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Now I don’t tell you that I love you because it’s too responsible and too much pressure, and overall it would look like I only do that to get some perks from you.

I either developed schizophrenia or some weird shits been going on.

No clue what's next

>didnt date in high school because I was a fat weirdo sperg who stuggled to pass classes
>didnt date in college because I still struggled to pass classes while working and didnt want to complicate my life
I'm 21 now and out of college, working a shitty second shift manufacturing job full time, having an identity crisis because I still have virtually no clue what I want to do/be in life, and I feel like now is exactly the time I want someone to be their for me romantically, but I'm afraid of dating now because I'm not confident in my current job or future prospects. When's the right time to ask her out, bros? Am I too late already?

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A bunch of plans fell apart and I feel like I'm just existing day to day and I hate it.

What do you even do?

What a good fuzzy dude tho :3

I still hate my job.

She makes fun of people posing like this (bottom row). Idk, probably it's not too appropriate, but ugh....

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Fucking shit.
Boss yelled at me over bs logbook entries that I got wrong during an extremely stressful moment, and with no assistance from anyone else to help. Honestly I hate fuckers who expect perfection. I basically exploded back at him. For some reason that morning I woke up with a 0 fucks given attitude and he started going at me so I exploded on him. He's a condescending prick that states I'm somewhere else but no here even doe I worked from 4 am till 4pm. Quite frankly after I exploded with rage at him I gained his respect in a weird sense. Up on till that point I was quite enough and did my work I can't understand why fuckers have to invade my work space all the time. I don't take shit from anyone anymore. Anyway how's everyone else getting on?

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In two weeks I will find out if I got
scholarship (I have a feeling I didn't) I worked hard to get high grades but didn't interfere when lecturer wrote my score wrongly, I know I failed but I still have this anxiety and dread because someone else is probably get my place because I was too stupid to demand a grade I deserved

college is fugging scary but i gotta keep soldiering on. i need that medical degree fuck me fuck aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWkjofeigodnjerrts;hjnrhdoibtgierntji454htrljijogsenjifojgn;j what am i doing with me life

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The perks of being loved aren’t that expensive to offer!

I've never ever once in my life been catcalled or approached by any girl. It feels really bad.

Never got your balls grabbed on public by a 10/10?
You're missing out man hoes everywhere

If there's one thing I hate about going to the gym and getting gains it's the eating. I dont care about food and it's a struggle to get all the protein I need. I used to eat little and even skip meals and feel fine, now I feel weird if my stomach isn't stuffed.

I don't know how you feel and fuck it's stressful

Tarot, no scry

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Have you tried asking?

I want to start talking to you again even tho i still haven't got over our breakup and i still love you, i know this will probably fuck me up in the future but i kinda need this relief right now

Cya round

I don’t know what you want from me and I will never find the courage to ask.

What do you think I want?

20 year old permavirgin sitting in my room while my barely 16 year old chad brother plows a hot 18 year old gymnast bunny in his room. He could kill me with his bare hands in a few seconds and I wish he would. He's always been stronger and more of a man than I am, but at least one of us is happy.

i cheated on my bf after we had an argument and i don't feel guilty at all. if anything i feel guilty i don't feel guilty

Benefits of a relationship without the commitment.

Definitely not true. You should just ask them. If that's your worry, it's important enough to ask.

I don't know how to ask for words that one should just be able to say

My life is fucking worthless and it NEVER gets gets better.

Wtf with this world duplication?

I'm behind with my exams but my family thinks I'm about to graduate

2 colleges

"how do you feel about x"

God, why was I handed with shitty genes? Hairy body, bad skin, underbite, droopy lower lip— but the worst one is a god damn genetic disease that will possibly kill me in the near future. I'll be less pessimistic, but this is just unfair. A healthy body is all I want and I can simply accept anything bad about my physical traits, but then there are those people who were granted with healthy, normal bodies yet they just fuck themselves up.

I know how that feels, it's fucking awful.

Can someone genuinely love you if they keep lying to you about being involved with someone else? Is my loyalty misplaced?

Holy shit I need to move out quick.

Jesus fucking Christ my own brother brought me into this, he fucking backstabbed me with this fuckhead Trio.

You really can't trust anyone.

I have a huge crush on this cute girl at work, except she's only 18 and i'm 24.

When she smiles at me and says hi or goodbye I just melt.

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I don't here the problem here

This is why I go for younger girls, easier to control and manipulate.

It's quite a big age gap at a young age.

What are you smoking I have seen way older guys with 18 yo women

I'm turning 32 next month. It's past time that I grow up emotionally but it seems like I'm perpetually stuck at 16. When will I stop feeling like a fraud?

