19 yr old F...

19 yr old F, Been with bf year and a half but don’t see our future working out since I want to move to the US and he wants to stay in UK for his medical degree...
Do I follow my love or my life dream ?
Also, how do I potentially move on from him since I’m no longer a pure traditional virgin girl :(

I know it sounds dumb but I feel dirty at the thought of being someone who has multiple sexual partners... but at the same time I can’t stay stuck in this point in life because of this ...

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You feel dirty and you should for all the people you've judged. You have no idea what happened in their lives. Stay with him, we don't need any more judges in the U.S.

Not judging others! Just conflicts with my morals to sleep with multiple people.. maybe I’m just young

You've asked this before and I'm disappointed you haven't made a decision.

You're 19. Like it or not love right now is temporary no matter how real it feels. If you don't go, and you guys break up for a different reason, you're going to feel real dumb for not following you're life dream

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You're really young. Stay with him through med school and he can move to the US with you and be a doctor there later. You have options for getting to the US. A good partner is much much much harder to find. First love is special, and if it's a healthy relationship and a good match you should try to work on it and keep it going as long as possible and see where it can take you. It's not something you can get back if you end it on a whim.

>a 19 year olds life dream

You don't love him anymore you are fantasizing an escape.

Look at you, feeling dirty about having multiple partners. But excited right? You're thinking about it right?

That picture you? You're fine, hey, actually yeah come to the US. Get some 56% dick, we need more racks like that.

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Well, that's like saying you'll never be pure of tastebud again because you tried a food you don't like. Sure, the metaphor falls a little flat but let's be very real here, the idea of someone finding one-and-only in a partner is rare; that's not just because people change, but also because you wouldn't REALLY know what you liked without trying it first... right?

Your purity lost is kind of a deal unto itself, but really the mentality is what people are gonna be after. Knowing you're not just out to ride the carousel, you know?

Friendly reminder a gay around here claimed to have downed 48 partners starting at age 13, so you know, in case you wondered how far down the bottom of the barrel really is...

I'm gonna answer this in the same way people talk about having kids. I don't have kids (thank god), but parents always say something along the lines of "of course I wouldn't change a thing NOW, but if I could go back in time I would have waited."

I got married when I was 18. 10 years later, and I'm still married to the same guy. We're happy now, but holy shit, it was hard being that young and trying to build a life together. No one should settle down that young.

My advice would be to gently break up with your boyfriend (face to face, don't be a pussy) and then go explore the world. Get a feel for what you like, because right now you have no idea. Who you are now will not be who you are 5 years from now. Right now, the world truly is your oyster. You're 19 for fuck's sake!

As far as your sexual experience goes, no one will bat an eye at you not being a virgin at 19. It might even come as a relief to your future partners, because that's a lot of pressure. But don't just go whoring around, either. Be smart and safe and try to avoid one night stands.

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just dump him. think of all the foreign guys you can hook up with, then when you come back to the uk you can get in contact with your ex and get back together. He'll appreciate it

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You make some good points but
>parents always say something along the lines of "of course I wouldn't change a thing NOW, but if I could go back in time I would have waited."
I do not hear this IRL, even as a woman talking seriously and having emotional conversations with venting mothers. They say other stuff, but never that they would have waited to have kids unless they were unplanned. I've only ever heard stuff like this from literal teen moms or read it online from bitter type A mommy bloggers.


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This exact shit was posted about a week ago.
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why would you want to move to that dump :/

this is one of my bigger fears..
finally a meeting a girl i want to spend my life with and then she moves somewhere else because she has bigger desire in life.
Even being cheated on will hurt less than just being left behind.

I don't know what's the best thing to do here OP. But if i were in your bf's position I would be really hurt if you decided to go.

holy fuck, stop corrupting young women.
You are literally enabling her to become a whore, 5 years from now after she is done riding the CC no one will want her.

Bullshit, user. People who only want to date virgins are not worth her time, she should 100% explore and do what every normal human her age does.

follow your studies. My mother has left school at your age to stay with my father and ended up pregnant at 20, fucking her own life up

fuck off.
You are too shortsighted to see you own position in life.
Of course after 10 years your relationship is going great, but it just happen to be that relationships take time to grow and mature. You were lucky to find a guy that would settle for you when you were 18, but do you honestly believe it would have been better, easier or even possible to achieve that if you had been 10 years older? that's just absurd.

Traveling the world and taking all the dick you can manage sounds good on paper, but at the end of the day those are just mundane pleasures that will eventually become fading memories as time goes by. A good relationship is priceless and will last you the rest of your fucking life.

Your advice is literally the worst advice anyone could give to a young woman.

Young women don't give a shit about relationships, fucking jump off a bridge op

>don’t see our future working out
>Do I follow my love?

This better be bait, bitch.

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Very few first relationships last. If you are not happy then break up. Happens to everyone.

This US is a great place to embrace your whoredom. BBC and pimps are everywhere. Just don't put any of your fucks in social media so you can get back with your bf once you feel the need for a beta provider.