Is it wrong for me to consider you guys here as my friends?

Is it wrong for me to consider you guys here as my friends?

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You don't even know who we are user. Yes it is very wrong.

Of course not bro

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It is wrong my friend

Yeah man if an anonymous massive blob is who your friends are, you need some real life cause or hobby.

I guess it is okay to think so

It’s similar to saying you have imaginary friends, so if you’re okay with that, then sure.

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Idk, we don't know each other

I can see this, in a sense. This place is full of people trying to help each other if tuo avoid meme answers and the chad/stacy/incel meme

This place and Jow Forums as a whole is my only social interaction beyond what’s required at college and what I do with my family. I love some of you guys

The members of this board as in a collective entity are mostly trying to help and advise each other so I guess it's okay to see it as friendly. Now of course the individuals here aren't your friends.

I wonder about that sometimes. A great number of anons here would probably get along really well. Hell you could even find love here or something, ask the opposite gender thread is full of girls that are just my type for example but we are all anonymous and we will never see or know each other. We are miles, hours and continents apart united by a taiwanese speed chess image board.



Only if it's namefags

You are my friend

Love you too, user.


college is too sjw to make friends who won't accuse me of being a rapist

Rapist?! You ok there user?

yup, just trying to get through this clown world

I think of you as my friend too. I would've been lost without you guys sometimes

Yeah, I’ve never been one to have “friends,” but the people who’d be viable candidates on campus are far and few between. Too much fucking hair dye, too many tattoos, and too many phones

>Too much fucking hair dye, too many tattoos, and too many phones
Jesus fucking Christ, mine's riddled with these fucking people. Bitches who think they look great with purple hair, assholes who think tattoos speak a lot about them and who they are, and dumb idiots who can't look up from their phone while they're walking on goddamn fucking campus.

fuck college

Hey, I had purple hair and I would make a great friend, don't be too judgemental user, normies can be ok too

I saw a basic whore this morning pull out her phone in the middle of a walking path with lots of people on it and another girl walked into her. I both chuckled and sighed. And I won’t say I’d do better in any other generation, but this era seems rather comically sad

No, you wouldn’t. Anyone that unconfident in themselves or so vain that they’d ruin their appearance is not someone I could be friends with.

Ruin their appearance? It's not like I injected silicone into my face, hair can regrow buddy.

I'd be your friend user. Fuck that other guy who said your unconfident or vain. That's a silly and judgemental way to view an other person.

Why bully

So why’d you dye your hair?
It’s really not. Let’s see what his answer is, if he answers. I’m guessing it’ll be vanity

lol, what a bitch.

Thank you, user. I think so, too, judging people based on their appearance and claiming to know all the reasons behind their decisions without asking is not a good approach in life. You might miss out on some nice friendships like that. And I'm not saying that to imply I am that good friend, I honestly feel bad for that user.
her*, wink wink
For fun, like, why not dye your hair crazy colors? Always fun to experiment, till I still can/am young enough for it not to be awkward. Also, the hair dye was on sale.

Ah, cheap thrills. At least it wasn’t a tattoo, I suppose. I still am disgusted by you people

I wonder who hurt you for you to be so negative, damn.

It’s just sad to see the beauty of the human body defiled. That’s all.

Bruh you can literally shave your head and go natural anytime. It ain't that deep.
I would understand that claim with tattoos, but still, people have their own reasons to do shit they do, just like you.
If you're happy not altering your looks, that's great, I can respect that and still be a friend with someone who has that view regardless of mine being different (aka, do fun stuff life's too short to care)
I'm just sad that you seem to be unable to do the same.

Yes, I have standards for the type of people I associate with. This often leads to me being alone and occasional bouts of self-depreciation because I can’t meet my own standards. Oh well. Hopefully that works out for you

You can't call people who you do not know in person or even by an online handle your friends.

You can however think of us as your community. And that's pretty good to!

Yes I can

>self depreciation because I can't meet my own standards
You do realize you are not well, right? This is a pretty serious issue you should reflect on

What’s the issue? That I have standards or that they’re too high?

No, but also yea. We can never be there for you, but we'll always be here with you.

I don't think you can consider anonymous messages friends since they lack the depth and consistency of real life friendships.
You can take comfort in the fact that hundreds of people around the world possess the same hopeless depression riddled outlook on life and have probably suffered just as bad, if not worse than you growing up.
I would like to meet someone like that in real life since we'd understand each others personalities, but then we'd both just be quiet turbo nerds who don't speak much.
I just feel bad for guys like that, since they don't get much empathy and pretty much every normal person sees them as "evil" or "weird" without fully grasping how experiences have formed them this way.

You're worth having people who really know and care about you who can be depended on.

Funny, considering you have zero grasp on punctuation or grammar.

What is your first language, user? I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm genuinely curious because your grammar/spelling errors are interesting.

Yes, your broken grammar and retarded use of punctuation makes it impossible to tell what you're trying to convey pajeet.

Jesus mate, im not saying what you write is wrong, but still this is some serious autism. Work on your punction and grammar. Try to format the text a bit, give it order and structure, dont jump too much from issue to issue. Dont make unnecessarily many posts simply because you hit "post" when still there is room left in the characterlimit to explain something in more detail instead of going back on this few posts later
That will make it easier too follow and looks less shizo :^)

You know, you could be making some points that are worth discussing but your writing style is just so scattered it comes across as you just being unstable

It's not. We're here for you. But it's a hivemind tho

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What IS a friend, OP? Each person has their own definition so it's okay if you consider us friends imo. Idk how you feel about the fact that we are all anonymous here though.
Imo there are friends and "real" friends. Anyone can easily be a friend but a "real" friend is someone who would be willing to offer you shelter if you are ever homeless.
If you met me in person and you identified as OP I would hug you and be happy to hang out with you. I'd also probably get teary because I'm very sensitive and have too much empathy.

:' ) It's ok user I love some of you people. I feel like I fit in here sometimes when nobody understands me. Thanks bros.

It is not wrong but look for IRL friends too. This just isn't enough to satisfy you in the end.

Don't listen to these fuckers. You're a fren.

Lmao wat

It’s not “wrong” but it’s a little concerning. You should be able to know who your friends are. It’s difficult to have that on an anonymous imageboard.

Kys trash.

Jow Forums(nel) is my friend. He has a wicked and unpredictable personality but he’s usually there for me.

We aren't your friends man. We're strangers to you that call each other names. We come, We go, somebody here maybe died today and you wont know and we wont care.

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I wish you well user but we were always a poor substitute for a real network of people to trust and live life with. We have shared experiences and feelings, collected here because we found it easiest to come here to commiserate or just open up about things. If this place ever goes, I would be sad and miss you all, but I can't honestly say this is what friends are, at least by how the rest of the world uses the term.

No muh' dood