Escort want monthly

I met time ago a fcking sexy escort, I fucked with her 3 times last year. But things were great with her, so this year she returned from Russia and I started visiting her, she is kinda 10/10.

But now she wants me to take her to dinner, go out and buy her things and she wont charge me anything.
Since the second date with her, she gave me a real special price, but now she offered me that. And I dont know, she is fantastic and there are some feelings but I m not sure if I should do that. She is sort of exclusive because of the price and she need to accept the client, so I feel more safe to do that with her.

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Sounds like a great trade to me.
Insist on raw dogging her from now on.

She charge 500 euros/ hr but then she told me to spend the day for 1000 eur/hr and now just she want me to take her to random places.

So she likes the beach, and I told her to fuck in a boat near a port, cuz makes me horny to be seen by other people.

I want to bought her a love bracelet for her next birthday

1000 eur/hr haha I mean 1000 eur/day

If you can afford that, you’ve got it made.

I enjoy more her company than the sex and sex with her is awesome.

Congrats, you have a sugar baby.

Wtf she is older than me for 1 year sugar baby is for old men Im in my low 20s

You are sugar daddy.

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You got sugar daddied anyway


Well wtf I can do, she is hot as hell, her pussy is my adiction. So I ve been sugardaddied but the the reward is good

If you have money for that, go for it. Just don't fall in love, she doesn't love you back and never will.

Well most couple on this time fake they dont cheat each other at least here we dont need to fake that haha

You can't know that. She might very well leave as soon as someone is there to pay more.

She would have continue charging me the same she usually charge any client then.
And she offered me that, also she kinda wanted to go with her one time to Petersburg to meet her city, she offer me to stay in her house but it was a bit far away.

No. There are sugar daddies and babies of all ages.

t. Sugar daddy

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Well she is hot, damn first sugar baby

What advice do you need?
Realize that you would mean nothing to her if it wasn't for your money.
If you insist, fuck her once a week maybe but don't spend $1000 on a date with her what the fuck

well if you have the means, go for it