How come noone gives a fuck if you're depressed unless youre a woman...

How come noone gives a fuck if you're depressed unless youre a woman? Women have do many support networks but if you're a man you're pretty much left over.

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Probably because emotionally unstable women are easier to have sex with

>men will only care for a depressed woman for the purpose of having sex with her
Sounds patronizing as fuck. Even as a depressed man, I don't envy women

Women ARE the support networks, my guy. This is what you aren't understanding. They are meant to be by your side. What do you want? Other men to comfort you? No, just no. You're supposed to tough it out despite all the feminists today whining about toxic masculinity but offer no real tangible solution for it and even promote it.

It's called being a man- weathering every storm and every challenge to be faced. Alone- a stoic warrior through the ages. But damn bro, if you're feeling suicidal, ofcourse seek professional help.

We live in a really strange emotional landscape these days. It seems like everybody is coming out of the woodwork with mental issues, and there's not nearly enough systems in place to deal with those ramifications.

I wish it were that easy, to just tough it out. But circumstance is a cruel mistress, and sometimes life just gets too overwhelming, even for a man.

t. basically dead for almost 2 weeks now

What support networks do woman have that men don’t? What you think is “help” is people trying to get into the pants of a depressed clingy person who will stay with anyone who gives her occasional positive affirmation. Maybe you should focus on stretching out that pretty boy hole of yours if you want that kind of attention. Make yourself an appealing slut to a man who will use you for his own pleasure, someone who has no intention of truly supporting you. Maybe waste your time on someone who sees you as a living cum dumpster and sees your vulnerability as something to exploit.

Or you could be thankful that anyone who does help you is most likely genuine, and isn’t helping you in order to get closer to you so they stick a dick up your poop chute. Maybe be thankful that you don’t have to second guess other people’s intentions when seeking legitimate professional help.

What are you talking about? If you are depressed you can seek therapy.

There are too many people and not enough therapists. Depending on where you live, there's a very real possibility that you could be outright rejected by a therapist because they just don't have time for you. That's the world we live in, user. Not everyone can get what they need.

Because you're a man, you're supposed to be the rock in the storm. It's just how it is

Where do you live in where this is the case?


OP i've been dead for years

there is no end

only the sweet release of fapping to pregnant orgy porn and having your code compile the first time

Women do have better support networks though. Not every man who is willing to help a woman with depression wants to fuck her, many people just act more positive for women because the WAW effect is very real.

I care that you're sad. It will change. Don't give up. Don't stop trying. Find something that makes you happy.

Rural Indiana, if you must know

> Women do have better support networks

[citation needed]

Page 23 of this week's Incel Whining Weekly.

You do know how the majority of "support" for depressed women works, right?
>there there it will all be okay
>just believe in yourself bby you are beautiful and a queen and don't let anyone else say otherwise
>yaaas love yourself you are literally perfection
There are no solutions or even notions of solutions, it's all just empty feelgood crap other women tell you to make themselves feel like they are helping without actually addressing the cause of your depression.
So don't be jealous of that shit, it's absolute garbage, helps nobody and lets you further indulge in your misery so you can keep a nice and lively pity party going.

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There is a big effort in creating lots of women only groups for activities which help women network and know each other. Women are also more likely to have more extended friend circled, and be less isolated:
Considering men die from suicide at 4 times the rate of women, it seems likely that women do tend to have better support networks than men. Mostly because there is a big push from feminism to create a kind of sisterhood among women where they support each other first because they share gender, and ask questions later.
Before you go "OMG ur sexist", do notice I haven't at any point said any of these things are bad things. I think they're really good things.

Fuck you. You're so obsessed with your little shitty buzzword that makes you feel superior you need to brand absolutely everything you disagree with with it. You have zero empathy and only care about your moral superiority. Go get bent.

Rants on an incel blog are now legit sources?

Stop burying your head under a rock. It's obvious that society cares more about women than men. Provide evidence that men have better support circles or shut it.

Men literally have 4x the suicide rate of women. Women have a higher suicide attempt rate though and it's literally because women think if they pretend to commit suicide people will give them attention. When men attempt suicide they are actually trying to die. Women do it for attention.


