The average man’s success with women

Growing up, only ugly, fat or acne scared girls would approach me or ask me out.

With any other girl, I always had to initiate everything.

I thought that was pretty much the same for every men but reading places like Jow Forums and reddit I not sure anymore.

How is it for the majority for men?

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Certified normal.

I've always had older women approach me. My parents had to change tutors twice... I'm convinced women are secret pedos

Ugly chicks have to work harder and be more forward.

Completely normal ime.

I think you're just incredibly unlucky, user. I've approached, and been approached in almost equal capacity by women (and some men) more and less attractive than me.

I think most people just want someone to be around.

Wtf is wrong with modern men that they expect women to approach them?

>Growing up, only ugly, fat or acne scared girls would approach me or ask me out.

Doing better than me; I'm a 27 y/o virgin that's never been approached by anyone.

I don't think it's an expectation, in op's case. I really think he's just curious.

Besides, what's wrong with women approaching men?

Well then, it's time to start approaching people then, innit?

I'm average looking and though I can clean up pretty nice, ultimately I'm very socially retarded and still dealing with developmental issues I never got help for as a kid because my parents were idiots. I've got to learn basic communication skills and develop some self confidence before I can think about approaching women.

The road I walk is a long one. I'll probably be 32-35 by the time I'm finished unfucking my shit up.

I'm 32-35 and barely realizing how much and what is fucked up so good for you

Well that's no way to think. You'll never really be "ready," even by then you'll keep finding excuses not to try.

Just do it, user, rip off the bandaid. I promise, it's not that bad.

I have never been asked out by a girl, but then again.
I think I have asked 8 girls out and 2 of them turned into a year long relationship and one of them was only a few weeks.
One girl might have asked me out and I wasn't sure what she wanted, she drove 40 minutes to watch me and my friends play a board game for 3 hours but she never really tried to engage or talk to us, she was just... There...
I also took a break from dating and through this, I worked on becoming the person I want to be instead of what girls want me to be.

How was the woman in the picture when they took it?

How old*
I'm wondering as I think she's perfect, but she's probs 18-19 and getting such a young beauty at 30+ years old looks extremely hard (assuming ofc that you're not a successful or handsome man)

You are completely normal. Most men get approached by unattractive women.

You are starting to think your experience is atypical only because of what you see on Jow Forums.

However, this place is a magnet for people that are unusually unsuccessful. They are by no means the “average men”

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I can approach women and women sometimes approch me, im definitely ugly because of Grave's disease but I try my best by wearing good clothes, looking healthy, taking care of my skin and hair, but its nothing special and I'll never ever stand out and even got publicly called ugly in front of many people including my sister.
But even with all that, I've still had women come and talk to me by their own will.
However these women are generally the hyper extrovert type and even if she manages to make you feel kinda special she actually talks to everyone in this way and is just really friendly with anyone, but the real relationship/friendship between you and her is almost non-existent.

I've never ever had a girl like me once, but I remember one day doing a dare game with friends after a party and we'd send shitty love declarations to the last girl we talked with on messenger, and the girl I sent it to never ever replied with digust, and didnt even straight up said no, to my surprise.
She started to talk about it with her friends and shit, and rumors ended up going around.

Never went anywhere tho because I wasnt into her even after thinking about it, and her friends didnt want me to be with her and made jokes about me and shit. But the girl ? I'll never know.

It's easy to say that, but I'm not sure you understand the extent to which I struggle with this stuff.
A conversation with another person, for me, consists of smiling and nodding and not being able to think of anything to say. My brain almost literally short circuits and no matter how hard it scrambles to do so it just can't find even a single thread to relate to anything they're saying that would keep the conversation going. I've discovered that the capability to do this is something learned in your formative years and developed over time through life experience that facilitates the formation of bonds through shared experience.

Meanwhile, I'm aspergers and have never gone anywhere or done anything interesting.
The trick then seems to be keeping the other person talking and asking open questions, but this is incredibly hard and emulating a neurorypical brain takes a lot of mental energy which is in short supply when you're an introvert. It's hard to find anyone to practice with that'll put up with my bullshit, that isn't a speech pathologist who I have to pay for the privilege.
Point is, this all takes time and money. Realistically I'll be over 30 by the time I'm fuckable.

Thank you. Best of luck to you as well.