I wish I could save him, and I wish I could save every smart, depressed boy out there. There are just too many out there, and here, and it breaks my heart.

Getting older and one solid thing I've realized is that men are fragile. Men need love and praise more than women do, otherwise they seem to give up completely. It reminds me of the accounts of Napoleon's troops marching into Russia. Some soldiers, even though they were physically healthy, would simply give up. They would sink down into the snow and not get up. They couldn't get up anymore after trudging through the blank snow endlessly, and for endless miles to come.

I'm tired of always comforting myself. Whenever I'm sad I have to rely completely on myself to make me feel better. Kinda sucks that the source of my sadness is often being alone / not being able to socialize.

I am doing what I think it's right, not for me though, I know I'm a fuck up and that I am a terrible person, but know that I love you, I've been trying to change, to control my emotions and detach of things that were important for me, even if it's driving me insane and numb. I have never wanted to do anything for anyone like I want to do things for you, and you'll never know how much I care for you, how much I want to give you, and how much I want to see you happy, all you'll ever know it's how much I suck, but that's ok. I'll change soon, and even of that doesn't fix everything I've done wrong, I hope that in your eyes I'm at least somewhat redeemable. I'll give you what I can.

I was born and raised in the south but I can't fucking stand most rednecks. I have to serve them every fucking day and I have nothing in common with them. I can get over it most days but sometimes it's too much. I can't fucking understand most of the shit they say and their taste and interests baffle me. I can get hunting and fishing, but the religious obsession with football is something else. I sometimes understand their politics, but the fact these men identify as Christians yet still support Donald Trump leads me to believe the whole region is idealogically fucked. Stupid mouth breathing fucks and their fat ugly wives and retarded piece of shit children. Some I can actually respect because it's obvious they put pride and care into their work. Others are just lazy degenerates. Sherman needs to come out of the grave and lead another march to the sea.

At this point, I'm ready to call it in and kill myself. I can't make any realistically obtainable goals, but realistic goals will ensure I will always feel enslaved. I don't want a career, money, a gf or anything like that. I can't get a job that won't act like it's supposed to be the centerpiece of my life. I have no real friends, just people that I play 40k with, which I have started losing interest in. I hate my family because they remind of how much of a loser I am and instead of encouraging me to get better, try to get me to accept who I am, which I can't do. I just want to stop suffering. I know none of you guys care, but I don't know what else to do. Every time anyone gives me advice, it is always about fitting in, which is not what I want. I just want to die with what little dignity I have left. On my terms.

today I've beat my dick 5 times
I never was able to do this under one day
and I still could beat it .... wtf is going on with me
its either that I run out of juice and start feel sick or my dick hurts
but now it just doesn't
I recover in like an hour

TFW I achieved apex capacity

I love you all so much, I know I' never get a significant other, and I don't need one, as long as all of you are happy, as long as I can help you as much as you've helped me, as long as I get to be with you, that's all the family and love I need.

No such thing as a healthy body. Nobody is perfect.

>t I think it's right, not for me
that means that you're a shitty person whos personality havent advanced yet

I prescribe you 2 years of loneliness and depression , this should teach you some new lessons
just dont kys in the process
see you on the other side of the field trooper

I've been feeling pretty great about a fresh relationship (6 months). However, a couple times a week I wake up from really intense dreams about my ex-girlfriend of 6 years. The relationship ended 2 years ago, and she won't talk to me, has a new boyfriend, and moved to another state. The sadness from these dreams lasts all day long and it's really fucking me up intensely. I can't really discuss it with anybody and I fear it's going to fuck up my relationship.

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I try to stay positive and fight my depression, but when I come home and I'm alone again, it makes me painfully sad. I know there's things in my life worth living for, but I also dont know how much more of this pain I can take.

I've been feeling like shit ever since emailing an old friend. We got mad at each other and haven't talked in three years. She just suddenly turned into the worst kind of bitch and I've been indulging the thought of finding her even if I know I shouldn't.

It’s awful to be alive. I wasted so many years and I keep on going. I live in a really small town where you don’t have any motivation to move forward and have no opportunity to move. My stupid life just makes no sense.

You gave me the best moments and memories of my life, but also the worst. You left me "because you want to be alone" when I needed you and your support the most. I'll never forget how well we matched and how every time I was holding you so tight on goodbyes or running back for another hug because I love you so much.

Why don't you tell them this directly? It would provide closure or let them know they can wait for you.

I wish my person would say something like this.

