Hi, Im a girl

Hi, Im a girl
I literally went to a normal nerd to a kinda e-girl bc idk how to handle guys.
A guy raped me and now idk how to have a normal friendship with an opposite-sex-being, i feel like i need to show my body to get the necessary attention to talk to someone, i feel useless, i just want to be normal, never talked about this to anyone cuz guys actually think i enjoy sending my nudes but actually i hate it, sometimes when i masturbate i cant cum cuz i start to cry so hard.
I cant feel comfortable with a guy.
What to do?
My parents wont let me go to the psychologist.

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Have any female friends you could talk to about it? Might help you realize what you need to do in this situation

If you send me your nudes I'll tell you.

>won't let me
Well they won't have that option forever and honestly, they don't really have it now if you can get IN to the system. Once you're in, they're going to get in huge shit if they fuck with you.

That said are you worried about being put on ICE? Because that's a whole 'nother can of worms.

get supportive girl friends that can help you get some confidence back, try to see a psychologist without your parents knowing. guys will probably walk over you even if its not purposefully

You need to be 18 to be on here young lady

Move out, go to a psychologist. You need to take back your life.

jesus christ

She actually dont understand, shes having her first experience now with such a good guy, she was carefull in her life, kinda happy she doesnt understand

I cant i need to finish school before moving out

Im not underage man tf, i live with my parents cuz im still in school and i cant move out until i finish

Im habituated to this kind of ppl

I dont think i understand what you just write, probably i am the stupid here but can you rewrite this please?


Then tell me your discord name#tag

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I dont have enough money rn to go without my parents knowing, and as i said before my best friend (she is a girl) cant understand me

From a guys pov I’d say just take 5 and don’t get involved sexually w someone for a while, finding a good group of friends is probs the best route to take before tryna lay on the added stress of finding someone to get involved with

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oh man, i hope you tried to punch and kick shit out of him, did you use your nails and teeth on the guy?
Did you yell the whole time for him to stop the whole time?
How many inches was guy dick? 5,5.5,6,6.5,7 Guess.
Was he big muscular guy?
Did you get bruises, and your blood from fighting all over your body?
> i feel like i need to show my body to get the necessary attention to talk to someone
h t t
p s : / /
u n see
.cc /
try this, set to 10 minutes, include paper with time written on it, and send link here.
So you put your body out to guys, like a sex worker, but your the victim?

It's not right that if the girl shows her body the post is proven right,
But if she doesn't show her body, it proves her post about needing to show her body was fake and basically everything she said at top of thread was a lie as well, proving that post made above this one right even more.
It's lose lose.

Actually i have a bf he know that im fucked up pretty much but he actually dont know about the rape

dude your fucking tapped. Kys

He was a friend of mine actually... i just cried, i asked him to stop, i pulled him away from me multiple times.
He is 190cm per 80kg c.a. im 160cm per 70kg c.a. How i was supposed to stop him? His dick is 19cm, and yes i get bruises and rope shit on my fucking body are you happy? Why all these fucking question? Tf man i guess now you are satisfed im not one of these stupid slut who lie about being raped

Im not a sex worker
Its just like i want ppl to not insult me, and give me kind of positive attention, so if you want me to show my boob here you are now can we talk about my problems? Also im not pretty i dont have big boobs my body its really ugly

They'll never trust you. Don't try and prove anything to them. It breaks a persons sense of reality to be accused of rape, I don't think in the same way. Most accused rapists are losers with bad reputations, ie most people on this site. I don't know what a rapist looks like, but I know what an accused rapist looks like. A dirty man without an alibi.

Jow Forums tells me that its spam

Thank you i actually feel like someone understand me

What happened was not your fault.

>feels need to show body and feels useless
I understand as a fem that also got raped. Shit is fucking hard and makes you feel like trash. You need to sit down and talk it out with yourself, not in a "listen here idiot" kind of way. I really recommend talking to a professional, but from what i understand it's not an alternative for you. You should try online psychologist alts or look up self help articles/books/sites, some are probably karen-schemes tho so pinch of salt. Not to be a redditfag but reaching out to a community of people that have experienced the same this as well might be more helpful than asking a forum of 4fags.

>parents wont let me go to psychologist
There are online psychologists (apps and websites) that you can try, most should be free and fairly anonymous.

I agree with lobster user. Find a good group of friends, usually people that make you feel safe. Take some space from nudes and stuff and just give yourself some time and space to deal with what happened.

What user said.

Not that user, but your parents can't control you once you're a legal adult.
You might be able to get help now, but if you're worried about having to temporarily stay in a facility, that's a complication. I doubt it'd happen, but I don't know your situation.

>I dont have enough money rn to go without my parents knowing
They are assistance programs for this kind of situation.

so did he go to prison?

First and foremost it wasnt your fault.

I get the feeling maybe these people were nice to you and you just wanted to be nice back and had the wrong idea of friendship currency.

Trauma causes perverted morals. You have to believe in a friendship that your currency is your ability to listen and be empathic and funny and smart and every other thing where your appearance and body doesnt matter.

Be careful of people wanting your body as payment in some sort of friendship.

They should care about your well being and be encouraging amd happy for you when you have reason to be happy.

You are worth everything and more, your body is not a currency.

It's not fair bros, why do rapists get female friends when I can't?

Because you aren't attractive.

Welcome brother.

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If you are a women you don't NEED to be friends with guys. Just stick to having boyfriends when you are ready. You really shouldn't have put yourself in the position to get raped in the first place, but sometimes we get dealt shitty cards and you gotta play with what you have.


But you can’t finish can you sexually

Thank you, really user thank you

Actually im pretty strange in relationship with other ppl and i need someone like me to feel comfortable and its difficult to find a girl that can understand me instead of criticize me, also is awful when you tell this to another girl and then she wont talk with you anymore.
With guys sometimes i find someone that sincerely dont want me to show my body and i feel like its strange but i apprecciate.
So to me finding a some kind of animefag and pc player is easier searching between boys


Have you tried suicide?

Maybe next year i can do all of this things cause im moving 350km+ away and they will never know

Add a question mark after can you. Cuz you can’t cum anymore.


Yes and im so bad that i failed also in this...

It doesn’t matter and wasn’t really that funny just mean.

why not?
also can I be your friend?

could I have the chance to hold you? I think it could heal us both, if just a bit.

Huh, get your BPD ass out of here, you attention seeking whore

>His dick is 19cm
Hot damn gurl, you fucking scored!!!!! ding ding ding ding ding, another one for the team! Srsly now, TIts or gtfo!

>i feel like i need to show my body to get the necessary attention to talk to someone

probably objectively true but men willingly delude themselves into finding plain girls attractive because biology duh so you're ok

>lanklet vs fat midget
That must've been quite the sight


I would be ur fren, but I'm a guy.

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