How to deal with a possible sti?

I was with a girl for a few months, and she gave me a bj a few times. About 5 days after, there were two small cold sores on the backside of my penis shaft. It lasted a few days and they healed and went away. It’s been a couple months since then and no further issues. I have abstained from sex as a precaution and went to the doctor. He said there is a possibility it’s herpes, but it’s most likely dormant, and he didn’t even want to test for it as it is “so common.” The Doctor said like 90 percent of the population has HSV1 and don’t even know they carry it. 1 in 5 people in the United States has genital herpes, but those are just confirmed cases. The real number is likely much higher. Anyone have any advice?

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Be a Wizard, my Master..!!

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do nothing?

What do you mean?

You got the herps brother, welcome to the club. Typically outbreaks are just once or twice a year so not the biggest deal ever.

dont get tangled with sluts and you will be fine, also she must of had a cold sore recently

Unless there's an actual problem there's no need to do anything. HSV1 is not a problem, and there is nothing you can do about it anyway. Viruses are hard to treat as there is nothing like antibiotics for them.

Yea but how do you continue dating? Do you tell them? I know that if you don’t have symptoms and wear a condom the transmission percent is less than 2%. I’m kind of distraught over this as I’m not even promiscuous and the girl who I was with never told me about hers

Yea I know there is nothing you can do except not have sex during outbreak and always use a condom. But because the two red spots were on my shaft it must be genital herpes...1 in 5 people have it apparently (and many more if you include the people who don’t report it). But how do you tell someone if it’s dormant??? I just don’t want to give it to anyone or I would kill myself.

Just keep the train going brother! If you get with a girl and she comes to you accusingly you just act really surprised and get pissed at her!

Of course you tell everyone about the dangers involved with you. You are legally responsible for everything you do. I'd kill you if you tricked me.

Have you given it to anyone via sex?

usually genital ones are called the herpes, unlike oral ones which most people get as kids, I had it when i was a kid and havent had a cold sore for 15 years

if you have healthy immune system its nothing, talking about oral

think about it when you were vaccinated they injected hepatitis directly into your blood stream and your body build immune towards it, its literally same with cold sores but you need to be healthy

Yea so what do I even say?...Oh so yea about 7 months ago I had a cold sore on my penis for 4 days, then it went away?? I asked to get tested and my doctor said it’s so prevalent that it’s unnecessary and the tests are unreliable?

if you had it on penis shaft then its genital not oral

go find another doctor

But there is no accurate test and I have no symptoms anymore.

Not necessarily true Dr. user.

HSV-2 is exclusive to the genitals whole HSV-1 is most commonly oral but can rarely cause outbreaks in the Genital area.

do some research before spreading misinformation you dingus.

Make sure to vape.
Oh, and watch for headgasket failures.

>ocassionally bite my lip
>always think ive got herpes
im always going to get a future partner tested first

I mean go to another doc? While I wouldnt worry so much cause it went away, I still would definitely ask for testing no matter how common it is. I freak when I get random hair bumps on my dick so something like a cold sore has my attention

Damn son. You're scaring me away from hooking up now. I mean damn you gotta be one sad bastard to catch some shit with a girl you dont even really fuck with.