Hello guys

Hello guys,
I am a girl and a stumbled upon Jow Forums a few months ago after not being here in a while. I usually browse Jow Forums Jow Forums /b/ Jow Forums and this board. I forgot how bad this site made me feel. I am a white passing hispanic lady, Argentinian. But, I can't help but feel super insecure when I compare myself to the Aryan looking women posted here. I want to know if any anons know this feel and if so how do they cope?

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As a black woman, I would rape the fuck out of your tight little latina body. Come here, mamacita. Let mamma give you some of her brown sugar heh HEH!

you are consider white in america

you are consider white when Jow Forums is getting their cock wet

There's no aryabs here stop shit posting. Everyone knows Argentinians are too proud for this retardation.

foto? me encantan las argentas

Don't worry Femanon. You know there were a lot of Germans in Argentina, right?
BTW, tits or GTFO.

i know, and i can pass very well but i still look quite exotic and not like the nordic women posted on here daily

5'8 guy here, at first i was really self conscious about the manlet posts but i stopped caring once i got into a few relationships, it's all silly user you're completely fine.

>I can't help but feel super insecure when I compare myself to the Aryan looking women posted here.

LMAO, you hang out on Jow Forums and Jow Forums and you choose to focus on the few threads that speak positively of white women instead of the constant and numerous threads where Latinas, black girls and Asian girls are appreciated and everyone shits on white girls?

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Embrace your culture. That is a thing that even "Aryan" people forget these days. Don't be ashamed and be confident in the way that you are unique.

>tfw gon learn spanish to cop a qt latina fucktoy
feels good mans

Latinas have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of

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It does not matter none of this does matters.
just dont give a shit about none important things go explore places, hobbies, something, find a good man i dont know just stop caring about shit

>I browse shit boards
What advice did you want?

White Hispanics are differentiated from other whites, they're not really considered the same.

Stay away from those boards they try to make you unstable especially with race baiting. For all intents and purposes you are white even if you have Southern European heritage

>hey guys I hang out with all these people who say bad things about me and think I'm inferior
>how do I stop feeling inferior?
A real head-scratcher.

Except having insufferable personalities due to their cultural norms.
If there's such a thing as a basic ratchet, they're a latina.

No one cares, get a hobby.

Jow Forums here. If you come to Europe you'll look like a tanned spaniard with little negro mixed in. There are plenty of goys looking for that look.
You'll NEVER be white tho
t. Romainian

Look at it this way - you're feeling insecure, because some loser virgin manchildren on a taiwanese trap appreciation forum are glorifying white women.

To me, it looks like you're just seeking out the negative feelings yourself.

It's okay to be you the same way it's okay to be an incel who hates Latinas. Being alive is a too big of a miracle to waste it thinking bullshit thoughts.

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I know how you feel. I'm from Brazil and I feel like all us latinoamerica spics are all mutts if compared to those people (anyway, because we indeed are, genetically speaking). This "multiracialism is so great, yay!" meme has deprived us of solid ethnic backgrounds. Oh well.

Just stop browsing around Jow Forums for a bit, remember that all the race aryan shit talk is more of an internet meme. These people aren't that edgy or mean if you were to meet them IRL. Generally speaking, just don't look so often into the topic, take your head out of it. I also had this "phase" and nowadays I just don't give a shit.


>you are consider white in america
Dumb yuroshit