So anons

so anons....
How was your guys day?
tell me about it im all ears
let ya feels out man

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It sucked bad. I was left with so much work that was supposed to be done in a day or two but it's so much it will take at least a week. My boss critized my work in front of my co-workers as if it wasn't a draft, my reputation with my co-workers wasn't even good to begin with.
Still effected by my marriage proposal being turned down 2 months ago

I woke up, ate breakfast, and went into a narcoleptic slumber, woke up again, and watched a few movies so it was okay except the movies weren't that good.

Went to my uni to buy some books saw that a party was going on felt bad hasn't been to uni party once. Went home fapped

Embarrassing, I couldn't even do a fucking squat with 45lbs. And I got the wrong short size so I had to sit out for after school training. Shit made me want to kill myself

threw my bike out of pure rage and now the front wheel is fucked
then i smoked weed and was couchlocked all day watching tv and browsing here
nasty mood swings. i really need to stop smoking weed but i have literally nothing to do

I don't want to be with him. So somehow I need to tell him. And I'll be alone again.

Just got back from my first day of my new job. I don’t really like the food that we sell, shit is that gonna get me fired?

do it user whats the worse that can happen

Realized just how much of a fuck up i am. Depression relapse and constant anxiety all day. Didn't do anything on my to-do list. IRL friend ignore my messages. Online friends don't care either. No discord servers with active voicechats and I'm craving social interraction. Watching a new streamer to fill the void.

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Just got my drivers license today at 23 years old, today was a good day

well youre not alone in that a lot of people are like that, including myself. have some solace in that

I feel like shit. Yesterday was my fucking birthday (No longer a 22 year-old virgin).

A piece of shit faggot dumped a litter of newborn kitten on the street, in a fucking garbage bag.

I took them, fed them, washed them and tried to keep them warm.

Went to fucking college, where nobody talks to me and where I'm failing in all of my classes.

Well, I return home and all of the kitten fucking died today.

So yeah. That was my shitty day. I'm going to go mad, user. I want to fucking kill myself.

if he's an asshole, shoot him a text. "we're over." then block his number.

if he's NOT an asshole, meet him at starbucks or someplace lowkey but public and break up face-to-face. give an honest but short explanation, maybe stick around long enough to answer a couple of questions, but bail quickly thereafter. if he tries to obsessively call/text after that or if he insists on "staying friends," gently tell him that you'd rather have your space. I know from experience that it's not fun feeling guilty, but it would be more cruel to lead him on.


I'm sorry to hear this user. You are a good and kind-hearted person for taking the kittens in. Young ones are very fragile and they could have died from prolonged exposure, or some undetected illness, so don't blame yourself for that. Regardless, you did good. I wish you well.

I made a group of like 4 friends on my 5th day of college we played soccer and ping pong after class

u are a legend user, fuck the dudes that dont talk to you, happy late birthday lets go find the bastard that dumped out the new borns and burn his house down

I just can't seem to keep the conversation going between me and this girl I like who I think also likes me.

me too dude, im in that exact situation, shes shooting me signals but idk how to advance or keep a convo, try buying her favorite chocolate bar and giving it to her maybe she'll catch the drift

I'm going to give you some unwarranted advice right now as a guy who has graduated college years ago. If you think they are good people, make those 4 friends your best friends for the entirety of college and do everything you can with them as well as get them to do everything they can with you. You'll thank me when you graduate and have 4 lifelong friends who made many memories together instead of having a bunch of friends on a shallow level.

I regret not sticking it out with my core friend group from the start. Instead I joined a fraternity my sophomore year and got involved in a lot of heavy drinking with people that I probably wouldn't even consider to be friends if we weren't in the same fraternity. Looking back I should have tried to get all of my core freshmen friends to rush with me.

My junior year was spent mostly isolated from all of those people anyway and not one of them would text me to come over to a party. But I would still hang out with my freshman friends occasionally.

Basically treat every day like tomorrow doesn't exist.

Oh well. Live and move on.

Proud of you :)

Finally did it! 3 months of being a call center fag and sucking up to my step-parents. I am able to buy parts for a real decent PC, Can't wait for it to arrive.

I sent a text to a girl who I went out with the other day. It was one of the best dates I've ever had...she hasn't responded in the last 12 hours.

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if she doesn't respond its her loss, at least you had a great time and its all that matters

What a fucking Chad. You did a good thing regardless.

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>go to class
>end up looking stupid in front of everyone
>go home sad and sleep

Exactly. How do I advance without coming off as creepy?

My mom is in the middle of a bipolar episode and kept asking my dad to buy a car but he said no. She started yelling and ran into the car and started backing it out of our driveway (she’s ordered by doctors to not drive or use stove). My dad wasn’t doing shit so I tried to stop her then got yelled at by the rest of my family. I actually want to die lol.

