Those who have "deep" or "thought provoking" conversations with their gf... what do you talk about?

Those who have "deep" or "thought provoking" conversations with their gf... what do you talk about?

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This has literally been impossible with every gf i had BUT not with my friends that were girls. I guess i have just chosen poorly. Still looking for gf who i can talk something that will actually engage and not just shit about what has happened and memes

Politics morality psychology. We argue all the time about these. I think I made a mistake. I want a gf similar to me or at least a submissive onr that I can mold to my liking

Usually movies or shows that we're watching.

We're in the midst of The Sopranos right now and we had a long conversation last week about whether Meadow was a sympathetic character or just Carmela in training.

I have a qt simple gf. She buzzes on nonstop about inane shit but it is at the same time deep and thought provoking because for everything anyone says you can ask "what do they mean by this?" Why do they mention certain people, events, places, actions. Amidst all of this noise what is the core of this thought? What is she feeling? Why did this combination of words fall through her teeth?

It's fun to pose back to her what seems like non-sequitors to see how she reacts and attempt to read her heart. It's similar to the feeling of pride you get when you are able to cleanly decipher your pet's various noises and poses. The bottom line is any set of words or sounds can be as deep as your interest in them.

Lots of stuff. The differences between small town and city living; the implications of "pleading the fifth" and similar catch-22s; the nuances of male and female media influences on children growing up; the piteous state in which adults place themselves despite ample resources to get out from those places.

It really depends too, we've been talking a lot about the NITW Dev becoming an hero, and lately feminists have been a hot topic. Always a fun topic-- what leads women to turn into someone like Zoe Quinn?

>thought provoking
Um I don't think so

Tbh I have a pretty shallow relationship with gf and its better that way. If you start getting to woke on her she'll think you are crazy and unstable.

I'm the girlfriend here, and from time to time I'll talk to my boyfriend about current events, our opinions on certain things/how they differ and tons of otherwise "deep" subjects. we have opposite perspectives on a lot of things, so we tend to learn from each other a lot.
we both absolutely cannot stand politics and we avoid that like wildfire though.

I'm dating a guy who I know god damn well is a political shit but he won't open up about it, or anything really. Like he's afraid he's going to scare me off with his opinions
I just want to debate a pointless topic ffs
Meadow broke the mold once she went to college and started fucking black dudes to piss off tony. If anyone is the parent clone it's anthony

I envy those who provide answers. My brain broke so now I just stay quiet, because everything leads to a fight. If I don't accept that she's right, then I being an Asshole.

I was in a similar situation with my gf and that is why I had to break up with her. I have so little time to live and I just couldn't waste it on a dumb pet, I crave a connection with a human being.

As a guy, I can't do politics; it always ends in 'but people just flat-out, deadass suck too goddamn much to be held to the kind of standard befitting a leader of the people,' and my girlfriend and I basically have to agree to disagree because there really isn't much further to go than 'we just have so much lost ground to recover at this point that we might as well just sort of quietly wait things out as the sideliners.'

Politics aren't all that fun to debate or discuss. Everyone's approach is flawed and these days, usually aimed at particular demographics. No politician in recent history has really made solid good on their campaign promises, leading campaign promises to be more like advertising; very articulately hand-picked shots of the product to entice you into thinking it's lacking in flaw. Then you're in the shitter with a sunk cost.

We'll usually be able to talk about certain things but we need a common starting point. Debating, for instance, the American candidates just boils down to, "Well, Trump won last time because nobody else would speak for white men, so..."
Although I like to bring the Yang Gang into that, people shit on him but I don't even care, NEET sleeper votes are absolutely priced at 1000$ a month and based Yang intends to pay that up. I'm interested in seeing how UBI works, because that has some far-reaching implications if AMERICA can make it habben.

But, for the most part, political debates are dead in the water. Everything's shit and you're being rolled under one thumb or the other. Thank Christ Hillary didn't win; Crooked Clinton being the first solid rep for a female prez in so many years, only to have her record besmirched so goddamn deeply, she'd have ruined the past 50 years of womens' rights movements. Shit, that might have given her successor means by which to suggest women SHOULDN'T have the vote. THAT'S a fuckin' debate, but that's all 'what-ifs' which is more discussion or theorycraft than debate.

I'm purposefully avoiding deep conversations on serious topics with my boyfriend because I don't want to argue.
I have found that avoiding confrontation makes our interactions dull.
I hate it, but I fear frustration and yelling even more than I hate the boredom of our dates.

Please, advice. Anything.
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We talk about race, religion, politics, genetics, evolution, biology, and others. I slowly introduced her to Hitler and national socialism and she keeps dropping redpills to her sisters now.

Do you think you'll argue about it because you know you two will have totally different opinions and be totally uninterested in being persuaded by one another or coming to an understanding through evidence or logic?

How do you guys ITT date people you can’t have thought provoking convos with or learn anything from???

What makes your female friends not gf material?

They're insecure so they only date vapid idiots so they can always feel superior and never be challenged.

It's lonely at the top. Only ~10% of the population is really capable of "deep" or "thought provoking" conversations.

My wife and I are teachers. We have many convos on behavior intervention, curriculum, and socioeconomic issues regarding child success in school.

nice album.

That’s what it sounds like to me

tfw no bf to discuss things with

I guess that's just it, unless I lose weight and pretty up

I can tell you that I talk with my friends about basic things such as books, movies, current national or global issues, but when we are really feeling it, we discuss religion, spirituality, psychology and morality, various interesting tinfoil theories, history, and often just very abstract things and what ifs. Granted, it's not quantum physics but I know many people who won't talk about anything that doesn't concern them personally. That, or pop culture.

Maybe start with something you know you disagree about but doesn't matter. Like maybe you both have different views of a movie?

spot on user

she's not really my gf (she probably doesn't even like me back or has just gotten bored of me not doing shit) but we like talking about the way the world has changed, about how shallow most of humans are, about how society makes life feel worthless n stuff

politics, though she’s not quite on my level. i have to constantly steer her away from basic bitch republicanism

i tell her she’s stupid and she agrees. in reality she attained a masters degree but she understands her role

not op but they don't usually like me back

What the fuck I literally just discovered this album and love it

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meadow totally wasn't carmella in training. she has tony's bood. she can take care of herself. carmella isnt independent at all

my wifes asian so it's pretty basic communications
i wish i could have an extra girlfriend without her going crazy

Work, books, poetry, philosophy, ethics, stream of tought based of daily small things, gossiping and overanalyzing the people in our social circle...errr, human nature studying