I don't get it

I don't get it...

We had this one guy who was always angry, overtly misogynistic, borderline abusive, and someone people always suspect would eventually snap and kill somebody. Well, recently that came true. During an argument with his girlfriend, he beat her to death with a bat.

But during police evaluations, when we were trying to figure what the fuck his childhood was like, what kind of male influences he's had to give him such hostile views on women, we found out that he's lived with nothing but women his whole life. From birth to adulthood. In fact, he's literally had no men growing up. Not a single one. He's only lived with women. Mom, sisters, aunts -- but no fathers, brothers, uncles. Nothing.

What sense does that make? The guy was almost your stereotypical incel, were it not for his social competence. His diatribes sounded roughly word-for-word the crap you'd find on Jow Forums. How does someone growing up with all women ended up being the most hateful misogynist? As far as memory serves, he's always been like this. Way, WAY before the pill crap you see today. Long before we had internet access. So I don't get. You'd think a guy living with all females his life would have the utmost respect and care for them, and yet he was one of the most horrible people we've met.

Seriously, what the fuck?

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Women really are that way

>How does someone growing up with all women ended up being the most hateful misogynist?
>You'd think a guy living with all females his life would have the utmost respect and care for them, and yet he was one of the most horrible people we've met.
>Seriously, what the fuck?

Growing up with women is the only way to learn their true nature, one they aren't even themselves aware of - the nature of opportunism, greed, spitefulness, hate, their inconsistency, fake words, disdain for the truth at any level and just their petty desire to appear superior to people in close proximity, at any cost.

I salute your friend for having balls to do what should be done.

It was really only after seeing my father get drunk and beat my step mom did I realize that is who I don't want to be.

I found Jow Forums at 11.

I can only imagine who I would have turned out to be if I didn't have him to see what is wrong.

I mean, I hate niggers, but I still hold the door open for black people. What if I didn't have my racist dad to show me what not to do? I could be full neo Nazis

Sometimes, the negative is a positive.

Maybe the women he grew up with were abusive?

Likely. Abusive mothers are near ubiquitous in serial killers I think

Having no male influence on your upbringing can make you turn into a piece of shit incel. having a father figure will teach you valuable things in life, like how to work with your hands, how to handle stress well (women are shit at this), and how to solve issues in your life head on. Just being exposed to women your whole life will only give you half of the experience you need to become a full person. It's like as if you ate only steak for your whole life. You'll grow to fucking hate steak.

Bu... wha... I... how... how can anyone hate steak?

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No male influence and seeing all the women around him be abusive and liars. I grew up with almost no male influence. My father was a rapist jailed for life. My mother hated seeing my face to remind her of him daily. My aunt lied, neglected her children and was a lifetime drug addict. My mothers friends were liars that wanted money and a place to stay. The answer I think is no matter how bad your perception becomes you have to realize no two situations are the same and do your best to approach them knowing you can't assume anyrhing.

Your such a normie when it comes to the female question, look up how many convicts in prison come from single mother households. Its well known that most violent men come from single mothers

Women alone, more often than not, don't raise men that are good with women. They raise neurotic, passive little 'gentlemen' who don't put themselves out there with girls in fear of being offensive or 'creepy', and then don't understand why they're alone when the 'jerks' (relatively balanced, well adjusted men) get women. The end result of this shit is more or less multiple choice; they either

A) Continue in what they've been raised to accept, eventually shacking up with the kind of woman who can't learn to tolerate anything other than passivity in other people. This won't end well when she realizes how attractive a person with a healthy ego is in comparison to her 'boo'. Ensuing divorce rape and/or children that don't look like him.

B) Become entirely disillusioned with romantic relationships, which will eventually bar him from normal human interaction once everyone around him starts settling down and start focusing on 'them and theirs' as opposed to their old friends. This guy ropes/exit-bags a year after his monkey-brain finally realizes all that genetic information is going to stay firmly shrink-wrapped in its wrinkly hard drive. Or in a paper towel.

C) They completely overcompensate for their background in an attempt to 'catch up' with the other men, red-pilling themselves into becoming a Machiavellian psychotic. Because fuck that's cheaper than therapy. Any notion of compromise, equity with their partner, or putting that antique shotgun out of reach from the children will give these guys PTSD flashbacks of that time they were gonna hand that thoughtfully written Valentines poem to their crush, only to find them giving a tug job to a guy named Chet. Commence deliberate gas-lighting and beatings this motherfucker thinks is going to be carefully controlled, but ends up with a bitch in the ER/morgue once he blacks out. WHOOPS, turns out father-figures are better at teaching men to regulate aggression in a non-felonious manner.

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>C is a little too on the nose
Consider me spooked.

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I like women so much, I want to hold one so bad. I wonder how this man got a girlfriend... surely if he could then I could too

D) realize youre emotionally retarded. Work on it. Be happy.

