retarded.

message her "w2 smash this fash?"

>>remember that my profile pic is me in a MAGA hat
It's 2019 soldier, the meme war was in 2016.

Seriously though, if the idea of dating le antifa type isn't appealing then you're better off not talking to her again, but if you really liked her and could put your politics aside then you could perfectly have a relationship with each other.
There's always more fish in the sea though user, not everyone in a 'liberal' college is going to be left leaning.

The Trump hat might give you unironic "bad boy" appeal. Keep on talking to her, if you're a good person you'll change her mind.

Leading with your politics is always unattractive.

>Leading with your politics is always unattractive.
Exactly what the little liberal bitch did. OP, don't listen to PC SJW bullshit here and don't drop your hat. Be yourself and if the little bitch can't take it, she can drown in liberal tears.

If she cares so much about politics that she doesn't want to talk to you ever again you dodged a bullet

Guaranteed success


Those liberal bitches are vindictive and can't be trusted. They might try to set him up just to ruin his life, the hateful Trump supporter. "he raped me" I can almost hear it. Not worth the stretch in my opinion.

Wearing a MAGA hat signals to everyone you are of low intellect.

>I lib I seethe

Why are you sad, OP? You dodged a bullet after only the first date. Imagine dating a communist who hates white men but also expects you to pay for everything because you are a white man.

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>what is romeo and juliet
go for it op
true and well

>stating facts and pointing out trump is a retard makes you a lib


You either both decide there are things other than politics that draw you together and choose not to talk politics or you accept this is a dealbreaker

First off, she's not a woman, she's a girl. Second off, what kind of retard makes his profile picture with a fucking maga hat? Too bad it didn't work out between you two, you're operating on the same level of retardation.

You are indistinguishable from an SJW, you retard.


How so, littlefag?

Take that shit down. Most women are liberal, that's just life. The conservative ones are usually weird and/or prudish.

>Most women are liberal, source: my ass.

>"hella smart"

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It doesn't.

Hey bro, just remove those things from your insta. Let the relationship develop and then reveal you’re a conservative later. If she leaves you then, she’s too far gone for marriage and you don’t wanna tangle with her anyway. If she stays, you might just have found a way to de-brainwash a liberal

Looolol I’ve had similar luck in the past.
I used to exclusively go after the very obvious art majors and sjw types (the hot ones) and I always always always got laid.
They love real masculine attention because usually they only have onions fags going after them

Can’t even spell libfag right.

>Liberal women
Don't need to read the rest of your post, the answer is "no". Avoid.

The "prude" girls who actually wait until marriage are the good ones, troglodyte.

you can only go into this with the mindset that women’s opinions are worth literally nothing. if you just one time validate her beliefs, she will think she is a worthy adversary when it comes to politics.. and naturally what follows are never-ending shit tests until you’re brow beaten and obedient

if you don’t have the strength, move on