22m, been approached twice and rejected twice.
Once got approached by a fat (but cute) chick in highschool, it didn't go anywhere because she was ultra-feminist. In college my cousin confessed her love for me and wanted to elope, but I think cousin-fucking is disgusting so I turned her down.
In college I asked out a fat chick because we had tons of common interests, but she rejected me. Also asked out a qt older goth chick, she initially accepted to go on a date but later reneged and said she wasn't interested.
I've been told that I'm above average attractiveness by male friends and my sister's female friends, but have never had any luck with women. Never had a gf (aside from brief highschool thing) and not sure how to get one. I get some anxiety whenever I talk to girls which I suspect is from growing up with an abusive mother.

The easiest way to build self confidence is to actually talk to girls little by little.
Start by complimenting 5 random girls on the streets.
If you can't force yourself to do it, ask a friend or am acquintance to take / burn 50 dollars you've given him beforehand.

t. 26 year old virgin with retarded social skills, who's getting pretty good at communicating with girls.

>weee i have to initiate
Grow some nuts dude.

You're a man. The burden of performance in life is on you. This doesn't just apply to women, but to everything. Women are the only gender who can achieve succes just because they're a woman.

Men cannot. Men need to work hard for everything they want in life. Get used to it.

In what country do you live where women approach men?
Every girl in germany is so distant and cold.

>yah bro tough luck

Once I stopped being neet I've had about five women show interest. I'm also 25 so that's pretty low, especially when a lot of guys around my age are now married.

I have never been approached by a female. Ever.
I'm not even short, I'm above average in height, especially for my country. I wasn't always fat, I used to work out alot and be buff.

If there was no chance whatsoever when I was fit and surrounded by females, there's 0 incentive to try when I'm fat and have no social life.

Where do you live? In most places people do not often get married before 30.

Midwest US most people are married or engaged by their mid-20s. Or they have kids from a previous relationship

I’ve literally never been approached.
No girl has also ever expressed interest in me. You’re lucky that fatties will approach. I’ve got nothing. Completely unattractive.

I wonder if you guys, while you type things like these, stroke your ego and penis at the same time and when you click “post” if that triggers both physical and mental ejaculation

I stopped being a NEET at 25 and went back unto uni. Started wearing nice clothes, improved my (already decent enough) hygiene, tried to be social. I'm not short or ugly, so I had at least a few hopes.
Currently 27 and I've come to the conclusion that lack of social experience during the proper years becomes a massive people-repellant later on. It was a mistake to stop being NEET, at least I still had hopes back then.

That's because you haven't left your home in years.

Nope. On my college campus 5 days a week, although most days only for a few hours. But sometimes I eat by myself at one of the restaurants on campus. Other times I’m out walking around town or going shopping or whatever. I’m out a good bit.

If only it did.

I'm just telling you (and OP specifically) the truth. I cringe when i see guys post threads that come down to ''wehee i have to do the hard work but hot girls don't weee''.

Yeah user, welcome to being an adult male.

Well, the truth is, you don’t *have to* so long as you’re willing to live without the fruits of those efforts. I personally am and I don’t complain about it.

Why fight a battle you know you're gonna lose though?
Most men who don't approach women are out of being realists and realising they aren't good enough or aren't ready yet.

>How is it for the majority for men?
There's a lot of factors that I do not truly believe it's entirely the same for everyone.

In my experience, I had always failed with girls. I became interested in girls when I was 10ish. In fourth grade I had a crush on this girl who was my only friend at recess. I was a loner at the time. I remember having intense feelings for her, but then I heard that she had a crush on someone else.

In 6th grade I had another crush with a girl I made fun of in 5th grade(lol) but I got rejected because she thought I was ugly

In 8th grade I had another crush on a popular girl that I managed to speak to. She was nice to me. We constantly talked on Myspace sending each other messages but in the end I got rejected.

In 9th grade I had a crush on this female friend of mine and I thought she had feelings for me but when I tried asking her out she said no and humliated me. She then started dating my friend and God I still remember when they first held hands. Felt bad.

In summer of 9th grade, I had a huge crush on this girl who lived in California. We started an online relationship through Facebook, but as all online relationships go, she cheated on me with a different in her school. That online relationship was probably only taste I got from what it feels to have a girl like you.

I didn't approach girls until when I was 18 again. This time, a couple of girls thought I was cute. I installed Tinder once and got 200+ matches within a month. But then I sort of gave up on getting relationships after witnessing a friend of mine getting girls without trying and seeing how these same girls cheated on their boyfriends or did wicked shit.

