Should I drop the conversation here and let her get back to me on her own pace...

Should I drop the conversation here and let her get back to me on her own pace. I find less to be more but if any of you successful anons have a good idea on what to write I would appreciate your input.

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>Kind of all over the place

Yeah, drop this shit.

Dont let that fool you she is invested. For every two sentences I say I get a wall of text like pic related.

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Don’t let those fool you. I’m a guy, but I have certainly done what she’s doing to girls that I put lower on my fucklist. I’ll sporadically display interest and apology rapidly but I hardly mean it. I’m not fucking with you bro. She could still be faking interest. Like shes only slightly interested in you

I appreciate your honesty. I was seeing this situation with rose tinted glasses. Time to find another mark i guess.

Not enjoying how flighty the other gender is.

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Just remember that you don't deserve anything less than someone who wants to be with you and has a sense of urgency to do so. It's not easy to find but continue improving yourself as you meet other people and you'll get there.

Thanks user. Ill think of that while I hit the iron today.

How do you treat women that lower themselves on your fuck list when they do shit like this?

You're the needy one in the text, therefore you can't win. Drop that convo and spit her out. Cool the mark, fix attitude. Then, when she returns, pump it hard and then dump it. Not worth it.

Give it a couple days and pick a date. Say "x on saturday?" Or whatever. Which prompts her to respond with more detail about her schedule

Lol, OP would get ghosted dat way. *dabs* *Quavo's voice* "Migos in the building" Have you listened to their new song Frosted Flakes? It's pretty good.

Drop her. If she's into you, she'll make time. Busy means fuck off.

If a girl says she's sick, give them one more chance, then drop it.

But at least he knows she's not interested.

I mean, it's clear she isn't anyway, but that message would at least make it final if OP really wants to message her.

This. Don't waste your time with someone who isn't eager to be with you.

Sorry bro, but if a girl actually wants to meet up, she'll pencil you in, even if she's giving the impression that she's sooooooo busy.
No one's too busy for people they are very interested in. Brutal pill to swallow, but saved me a lot of time when talking to girls.

soft next her (just let her be the next one to text and stay in respond-only mode until you meet up again) and treat her like a fuck buddy

you can’t trust her yet, but there’s also no reason to distrust her. assume she’s fucking other dudes unless you find out otherwise

my opinion, seems like an excitable one to keep around. hope she’s a 7 or above for you

As an addendum to this guy, girls (and guys!!) who want it to work, will push for it to work.


you guys are overreacting. it’s obvious they haven’t been seeing each other long, which means you don’t need to treat this like a trusting relationship

he can keep a door open and if she wants to meet up, and if he has time he can do that. no need to burn a bridge just because she (might) be pursuing another dude. there’s always a large enough chance that she should actually be doing homework instead of chasing dick right now. besides, holes are holes

I'm not overreacting, you are; all I said is that people who want something to work out will work toward it.
You don't really want to date someone when A) they haven't got time or energy for you, B) they expect you to do all the heavy lifting and C) they won't work with you. The vague, listless replies of "sometime" in so many words just means one is working harder to please the other and that's not super great until you're deep into dating.

And then you chase with "holes are holes" which is hilarious because the rest of your post is somewhere between social justice warrior and high schooler (which aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, I guess).

oh so i’m debating a literal retard

maybe you don’t understand women today also think they can play games to try and appear as if they’re not needy. i don’t think OP is asking if this girl is someone he should marry, so why the fuck are you commenting on how weak their bond is?

no one is burning bridges senpai, just telling OP he should lay low with her, you're the one over reacting
if she wants to fuck or date OP, she would make the time for it, homework is kind of a bullshit excuse

Sending that message makes him look desperate and like he can't take a hint. He would just drop her and see if she sure come around. Doubtful, she does though.

Not him, but girl is definitely not interested in hanging out again, to try to force it is a waste. And yea, the bond is weak to nonexistent, op would figure whites elsewhere. If she hits him up in the meantime, great, but op needs to put that energy where there will be payoff.

He's asking if she's worth the effort and she's not. A runaround just to get some pussy is a fucking chore, and trying to genuinely invest in someone whose scheduling format is "sometime in the nebulous future" is either too busy or too uninterested to date OP.

Like I said, which caused you two conniptions now: if they want it to work, they'll work for it. Humouring idiots who want to play mind games to get where they're going in life is how you end up with someone who's got an excuse for literally anything you could possibly bring to them.

Now pipe down, Sparky, you're an embarrassment.

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that’s why i say soft next

that’s a no effort scenario that still allows her to come around whenever on fuck buddy status

we’re all basically saying the same thing in different ways

>roundabout hard
So why'd you have to go and spaz about it, fag?

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OP here. Thanks for the replies. I like the input so far. I am going to go into reply mode and see if she will take the initiative(unlikely) and text back when shes free.

Dont get your time wasted is the name of the dating game. Good lesson to learn early.

Posting more texts so you guys can get a better scope. Feel free to critique but know that I am learning to talk to girls/approach after being a basement dweller for some odd years.

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i’ll dumb it down

>soft next
>may as well let her offer pussy
>pussy is pussy
>user calls you a SJW

then you have a low enough aptitude to call me a retard. you really can’t fix stupid. best of luck sweaty

during the soft next/reply mode don’t feel like you’re married to this broad. keep fishing for others

You did your part now. Don't text her before she initiates contact again and proposes a meeting.
If she doesn't respond, forget her. If she does but keeps it stupid and superficial, you're friendzoned.
It is really that simple. See her as gone and you won't be disappointed.

Easy with the victim complex, fren.
>Don't get your time wasted
Attaboy. You're already there. Find a chick who wants your time and proceed. Leave these chicks around. You don't need to excommunicate her, but spending time and effort actively is going to burn you out if you keep chasing chicks like this.

In the future, you could abide my rule: I give them two shots out of generosity, as I know life sucks and creeps up. But if you go to make plans on a third date and she's just repealing you with shit, just remember the golden rule.

If they want it to work, they'll work toward it.

I am, of course, assuming you're not just in it for easy sex; if you are I'm not sure why you're even tolerating entire walls of text, just find a chick who'll get to the wham-bam. Pussy's a renewable resource, so while a good partner is a diamond in the rough, easy pussy is a diamond dozen. You get it?

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Just work hard in what you want to do, dude. Whether that be lifting, school, your career. Girls'll come and see that. But, of course, don't do everything for that single end; it's for you.

Personally and recently, I've dealt with that bullshit, as well. And a majority of this (and about everything else), is the degree of your reaction. You control (and moderate) the reaction, and you control its impact.

Weird question but is there a certain way you should act/approach a girl you're talking to? I just act myself but girls usually stop talking to me

She flakes on you already? Lmao take the hint man.

Lol this isn't true at all. If your an engineer or something uncool you still need to seek them out

Also want this answered.

keep acting yourself. eventually you’ll learn


Yeah I have no idea why she has a guys name

He told he does this too right? It's not genders it's people. The reason women seem so crazy is that you friends are men who date women. If you heard all the shit your friends have pulled from their exs you wouldn't believe it without evidence.

You mean everyone ever. Men having been whining about the new women just as long as people have been complaining new media will rot your brains. Incase you don't know this can be traced back to the invention of the printing press. Not even fucking kidding, look it up.

When I make arrangements with a dude they shop up no issue. But I only get this type of bs from girls. I will give you credit in one area though. Older women dont play these stupid games.