Guys at work are nice to me

>guys at work are nice to me
>help me with my work, eat lunch with me, and other things
>tell them i have a bf
>they suddenly lose interest

how do I meet a guy who likes me for who I am?

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ummm your boyfriend?

Make female friends.

men and women can’t be friends. one always likes the other sexually

this only works during school years when boys and girls are forced to mix in an unnatural environment

I mean, gay people exist.

They are doing nothing wrong, and this is the best way to deal with roasties wanting to put you in their orbit.

Befriend a schizoid.
They are shit friends, but they will appreciate you platonically

yeah. i cant even remember the last time i've known a guy or girl that at some point or another did not develop feelings for each other.

i know mental disabilities exist. don’t do NAXALT shit of course there are 1% of working male/female friendships out there

>how do I meet a guy who likes me for who I am?
you have a fucking boyfriend, the fuck you care for what other dudes think?


you're not that interesting to talk to and it's probably a hassle for guys to hold their tongue around you lest you report them to HR

You are a cringey bitch, that brings bf over everything

Jeez, what a loser

Doesn’t exist except gays.

pls elaborate

You're a wet hole, nothing more. Why do you think you are something else? Men built this world.

Stop looking for one. Improve yourself and love yourself and your life. It will happen naturally. When I met the woman who changed my life, the woman I couldn't live without I didnt even know she was a she for over a month. I fell in love with the person sight unseen.

does not work in HS either. I decided to experiment my senior year and hang out with a bunch of edgy girls. Instantly two of them fought over me and split their groups into two. Epic sauce.

>meet really cute girl
>bitch right off: "I have a bf"
>me: "good, now can we fuck?"
>What tf does this one think I am, some kind of fag? tits or gtfo, QUICK.
That's the interaction, more or less.

Either start being ok with fucking your friends(if they are your friends you shouldn't have any problem with that, it would make them happy and that's what friends do) OR fucking get over yourself and realize that your boyfriend likes you for who you are. Most people don't even have that much. Stop being a greedy person.

I spot a virgin!

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I don't see the point in having female friends; 99% of them don't have anything interesting to say. I'm happy with my woman and I have no desire to speak to any others.

Any man who is genuinely after a female's friendship, and nothing else, is a weirdo (or gay) and should probably be avoided.

At least you're self aware

>get along well enough with anyone
>have several people consider me to be a good friend
>let them all drop out of my life because I can't be bothered to pursue said friendships.
>If they contact me I'm happy to see them but I don't seek it out
is this what you mean?

Guys are not gonna want to hang out with you unless you are fucking them, you are fucking one of their friends (and you tag along), or you find a beta orbiter.

Like, you need to stop sexually shaming people. No one calls you out for those claw marks on your back.

That’s not true. I have a bf and I casually hang out with guys all the time and they like to talk to me . The thing is though I’m not a clingy friend. I have a lot of casual friend who I hang out with rather than a few good ones. Just on Sunday I had brunch with one of them. You have to be super dull and a basic bitch to not be able to hold a conversation.

>mental disabilities
oh boy

be useful apart from having a vagina and looking cute
actually, dont look cute so our peepees dont get hard looking at you

post story

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I've been platonic friends with plenty of girls before.
I still want to fuck most of them, but I feel no need to actually try because they either have a boyfriend and/or I don't actually want to risk fucking them because they're either bat-shit crazy or whores but not so bad that they aren't fine to have around as friends.

make friends with cock sucking faggots or other girls if you want true friendship.

>she thinks they don't want to fuck her

how naive.

fuck did you think i meant when i said one always wants the other? you just said you want to fuck them. you’re settling with their presence for the off chance they accidentally suck your dick. you’re friendzoned and in denial about it

exactly. if you have an opposite sex “friend” and would never want to have sex with them barring any obstacles (like marriage), they keep coming around because they think you might accidentally have sex with them one day

the one who wants the other will 99% of the time deny it

Most people would want to fuck an attractive person of the opposite gender, but not in a relationship way, just a casual "hey that person is hot" kind of way.

In same situation OP. Maybe we should try to look ugly

also op when i find out a chick has a bf i leave because im not a street dawg trying to fuck his girl that shit leads to issues. being friends with a single girl ends up in a relationship. a friendship with a taken girl ends up with a whore as your new gf or a asswhooping by her chad. if you respected your bf you would A stop looking for male friendship or B dump your bf because he doesnt pay enough attention to you but this" i want male friends" shit makes men think is all you want is a gangbang

>I didnt even know she was a she for over a month. I fell in love with the person sight unseen.
>translation: I thought I was a faggot, and I actually still am, just a lucky one.
OP, your main market for male friends is going to be gay guys, guys that would rather safely orbit you on social media, or exfwbs that leave on good terms. This other "Guys can see you as ugly and still want to talk to you" concept is foreign and socially unacceptable that it basically doesn't exist for a reason.

don't bother trying to make friends with males, the only thing most of them give a shit about is sex and they'll eventually make things weird between you
although I've found that more effeminate dudes are way less scummy, same with guys who are in happy relationships, these would be the exception I suppose
also, gay men obvs are exceptions too

Why do you need a guy to validate you? If you have a bf you should be making female friends.

>be some guy
>be nice to a girl at work because I like ehr as a person
>she randomly tells me she has a boyfriend despite never asking her out
>guess she thinks I only wanted sex from her
>ignore her because don't need people like that in my life

When you're someone who has to offer more than sex.

Take an objective look at yourself, are you funnier than any of the guys at work, do you share as many interests with them, do you tell as interesting stories? The answer for 99% of the women I know is no.

For most men, if they didn't work on their social skills they'd have no friends e.g. half the male user population of Jow Forums.

For most women, if they didn't work on their social skills, they'd have beta orbiters. So they're less incentive to work on those skills.

Wow guys thanks for the advice nice go know I’m nothing but a hole


I have a guy friend who genuinely likes me for who I am and yet he’s the only one I wish would treat me like a hole

RI fucking P

>how do I meet a guy who likes me for who I am?
Keep telling them you have a boyfriend. It's a polite way to discourage their interest. If they bolt, welcome to rejection. Then do what guys do and keep at it until you get a guy to stick around despite sex not being an option. Then find out if he's gay, taken, or just friendly. If he's not gay or taken, get know him better.
Keep doing this until you succeed. Welcome to proactive dating.
Alternatively, accept that guys want to sex you and keep that in mind when they act nice.