I'm 22 now, NEET, and it's been almost 4 years since I ever even spoke to a female. I've been seeing escorts on and off but it gets tiring now.

I dunno if that's true though.

I think most of us would rather stick to the comfort of jacking off and playing video games instead of putting in the work to improve your social skills and 'game'.

'Improving' game is one thing, but you need to have 'game' in the first place in order to improve it.
>friends getting girls without trying
I have a friend like that. It's so gut-wrenching how he sleeps with a different 10/10 every other night while I never got the slightest interest from a single female, ever. It makes me feel like a sub-par human being.
I've almost cut contact with all my friends that have 'normal' relationships with the other gendre.

That’s rough, man. I personally don’t even pretend to be a human. I’m just a thing that exists to observe.

>Besides, what's wrong with women approaching men?
Indicative of a mental disorder

>I have a friend like that. It's so gut-wrenching how he sleeps with a different 10/10 every other night while I never got the slightest interest from a single female, ever.
Yeah that shit destroys your self esteem everytime and makes you feel like a loser because you know you'll end up going home and realizing you are alone while your friend is enjoying all the female attention you never got and will never get in your life.

Pretty much how it's been with me. Better looking women that now they have swag won't try hard to approach men UNLESS the man in question is the man of their dreams. So naturally seeing this happen is rare. Doesn't matter what they say, if the guy they want looks like he isn't aware how they feel about him they will try harder.

>wah I have to do something
Grow up

feminism said we are equal

>Doesn't matter what they say, if the guy they want looks like he isn't aware how they feel about him they will try harder.

This is why it bothers me when people act as if approaching a woman is some demonstration of your manhood, the only thing you're demonstrating is that you are low value and have to slave for pussy. The same girl that refuses to approach an average guy would run 8 blocks just to hug b tier soundcloud rapper. Approaching or not approaching has nothing to do with masculinity, its about value. High value males don't have to lift a finger for pussy, you want to prove you manhood? Turn yourself into one of those guys, not another expendable male who has to backflip over tiger pits for pussy.

Girls were disgusted by me when I was young. They would avoid me or be mean to me.

But. I’m 30 now and all of a sudden attractive women approach me all on their own and try to talk to me.

I hate this desu. I feel like this is a scam and it’s bs. “Nice guys finish last is true”. These girls hated me before, but now that they had their fun, now they want me. It’s such bs. fuck women, I hate them

You sound enormously gay.

How? Because i’m upset women are trying to take advantage of me?

> I'm convinced women are secret pedos

Yep. They had their fun and now they want a stable, probably wealthy guy to clean up their slimy cunts and pay for their existence. Reject each and everyone of these gold diggers. Of course you can ONS or lead them on for a but then ghost them. Get revenge.


No, I don’t want to sleep with them. I think their behavior is disgusting. How can I want to sleep with people like this? I really feel like they are trying to take advantage of me

>Every girl in germany is so distant and cold.
And yet...

They absolutely are. I don’t blame you at all for refusing to fuck them. If you had any desire for revenge, though, as I would, I’d recommend taking some of these whores on dates. Build it up in their mind that they’ve found “the one” and then drop them like a lead brick.
Anyhow, never accept the advances or malicious lies that these “people” spew. Maybe they should have given you a chance when you were younger. Now you know they only want you for what you can provide them

>Imagine believing incel cuck fantasies reflect reality

How? On whose part? Do you not think that women have free will?

>How? Because i’m upset women are trying to take advantage of me?
Don't listen to these fags. You are certainly on to something. Except I wouldn't hate women for it. I'd use it to my advantage instead (which I DO).

Why else would they only suddenly express interest in the guy?

>very socially retarded and still dealing with developmental issues
A lot of normalfags are more fucked up than you'd think. Rather than address your problems, just learn to mask them.
t. been there, done that

How can I possibly do that? It upsets me when girls talk to me. Because any girl that talks to me now outside of a professional context is just trying to take advantage of me

He’s trying to get you to fuck the used goods and be happy about it

I think you've lost some perspective here buddy. Maybe take a step back and think about the bigger picture.
No one is trying to take advantage of you, except for the professionals you work for.

>Why fight a battle you know you're gonna lose though?
Your entire lineage must be rolling in their graves. Imagine if your grandpa was too much of a pussy to slide over to the counter and order your grandma a soda or whatever the fuck.
Older generations fought in actual battles, they weren't scared of girls.

and why would that make me happy? If anything i’d be even more stressed with worry about STDs and knocking her up

>I really feel like they are trying to take advantage of me
That's because they are.

