How to improve my looks?

Hey fellow men and maybe women (I doubt there are any women here), I need advice on how to improve my looks because I'm going for a girl that's pretty much the perfect ethnostate material and I want the best chance to get her. Also rate my looks, kindly please. What I do know is that I need to take better care of my skin, better shaving, better hairstyle (though I have no ideas on that) and otherwise I'm completely ignorant about ways in which to improve my looks. What are some fast, relatively easy ways to improve my looks?
I'm pic related. Stats: 180 cm/5'10, 178 lbs/80 kg, very fit body.

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Well, it's your lucky day because there is at least one woman online - hi.
You pretty much said all that is there to be done - take care of your skin (moisturize, user), shave, and your hair is okay really, don't worry too much about that.
You have pretty eyes.
I wish you all the best with the girl.

get a meme fade haircut
lose the shirt and get a solid color one

Getting advice from an actual woman on Jow Forums is quite rare. So thanks for the advice and the compliment on the eyes! I'll make an update post if I get a date with that girl.

Thanks for the advice! Shirt was for work, don't plan on wearing it for dates. Meme fade haircut coming.

Looks like some bees stung your cheeks lmao

>Looks like some bees stung your cheeks lmao

Haha, yeah I have fat cheeks. Any way to lose face fat?

Idk. I assume the same way you lose other fat namely diet and exercise. Might be something you’re stuck with though

>believing user isn't lying
Ok zoomer

>>believing user isn't lying

I can tell user is a woman by the eye compliment. I get that from women all the time.

The number one thing is your body fat percentage in your body. Get fit and get your body in a state that isn't super incredibly muscular, but just able to handle anything that threats might impose on you. Women look at your body first and foremost- fashion sense, hairstyles, wealth come second. So hit the gym preferably everyday if you can do it- that's the key.

Shave, don't grow dumb beards because of the stigma associated with them today. Look up some hairstyles popular in your country and go for the cleanest cuts- the kind that doesn't require much maintenance and that you won't worry if you got into a fight outside.

Solid advice. Thanks!

Don't be caught dead in wrinkled clothing. Learn which materials match. Grow your hair long enough to style. Get a watch.

Another advice from me is not to take your outward appearance and consider it the only thing you need to attract women. You can look like the most ragged, fat man, with no money, but if you know how to properly attract women with the right words, teases and mindset, they will still be attracted. You need to learn how to properly present to women what you really want from them in a way that isn't mean-spirited, forceful or violent. You have to be calm, confident and joyful for the experience. But you can't be weak, you have to be strong and don't fall for women's tricks in testing your personality (because they know how to test this). Don't beg, and be willing to let go of a woman who doesn't match your standards. Don't be a people-pleaser, but a pleaser of yourself.

Educate yourself on how to properly frame or present yourself in masculinity and confidence. Plenty of this online.

>Get a watch.

A watch is a great idea I forgot for some reason. Thanks!

I've been binging Dan Bacon's channel on YouTube. That guy is pretty redpilled. I'm on planning on educating myself thoroughly on the topic.

shirt tie combo is a big yikes, pattern shirts + pattern ties is a no go, always go patter shirt + 1 color tie(that mixes well with the one of the colors of the pattern) or with a 1 color shirt + wear a pattern tie, always shave facial hair

I think growing your hair out would definitely help.
Your current haircut makes the bottom portion of your face look heavier.
Thicker hair would create more weight toward the top of your head, balancing out your look better.

Style wise, you look very conservative, not necessarily in the political sense, but in a social one, which makes you seem closed off and a bit intimidating.

what's your heritage/genetics? are you Baltic or Mediterranean?

learn to shave your face really well, and shave all of your beard area well. don't leave stubble or strays hairs behind.
do not shape your eyebrows but DO pluck the hair in the middle or get just the middle waxed or threaded. DO NOT let yourself or anyone shape/wax/thread the rest of your eyebrows!
shower/bathe well.
trim your nose and ear hairs.
don't be an asshole to others.
wear blue shirt or ties - makes your already nice eye color even more striking.

for the long term:
lose as much fat overall as you can while not losing so much you look or become ill. the size and width of your cheeks is very prominent but I suspect there isn't much you can do about it if your body fat is already healthy. the only thing you can do is lower body fat to a very low level while still remaining healthy. it would make you more handsome if some of your jawline could become more visible.

What's your bodyfat%, looks like you're pretty soft judging by your height, weight, fat cheeks and skinny soft neck. Get a DEXA scan. If you're particularly unlucky you won't really look leaner in the face until you're approaching a strict 10%bodyfat.
Your hairstyle sucks. Some more volume on top would do well. Try to look more focused and confident.

You can't change how your face looks, but you can change your body. exercise regularly, be healthy, and you'll do fine.
If your genetic beauty is a concern to you, then I'm sorry to say it's not gonna happen. Best come to terms with that sooner rather than later.

t. light-skinned mulatto with horrible afro hair