Hey OP you are cool, thanks for hearing us out. No need to reply to this post.
I've been thinking about killing myself all day and about how my parents don't really love me because they don't want me to get psychological help (I once did, quite against their will, then I stopped because it wasn't working and they got mad at me). I'm feeling way more suicidal every day and I'm scared of jumping into a bus or something. It doesn't help that it's really cold here.
I'm transgender like 99% of the internet population. My parents hate that of course. I still live with them at age 26 because I can't afford to move out.
My dad is having some problems with his job lately, my mom has problems with her mother. Both are the kind that don't believe in depression and have called me a failure for being depressed and for being transgender and attracted to men, even though I've never been with a man (or with a woman anyway).
I decided I need to do something about my life and since my parents are just obstacles I'm trying to hang in there until October which is when I take a week off from work and so do they, and they will probably go on vacation. I gave up on trying to talk to them and I'm afraid of talking to other people I know. I'm trying to hang in there but it's so hard, everything triggers my depression and suicidal thoughts.

I'm so FUCKING tired of intentional feeders on league of legends

Fuck this post made me happy, congratulations user!!!!!!!! Driving is one of those little things that always makes me at least a bit hopeful. I hope you get to enjoy it to the max

*Also, join some fucking clubs and intramurals. It's the last time before you're a real adult that you'll have so many people similar to you in age and interests in a controlled environment. Once you're in the real world you'll have to fight to find stuff like that. In college it's all laid out for you.

Invited my childhood crush to eat in my house (both 17 so just chilling with my family and her)

Went great, but we are just best friends so any love/emotion is probably false and this bullshit is destroying me.

This post reminded me of when I was 17 and used to post here for the first times, I think it was back when Jow Forums was first created. I wish I could go back in time and not make the mistakes I made.
Good luck with the girl user, you seem cool.

Pretty good, like most days desu

Worked a lot. I feel quite sad nowadays... my ex broke up with me months ago and I'm not over her. I haven't met/dated/kissed/fucked with any other girl during all of this time - I don't really feel like it. Worse yet I know it's because I wouldn't be able to handle the rejection.

I installed Bumble thinking on giving online dating a shot but I realized I have no pictures where I am by myself. I couldn't bring myself to take a selfie because I look like shit anyway so I gave up on it.

Oh and there's this girl I barely know that is kind of cute in a class I go to and I'm starting to feel attracted but not really... I feel it's just loneliness.

Thanks! It's kinda strange since we got it off so well. I've never had an experience quite like it even though I've had plenty of good dates.

I'm just kind of confused now.

DO NOT LOSE HOPE, im extremely happy i could help out just a little bit, if you ever feel sad or want to die remember that im rooting for you to push on and forget those thoughts, best wishes

Good day :). Nice weather, couple laughs, read some interesting shit, good convo, good lunch...

Thanks user, you rule

Just want to get better at reading. I'm trying to study some shit and I don't understand a word

I've just been very lonely. I broke things off with a girl I'd been talking to for several months because she was asexual and I didn't see things working out in the long run.

I also had something of a spat with the online group of friends I had until a few months ago as well and although I've tried to smooth things out they don't really seem to have any interest, so I decided to just try and move on.

I spent the weekend with my best friend, and I had a pretty good time, but I still just feel this loneliness that's really starting to weigh hard on me. I don't really make friends easily since I'm riddled with social anxiety, and I don't really gel with the kind of shitpost heavy Discords and such that are posted on here.

I just need some kind of meaningful connections and to feel wanted. I want to meet sincere people and build some real relationships with them. I just worry I'll fuck it up and I don't really know where to turn.

Also feeling slightly frustrated as I'm stuck in NEET hell as I tried to kill myself in January and I've been unable to find work since. I've not been taking my meds properly because I'm feeling so down and my counselor doesn't really seem to have anything helpful to say even though I've been going for about two months now, which I guess is in part due to me just not having any idea what I want to do with my life and not having motivation and just generally feeling out of place. Been feeling pretty severely depressed and suicidal today and I don't really know what to do about it.

So yeah. It's been a rough day emotionally. I just don't wanna feel like this anymore.

went out in the evening to do some sports. I'm not doing shit in my life and I don't have no one.

i know that feeling, user. Loneliness fucks you up

Don't worry about it. Was the first date? People have their own lives before committing to a relationship, it can take time before you get swift responses.
12 hours yeah that's kind of long. Give a day and see if she gets back to you. Double message if you want after a while.