Why don't you provide evidence that women have better support circles. You keep saying this as if it were a fact despite having shown zero evidence.


That's literally what support means though. And that's what a lot of men need to hear, not that "tough love" shit which is just an euphemism for kicking someone who's down.

Sometimes you just need to be told that you're a valid human being and that you deserve to be happy. But men will never hear that, they'll hear "work hard and get a lot of money and get ripped and do all these things you need to do to be even considered a human being or kill yourself if you can't".

Because of the "stronk, stoic male" meme. Take care of yourself anyway, user. First make sure your brain isn't getting stagnant going through new situations.. A new routine, new eating habits, just a new jogging place might already help you. VitaminD12 supplements and more sunlight exposure too. Don't expect friends to care on average, because normally they won't (even if they're all on arms "I'm so accepting of mental disorders!" bullshit).

Still waiting for evidence for your claims.

You're not even worth giving a (You) but it's pretty obvious you don't give a fuck about sources and will just pretend whatever we link doesn't exist, so why not fuck off and go to literally any other thread?

I don't have evidence for you because I don't care to put in the effort to find it for you but I have seen plenty of evidence. Feel free to assume that men have better support circles while having no reason to hold those beliefs though. If you care then look into it. I'm not holding your hand for free.

It's manly to be independent and not rely on other people, but women are expected to require support and help with a lot more in life.

Life is unfair, no way around it.
Do you have no one at all?
Those things always get better, just gotta survive the storm.
This user is right, keep moving, eat well, B vitamin is godly, don't let a day pass without going out.

This is nonsense because it’s conflating two concepts
>men do not have many support circles
>there is no support for depressed men

One of these is true because men are becoming increasingly isolated and women are from day 1 rewarded for being social because that’s considered a positive element of womanhood. Women DO often have more social support systems set up than men but this is essentially complaining that women have more friends than men, where the response to that issue for a man would be
>well if you want more social support systems, make them

Nothing is stopping you. This is an entirely different issue than “there are no support systems for depressed men” because you can just as much go to a hospital and the staff there will throw everything at you if you claim you’re depressed. Mental health systems are overwhelmingly biased towards suicide and depression support. I saw this myself when one of my family members lost their mind when we were little, there were so many networks and options available for the depressed or suicidal. There was literally barely anything for any other forms of mental illness. People give a fuck if you’re depressed and a dude, and more often than not a person will listen to you much more than a woman.

I don't have anyone. I've reached out for help often, but usually people just say "haha that sucks" and that's that. And I mean my life isn't even bad, I'm just sad because I'm a dumb retard. I don't want to go to a therapist, I already know no one gives a single fuck about me unless I pay them to.

So you admit you have no evidence and were making shit up.

It is not tough love. It is solution. What do you think would work better?
Ex. 1
>you feel sad because you are obese piece of shit neet that have almost no social interactions and never go out
or Ex. 2
>no, don't be sad, because being unhealthy, jobless, antisocial and reclusive is as good as other people, it is just matter how you look at at, wagies amerite?

Because first of all your example is an exaggeration and not every single depressed person has their life in the dumpster like that.

And second of that, that doesn't solve shit. Telling a depressed fat, jobless person: "You're a fat neet, get a job and get exercise" is good advice but badly worded, because neither of those are something you can achieve in a day, and it will just make them feel even worse about themselves because they're so far away from where they should be.

>lol just tough it out, bro

Same reason why the majority of workplace deaths are men and the majority of homeless people are men, you don't have a pussy.

There are also way more women shelter than for men, if the latter even exists these days
More men are homeless too

>ignoring that underclass men are disposable
Civilization is a meat grinder that turns unattractive men into raw meat that attractive men cook for women in exchange for sex. You’re worthless. Disposable. One of 3.5 or so billion cogs. The only who cares about you is you, maybe your family if you have any. But don’t talk to them about this. They don’t want to heat it either.
Shut the fuck up and get back to work. Slaves are getting uppity.

Because it's unironically really sexy when a woman who is crying or sad and she wants you to comfort her.

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