"sexual misconduct"

hi Jow Forums
I'm in pretty deep shit.
I'm a doctor and a beautiful patient of mine has filed an official complaint that I was unprofessional.
She complained I was too intimate with her when I asked her discreetly if she had a boyfriend and that she was beautiful.
now an investigation has been started.

How do I deal with this correctly.

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Will did you do those things

yeah I did, but in my point of view it wasn't that bad.

she writes that she felt very uncomfortable.

I don't believe you're a doctor. anyone who went through that many years of schooling cannot be this fucking retarded.

It doesn't matter what you think, if someone feels weaker than you they will strike at you. The fear is intense and irrational. Get a lawyer.

You're a fucking idiot and breached all the confidentiality and border type shit you aren't supposed to.

You'd be best to just lie about what happened and insist that you did nothing of the sort.

You are not a doctor. This is pretty fucking basic no-no for anyone that has done even a year in pre-med.


Did you forget the General Surgeon of John Hopkins ran for president and proudly announced that he told a mugger to rob the restaurant behind him as proof of his intelligence? That he knew there weren't that many people inside and that he could get away with it?

This, because retards deserve to have their liscenses revoked.

You should get fired. Don't hit on your patients you fucking sperg.

Look, Ben Carson said a lot of dumb shit.

Talk to a lawyer
You should specify that you did not mean beautiful, you meant in "good physical condition", but that when you said it, it was misinterpreted.
You should write that down too,
Also find a female friend to agree with you that in "good physical condition" was misinterpreted as beautiful.
Get a lawyer.
Maybe talk to a female close to you, like a cousin, but make it someone not too close in case they misunderstand.

Also even though op might be stupid, something seems odd with the girl to me.
I mean doctors are the richest, most knowledgeable guys around.
I'd think girls would like those things.
Is op really ugly? Or is the girl taken?

Get a lawyer and hope for the best.

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Be calm, get a lawyer and don't let a nasty little bitch ruin your life.
>She complained I was too intimate with her when I asked her discreetly if she had a boyfriend and that she was beautiful.
Were you too intimate with her, and if so how so? Details? Also, exactly what did you do wrong here, can you answer me that?

If there is no video/picture/recording/witnesses besides you and the girl deny deny deny. She could just be tryong yo sue for financial gain because she thinks she can not because she was offended. You are a doctor and people think doctors have money.

Don't hit on patients in general. Learn your lesson.

You just gotta seduce her. Go all in and start happening to “meet” her by chance in many places.

>Don't hit on patients in general. Learn your lesson.
shut the fuck up

why is this even illegal? it's not like he penetrated her

Because, as a society, we now draw the line at anything construed as sexual advancement from a medical practitioner. If you would draw the line at penetration that’s your own case to make.

I used to work in Title IX coordination at a couple universities before. And sexual misconduct cases are based more on impressions than expressions. i.e.: if an act is interpreted as sexual misconduct, not necessarily if it's intended. So you might want to go lawyers for advice.

>why is this even illegal? it's not like he penetrated her
That's my question.

This has to be a troll. No doctor would be unaware that doing something like this is bad.

See, that's why I usually hook up with my patients AFTER they have been treated. Granted, I work at a psych ward, so I have a month or so to get some seeds planted. Still, haven't that problem once and I fuck a new bipo girl on a monthly basis. Next time be smarter and cover your bases with plausible deniability

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If you're really a doctor and you really did that shit, there's only one question to determine how fucked you are: why did you do that?


Where have you been for the past 20 years? The rules have changed, and by contemporary standards your comments were indeed out of line.

With the advice of a lawyer, apologize and admit failure to realize and adjust to the changed rules.

Checked Satan. Also you're screwed even if you're actually innocent. Just pay her to go away. Never treat female patients alone next time.

>I work at a psych ward, so I have a month or so to get some seeds planted
Wowzer, you are literally scum

just get a lawyer, let them do the talking for you.

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how do I get a cute crazy gf?

you fucked up by being way too explicit
doctors get pussy all the time but that's because women approach them first

Your best bet is to lawyer up & claim you were only trying to make smalltalk, and whatever you do DONT TELL THEM YOU ASKED FOR ADVICE ON Jow Forums

OP is likely one of those ugly retard private practitioners.
Enjoy the public hanging of your buisness.


You cant have female patients in 2019. Too risky. Let them die.

I'll tale you later, within an hour or two, when I'm at home. I have a whole system worked out, kek