I'm sure she'll text you back. You just have to be patient. Don't be silly, send her another short text only if she doesn't reply in a couple days

don't blame yourself for that. You did a really good thing. I'm sorry for your loss and I just wanted to tell you happy late birthday fren. Cheer up man, life will get better

29 years old, I still live with my parents and played classic wow for most of the day

Woke up late. Emotionally and physically exhausted from realizing I'm a retarded self centered idiot.

I'm in love for real but I can't shake this feeling something else was going on.

Wish I knew the truth. Working on getting a job/income anf being a better person instead of a burden.

Something as simple as minimum wage and going outside once a day would be an improvement and in 32.

If I can do it anyone can

You don't have one?
Life is what you make it.
Make it better

I'm tired of waking up every day and only thinking about how inadequate I am. Another day, go to work, hate it, get home, eat, go to the gym, keep stalling in every lift, get home, play some wow, fall asleep thinking about how I'm 26 and I haven't done anything with my life either as an accomplishment or a relationship, then start again.

I'm so fucking tired. I wish i just had a fucking collision commuting to work already

So uh, I rarely do this on the chan, I'm more of a lurker type.
I'm worried because I kinda fucked it at work. I was supposed to watch something over along the new guys (I have a eyar on this job) and we let it pass inadvertently. I still think it wasn't this serious but suddenly phones started too ring around in our change shift, so I don't know how it went. More relaxed now but I don't like to leave my coworkers like that.

On other matters, I think I'm growing uh, like suicidal? But not that serious. English is not my first language so I lack the proper words. I live alone and loneliness is not an issue for me, I'm happy with what I have, but I'm more and more unhappy and unnerved around the world I live in. I'm not a saint by far, not the smartest for sure and there's a lot of nice people out there, but the thing is that "out there" doesn't mean "on the top". The people who handles *everything* are rigged and greedy. Yeh, I know it sounds cliché and edgy lordmaster but I can't shake the feeling. With that feeling, I grow too an untying feeling around this same world.

Aaaand I don't know if this will suffice. I can keep on it or whatever, I don't know how this works.

i've been talking to a cute young girl at work for the past few shifts, and she seems to enjoy my company. there's not a lot to do in the downtimes, so we played some card games and watched some bs on tv, talked about a lot of stuff and teased each other a bit
all in all i'd say we had about 30 hours of one-on-one time at this point, it's been pretty fun all around

however, it's been a couple of days since then, and the feels have hit me hard again
loneliness, hopelessness, despair even - i mostly managed to repress those in the past year, but it's all resurfacing again now that the brain remembers that it's supposed to be social and seek out relationships
this reminds me of how worthless i am to anybody, most of all myself, and how i can't really do anything about it and... let's just say it keeps me up for many hours each night and i don't have anyone to help me calm down, only myself - a miserable lonely crying little bitch all alone and unable to cope

feels bad, man

Fucking shit.
Boss yelled at me over bs logbook entries that I got wrong during an extremely stressful moment, and with no assistance from anyone else to help. Honestly I hate fuckers who expect perfection. I basically exploded back at him. For some reason that morning I woke up with a 0 fucks given attitude and he started going at me so I exploded on him. He's a condescending prick that states I'm somewhere else but no here even doe I worked from 4 am till 4pm. Quite frankly after I exploded with rage at him I gained his respect in a weird sense. Up on till that point I was quite enough and did my work I can't understand why fuckers have to invade my work space all the time. I don't take shit from anyone anymore. Anyway how's everyone else getting on?

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I teach middle school. The best that my weekday can normally be is "I didn't think about committing sudoku today."

Not sure if things can get better atm, I had a bad paranoid episode yesterday and it hasn’t gone away (they usually only last about 3 hours), my treating mental health team have recently offhandedly mention I may have schizophrenia, but they say there’s no consensus on a diagnosis, even though it’s been 3 years...(I’ve had other symptoms but they were minor compared to this episode and I’m currently medicated). I don’t want to go to hospital, mainly because I’m not sure how they treat psychotic patients/people

The fact that I haven’t interacted/spoken to anyone my own age (I’m 23) in close to 7 years is starting to really bother me, and the possible illness situation doesn’t help one bit. It’s the job of the only person I regularly interact with to make sure I’m “okay”, I don’t know how else to put it... they are like a support person that helps you plan and do things that would benefit you, but I fear what I have is worse than depression, which leads to almost not motivation and extreme apathy/anhedonia.

To make things worse, I have recently taken up drinking to help distract myself from my current “reality”.

So my day is the same every day, wake up eat the same thing for breakfast, sit on my computer until I can’t bare that, walk around the house aimlessly until I have to eat again then wait until “bedtime” comes around. Just add the other stuff i mentioned above into the “bedtime” routine as of late.