I found out my landlord was filming me in my room without my consent. Since then he's spread rumors that I'm a racist, have abandoned kids (that I never had), and that I have swastikas in my room. His gf hacked my phone, and everything I do on here is seen by the both of them. I'm in New Orleans, and the city is looking for me due to this slander. Both of them are friendly with cops, and have told nopd that I hate the police.

What do?

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Post the evidence somewhere.

If you're a girl, come move in with me.

>I'm in New Orleans, and the city is looking for me due to this slander.
I dont understand. Why are the chips after you?

New Orleans is predominantly black, and the phrase "don't fuck with new Orleans" is everywhere I go. It's a manhunt. I don't know how to exonerate myself. Nor who to trust.
My landlord claims to be Irish mob out of Chicago, and says the owner of the house he manages is also Irish mob. I'm guessing fear tactics and money are the blood of this beast.

Ignore this thread it's a schizo who posts this often

Proof it's bogus?

you suffer from paranoid schizophrenia

Why not, like, just, like, move out? Just an idea I'm throwing out there.

Anons, this is them. ^^^

I need your help

If you weren't screaming racist things through your paper thinned walls, we wouldn't have to put recording devices in your house.

You know that it was way more than racist things you were saying. We don't go after people for slander.

You can't hide from us forever.

Proof? Proof it's me on top of it? Not an actor or a deepfake?
Fucking prove it.

If we created a deep fake, we wouldn't need to go through all the trouble of bugging your house.

Call us at five-zero-four-eight-two-six-two-six-seven-five so we don't have to continue wasting our time.

504 is new Orleans area code, anons


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Move out....

It’s the number for a mental health crisis response line, I think that person was trolling. OP I wish I could help some way, been to N.O. years ago and it was wonderful. Idk what to say, I’ve also been paranoid before too so regardless of what’s going on with this situation I sympathize and wish you the best

I did move out. He's still fucking with me

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You need to call us at five-zero-four-eight-two-six-two-six-seven-five. As much as we like getting paid overtime to hear your racist rants, we prefer to be with our families. Don't make us put you on the Individual Targeted Persons list, that'll only make things more difficult.

Again, call us at five-zero-four-eight-two-six-two-six-seven-five so we can sort this out.

If your a guy you can move in with me even my mom says it's okay so pls move in with me