Be hornier than usual for like a month straight

>be hornier than usual for like a month straight
>have sub tendencies, could get off just from sucking dick
>husband has zero (0) sex drive lately
>turns down blowjobs, laughs off my advances like I'm just being cute
>I get hit on by customers at work every day so I don't believe I'm hideous
>haven't gained weight (think I may have actually lost some. I don't have a working scale but my jeans are looser and coworkers have made comments that I look thinner)
>I absolutely do not think he's cheating on me
>he doesn't seem to be depressed, is upbeat and talkative like usual. we still have fun together and other aspects of our life have been going rather well. he was just promoted to a position he's been after for a while and I recently got a raise
What the fuck is going on? Why won't he fuck me?

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he's tired of your pussy

Talk to him, not in the "WE REALLY NEED TO TALK" way but just genuinely ask him without a lot of buildup.

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Maybe he’s gay

sadly, this might just be the case.
I'll try this in a few minutes. I don't like heavy-handed convos either, so I'll just casually ask if there's anything new he'd be interested in trying and go from there, I guess.
nah, I've seen his porn history.

Tell him to stop watching porn.

ask him to find you a bull since he isn't willing to fulfill his duty as your partner.

lose more weight and be more girly/feminine

Spotted the cuck

Conversation, mate

Or just pull you pants down and tell him to eat or you'll find someone else who will

Well what’s his porn history?

>Husband watch porn
That why, he getting it off on his own. He doesn't need you if you let him watch porn to satisfy his sexual needs

Talk to him seriously about the porn.

Make sure he doesnt feel emasculated because you got a raise and stuff.

As a guy, sometimes the sexiest thing a woman can do has nothing to do with looks. Having a woman say something as simple as 'I really want you to fuck me' can make a cold engine fuckin supercharged.

Good luck user

>As a guy, sometimes the sexiest thing a woman can do has nothing to do with looks.

t. Boomer

If this thing came in and said that your engine wouldn't be running grandpa

Arousal is 99% looks

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t. erectile dysfunction fuckboy

Did you get lost on your way to Twitter? My gf is actually attractive so I don't have to have the dumb bitch talk to fuck her

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Ask him.

My sister went through something similar, turned out to be a pretty severe case of depression and shit. They didn't make it but she's not a very empathetic person.

Is he exhibiting any sexual dysfunction? What have you done to try to get him to fuck you? Have you asked what the problem is? Tell him this is important to you. He should be communicative.

>What the fuck is going on? Why won't he fuck me?
I say it's the pornography. Your situation has happened to a lot of people and pornography has generally been found right down there by the roots of the problem.

i don't mean to worry you but if what you say is true then something's really wrong. it just doesn't sound right at all. i am a young man and i have not been married all i can tell you is good luck

Has he had a medical exam recently? Lack of sex drive can be a byproduct of some (possibly minor) physical ailment.

>nah, I've seen his porn history.
And you're wondering why he's not touching you? Are you stupid?

How old is he? My drive started to fall around 30 but it comes and goes. Life stress is a big contributer to my loss. Get some Viagra and slip it into his applesauce

>gets off to the thought of other women
>not sure why he won’t fuck me

This kinda, the capacity for men to want to hide their problems up til and after breaking point is pretty amazing. And their breaking point can be pretty bad.

He needs to stop watching porn. That's probably the problem

Rape him

>Has he had a medical exam recently? Lack of sex drive can be a byproduct of some (possibly minor) physical ailment.
or med. I say it's the porn.

most people in relationships are retarded, because they meet and bond over a couple things and then boom - married. you're discovering your sexual self and he's over here like "yeah that's right, i've got a job and a girl, i don't need anything"

most men don't understand intimacy because they were raised by their fathers

i think your daily/weekly/etc. desire to sexually interact with your partner is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship

so in my opinion, he doesn't care, and you should be with someone who understands you

literally this