My aunt and I are having a conversation about how people nowadays have sex earlier than they did in the 1950s when she...

>my aunt and I are having a conversation about how people nowadays have sex earlier than they did in the 1950s when she was a kid
>I ask her how old she was whenever she lost her virginity
>I laugh, thinking it's just an odd joke
>"Hm? Is there something funny about the fact that your grandfather raped me when I was barely old enough to speak, Henry?"
>my ears start ringing, my vision dilates
>I have trouble making sense of the words she just spoke
>I just respond with "oh..."
>silence drags on for 30 seconds
>I know that I should end it, but I just can't bring myself to do so
>I'm too stunned
>her phone rings
>she excuses herself
>I change the subject to something else whenever she comes back

I... feel terrible. I had no idea she was raped by her father, so I was taken aback. I always loved my grandfather. This still seems so unreal.

Regardless of my feelings, though, this is reality. My grandfather raped my aunt when she was a toddler. She opened up to me about something so deeply personal, and I gave almost no response. She might think that I don't even care.

How do I apologize to her for my insensitivity?

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To be fair she kind of dumped that on you with no warning. Like how the fuck did she think that was a good idea to drop that shit on her nephew? Out of curiosity how old are you?

I'm 21 and she is 69. Born July 13th 1950.

Yeah man like it's horrible that happened to her but she can't expect a better response than what she got throwing it out like that. Like you're not her shrink.

Lel she liked it

Almost like raping a todler right?

You know this for fact? She might just be psychotic, Henry.

What is this even supposed to mean? Seriously if you're trying to get at what I think you're getting at I think you have brain damage

Yeah you're just a kid, because no one's taken that from you. Life is full of sorrow and your parents kept you innocent aka naive. Welcome to the real world it's going to get worse, so you better get tough. Now go back to her and ask if she wants to talk more about it. You are legally an adult. Act like it.

Uhh, thanks for the condescension, but I've been through plenty. That doesn't make the fact that my grandfather raped my aunt any less shocking.

Just apologise for the sentiment that you shouldn't have laughed like an autist since she wasn't making a joke and you didn't comprehend that from her composure.

I hate that sentiment, that people today are quicker to lose their virginity. Generations had spanned where girls were being sold off as young as 10 or even younger. We just have a choice most times now

Also you’re aunts a dick for that move


She was so tight, it gave gramps “brain damage” if ya know what I mean! Hahahahahahah!

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I'm sorry to hear this user. Try to approach her and just tell her that learning this upset you a lot and you didn't know how to react. Be truthful, tell her you're sorry this happened to her.

"Aunt, I don't know how to process what you told me. I don't want to pry, but if it would help you to talk about it I will try to listen and help"

This. But say it while your peenor

Say, “look, aunty. I understand I was a little heartless but I can make it up to you by letting you ‘rape’ me. I won’t feel anywhere near as big or tight as grandpa did but that’s the best I can do.”

can't believe this story you're telling me its macabre

Wtf at all the off-color jokes in my thread


You should have seen the color your aunt was when she was a virgin.

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Damn straight, when someone comes to you with fuck up shit you need to comfort them or at least address them. If you've been through some shit you should know better. Be better, because life sucks enough. Be better, for your aunt and for yourself.

Stop being a douchebag to OP.

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