I was raised by a single mother. Aint that big of a deal lol.

>he's lived with nothing but X his whole life. From birth to adulthood. In fact, he's literally had no alternative growing up. Not a single one. He's only lived with X.
>he somehow hates X
Constant exposure to something does not equate to positive experiences and respect. Sometimes it leads to negative experiences and resentment.

Try to be less stupid in the future.

I grew up around women, having no father around there was no one to keep my piece of shit sister in her place. She was abusive homophobic, a hypocrite to her own words an entitled ignorant totalitarian bitch with her own spiteful agenda.

You're spooked because this hell wasn't made just for you, user. You have company, at the very least. I'll confess to being a B) before cozying up too close though.

I'm glad you've dealt with that well. I'm not going to let the written medium make this sound like I'm being any more of a cunt than normal, I'm actually happy for you here. I confess that my own prejudices are just that.

Theres the kind of retardation that makes you better at determining the correct trajectory of a several hundred ton rocket towards mars with nothing more than a ruler and a couple of minutes alone in the bathroom stall, then there's the kind of retardation that makes people have to supervise you in a bathroom stall so your spine doesn't end up like an expired Toblerone bar over the rim of the toilet when you start dancing on the urine soaked floor. My emotional retardation combines the acuity of the former with a learned helplessness rivaling the actual helplessness of the latter.

It's bullshit like that which usually spawns more people OP mentioned.

>What sense does that make?

>I hate niggers, but I still hold the door open for black people

Boys need men when growing up to develop correctly. They need fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, to be the male presence in their lives because if there's anyone men can connect to it's other men.

Growing up only around women is detrimental to male health just as I imagine it would be for females to grow up only around males.

I'm not surprised he did what he did, he only knew women. Of course he hated them: He saw everything.

>I'm not surprised he did what he did, he only knew women. Of course he hated them: He saw everything.

Because being around women before you have a fully formed self will drive you insane. I had to live in a female only household since I became a teenager, it honestly turned me off the idea of a romantic relationship with women for a long time. Absolutely disgusting

Your father thought your own mother is too fucking annoying to want to even breathe the same fucking air as her. Her shit personality is so bad, raw dogging her flappy purple pussy on the reg wasn’t even worth it. Your dad would rather pick up wash ups at the local country bar outside of Tucson, Arizona.

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Hey now, I'm a nazi but that doesn't mean I close the door on black people. You should know that national socialists were clean-cut, had no tattoos, and didn't smoke, and that Hitler shook Jesse Owen's hand at the Olympics while his own president shrugged the poor negro off.

I'm an example of a male that had a lot more influence from women growing up than men. My dad wasn't around, I had a family member that was a kid in a man's body living with me, and for a few years a few males around my age. I can't say I grew up entirely without men influencing my life but the anons saying you basically grow up being a spineless nerd is about right. Men teach you what it means to endure and be strong/assertive from what I can see.

>Having initiation rituals for millenia
>Thousands of cultures understand the crucial importance of male codes and role models
>>>except the West

Fight Club offers a great insight into what you just described:
>"We're a generation of men raised by women."
Said Tyler as his underground club of men beating each other senseless for no reason at all grew day by day.

He could have either taken the victim mentality "all people who've ever truly hurt me were women".
Or he could have taken the aggressor mentality "I'm the only male around, I better be an intense fucking one"... but given that nobody ever taught him how to be a man and men (even transsexuals) are pretty shit at being women, he just picked up the worst parts he could. Aggression.

Fatherlessness is one of the biggest problems in the west.
Criminality, high school dropout rate, behavioral disorders, addictions, even suicides and rapes... all are more affinite for fatherless men.

We've got a surprisingly shitty understanding of men and fathers for a supposed "Patriarchy".

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I was pretty much raised by a single mom. My dad had a mental breakdown when I was around one, which coincided with the death of his dad due to drug overdose. Regardless, my mom and dad were “together” on and off until I was around 5 or 6 when they officially split. I still saw my dad after that, even lived with him for a year in middle school, but I would never say it was a stable or good father-son relationship. I appreciate what he did (except father me and provide me with mental illness) but I’ve coped pretty well.
That being said, I have tried to fill in the spot of a father mainly with philosophy. I idealize people is never met, view them as life teachers, sometimes communicate with them via writing. I am not hateful but I don’t appreciate women. My mom did what she could but should not have had a kid with my dad, kept me at 16, and then divorced/left my dad when I was older.
Women and people, including myself, generally disgust me. Physically and mentally. Women express traits that men don’t that are equally or more disgusting than particularly male traits.
Oh well.

Link to news?

Its happening a lot.
Think about all the shootings perpetrated by nerdy white guys.
It's like yin and yang, but yangs been knocked off so the men left to their own devices try and force balance back into their lives through physical means because they're left without any guidance.