80/20 rule: how do you beat/improve the odds?

5'8 / 175 cm edition

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Step one: leave the incel cult and don't look back.

I don't see myself as an incel.
I have a good outside social life, love to go clubbing, do sports with my bro's and like hanging out. I also have a part time wagie job and have an internship at an university. With girls i have dates/flirts etc, however CRP'S latest video got me thinking and i want to improve my odds.
Do you have any actual advice?

You need to stop believing in incel memes. That you actually think the 80/20 meme is real says lots about you.

Can you give me your opinion about this video and this guys channel as a whole? (If you know him)

Just summarize the point will you? Not going to give clicks to some rando.

175 cm is 5’9”

Basicly a channel dedicated to red/black pills while also explaining how and why it is.
This video is about how and why the 80/20 rule works in dating and that the average young man has a rough time competing in the dating scene. Especially if you are looking for someone in your own age bracket (i'm 23)

Okay so complete and utter bullshit. Incels are literally the result of jewish psyops trying to destroy the white race. Literally everything in that video will be a lie guaranteed.

Post one specific claim from those videos. We'll debunk it.

>80/20 rule works
First of all it's not a rule but a meme and second it doesnt work

1,87 cm here

I will choose to believe this, thanks for scaring off my spook

The real reason is being young and dating is hard already and that isn't anything new. Most women want guys that are older than them which leaves you with a whole 4 year age bracket to work with while they will have all the way up to a 10 year age difference sometimes if that's what they want.
These people putting all this stuff on the internet have a hidden agenda and it's not trying to set you up for success.

Thanks for the advice user!

Don't listen to She's just a seething roastie. The 80/20 rule is a fact confirmed by many studies form dating sites.

80/20 rule is a myth

>a couple of info graphics posted by okcupid which have been taken out of context

I'm torn on Dr Redpill sometimes. Like sometimes he'll say some smart shit that has worked and then he'll make a "it happened to me, its gonna happen to you" vid. Like fuck man I get you're jaded about pussy but actually give helpful advice to the niggas already in the fight and not try to spout "I told you so's"

I thought 175 cm is like 2'1 , do not listen to this heathen , you must become the incel cult

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Why are people still taking advice from this fat ugly old escortcell

>fact confirmed by many studies
>can't post a single study

Why do people like to pretend the Pareto principle which applies to literally everything in the world magically doesn't apply to attraction?

To Op: it's actually even worse. Women only swipe right 14% of the time.

I thought it was 4,6% on Tinder? Someone posted a study, but I can't find it anymore. >.

How exactly does it apply to attraction? Incels are extremely dumb and do not even understand what the Pareto principle is.