No. stop spreading this nonsense. Women aren't evil, you disgusting fuck.

Yes they are. girls never liked me when I was in my teens or twenties. But now that I’m 30, women actually approach me.

This is not normal.

It's very normal for a guy to become more attractive around 30. Especially if he was a sperg in his 20s and slowly got his shit together.

Again, I’m not saying you should. You should avoid them like a plague. That guy, though, fills the void of love in his heart by fucking these rancid whores and taking pride in that fact

Let me guess. You're now semi-successful financially. Maybe you were fat as a kid. Had acne. I'm guessing you've been taking care of yourself? Probably dressing better?
Guess what. You're attractive. They want to fuck you because you're attractive. They don't know about all of this autistic baggage you're carrying around. How could they?

>This is not normal.
Yes it is. You sound like you're mentally ill. Paranoia and delusions.

Why is that, though? Because he has money and a stable job? He wasn’t getting fucked before while other attractive men were, by the same women who suddenly are attracted to him.

This thread has turned into a nightmare hellscape of incel circle-jerking. What the fuck happened?

IDK about the other user, but around like 29, I lost the last bit of babyfat on my face and it leaned out in general. I unequivocally look better now than I did in my early 20s. Also got some hair on my chest.

And women are also more desperate. Now, if you’re fucking and marrying 18-22 year olds then maybe you actually did become more attractive

Because women know those things

Always with the ever elusive "they." Try getting a little more specific for once, instead of generalizing your poisonous thoughts to the other 50% of our fucking species.

The wall is a meme. Women are still hugely successful in the dating world even as old hags. It's not until men start dying off that the shoe is on the other foot.

The females the guy’s age who could have fucked at any point prior to his becoming successful (materially) but chose to fuck other, more attractive men instead.

If you’re saying a 35 year old whore is more attractive than a 19 year old slut, I disagree

>What the fuck happened?

Just the truth.

>Do you not think that women have free will?

>woman sees well put together guy at bar
>"huh, he must have virulent self esteem issues from a romantically unsuccessful adolescence, let me see if I can take advantage of him somehow"

>didn’t fuck him when he wasn’t materially attractive
Heh, nothing personal, cuck

There are 45 year old women more successful on Tinder than 25 year old Chads. Men like to say this shit, but it's cope. If it wasn't, there wouldn't be all this reeing about hypergamy and inceldom.

[sigh] yeah, keep telling yourself that, pal

I don’t go to bars.

I work with a lot of women. and I’ve been working with someone of this women for years. They never talked to me outside of work related talk. But recently they started talking to me differently. and one of them even asked me if i’d take her out.

These women are not dumb. They know

I have no problem saying women have it easier than men, even the best men. It’s pretty evident, actually

Unless she saw him roll up in a Bentley, he wears nothing but Rolexes, and his suit is some custom Armani job, he's just gonna look like a normal guy who has his shit together, which is attractive.

Uh huh.

I'm saying having a higher SMV is literally nothing to complain about, there's no hidden motive here.

The problem is the SMV is only high because of material goods. If your only attractive feature is your wallet, women who want you are gold diggers

My point is that women won't know that walking up to user at a bar unless he's garish, which it doesn't sound like he is. Imagine some bald manlet wearing normal, decent clothes, and there's some Chad next to him in basketball shorts. Who is the bar slut gonna talk to?

But user knows that because women did not fuck him or we’re not attracted to him before he became wealthy.


I can't find where user said that he was wealthy to the point where people would notice. I think it's more likely that he had to become socially more dominant and present himself better to advance in his career, and that shows.

>Imagine believing incel cuck fantasies reflect reality

Keep rationalizing it however you like. I wouldn’t trust any woman if I was in the guy’s place.

Pretty much any 30 year old guy should have their shit together by default.
That's my point. Beta bux are everywhere and he's still getting singled out. It's something else.

>How can I possibly do that?
Work around it to fuck'em for one thing. Sex.
Enjoy them fully.
>It upsets me when girls talk to me.
This is weakness. You need a different attitude about it. Perspective.
>Because any girl that talks to me now outside of a professional context is just trying to take advantage of me
Sun Tzu The Art of War Machiavelli The Prince on them. But remember, be gentle and just pity them for it if you can't or won't empathize. Most of the time it's just part of their nature at play anyway.