I have an older Chad brother, but I know how that feels. The biggest blackpill was when my father brought home a woman, got her drunk, went to sleep with her and then the woman came into our room, trying to sit in my brother's lap right in front of me, but he pushed her away. The woman paid attention only to my brother and acted as if I wasn't in the room, lmao. The people here who say that looks don't matter are just coping.

I want to message you Max, but I'm not sure if it's something you enjoy or view as clingy ;_;

There are a lot of things I am angry and upset about that I probably have not probably dealt with. Some of it is my fault. Some of it is not. A lot of effort has been spent in dealing the former, but the later I admit I struggle to accept without anger and resentment.

I know there is no help, either. Although I doubt I could accept it even if there was. Vanity and envy is a caustic mixture, and it is much easier to abandon you before you abandon me, or so they say.

I still have hope in the future. I think I am still doing well over all. Maybe if I sort some shit out I will be able to sort the other shit out too. Maybe something random will happen and things will just work out. It has gone that way before.

I guess this is it; 2 and a half years and then you ghost me? I even had to look that teenage bullshit term up because none of my exes ever did that to me. And we were teenagers then. I've been trying to make us work and i was willing to change behaviors not suitable for you, but you would never open up to me. Whenever anything went wrong you would just go straight to "shut down" and nothing would get resolved. So we (I --no, fuck you, we) repeat the same mistakes.
I'm tired of fighting for a relationship you clearly want no part in.

So I hope you find someone who makes you happy. Who makes you excited to start each workday because once finished, its one day closer to being together. Who you want to experience all life has to offer with. Who the mere thought of makes you smile or chuckle, even if you're currently in the foulest of moods. I hope you find someone you would gladly spend every waking moment with, and every moment slumbered too. Then one day I hope they up and leave you. I hope they don't respond to any of your calls. Any of your texts. I hope you can't sleep at night because you nitpick every conversation, every action, trying to see where you went wrong. I hope you lose your appetite and your career starts to suffer. I hope you feel as empty as I do right now.

I wish I meant that.
I wish I didn't love you.

Why did you say, yes?
I gave you an out.

thread your intentions through the needle's eye of love...

...i don't care how, just do it. i'm asking you to. you know i'm here, and i know you're here.
i don't want to come here anymore, though. all these words i have are only for you.

I already vented this but imma repost because it feels good
>oneitis rejected me years ago
>sad af but settle with another and still think about oneitis even after no contact cold turkey
>see oneitis again recently
>they are very ugly now and the person I settled for is way better looking in every single way
>finally over the feels I used to have for oneitis and feel god damn amazing
Holy shit bros I dodged a bullet

Someone here was saying that you can get schizophrenia from trauma, i never knew that

So true. My younger brother has always been the athletic one, even at a young age he was stronger than me and always the best in his grade. He's also more good-looking. Girls have been all over him since forever and he's so confident around them. He knows he's more of a man than I am in every sense of the word and while we get along well, he still lets me taste that every day.

Let me burst your bubble- you’re an asshole. Reveling and gloating over someone else makes you a superficial jerk. Especially since you feigned caring about her. She is the true winner.

Could you find even more nasty looking stud tho ~_~

Lol! Look at this seething roastie who hit the wall

You made it brother, welcome to the winners circle.

I've decided to try my hardest and make it this month. I really want to make it and I think I can.
But there are so many external sources and negativity that don't want me to make it.
I'm probably the most negative source though, I am so insecure and I'm much cruel and mean to myself than anyone else could be.

Already did. Got a response of “k”. I deserve someone who would be excited and feel positive about being with me. Pretty sure they only want my affections without commitment. And I don’t have the energy to waste.

Yes. Don’t be a chump.

Don’t need to be a roastie to know that feelings of superiority are a display of a fool’s insecurity.

I'm so tired of people feeling entitled to treat me like shit just because I'm too much of a coward to tell them to fuck off. I really wish that I could be stronger, but for now I just want to go to bed and call it a day

Dear lord, how delusional they let themselves go hard core. The only thing she'll be winning is a pie eating contest.

Tell more, who treated you poorly?

The only people who actually think that are insecure fools themselves.

I've been on the path of self-improvement and all that for a while now, but over the course of the last month it's just been nothing but setback after setback. It really sucks. It'd be cool if people were just nice to me by default, but that's not how this works, I guess. I'm know I'm not entitled to anything, but it still hurts more than anything to try and fail.

I looked over my journals and I've honestly been making more real progress than not, but it doesn't feel that way. I'm gonna go clean my room and spend some more time outside, that'll probably make me feel better. Little victories to build up confidence or something.

Sorting test on Pottermore has sorted me to Ravenclaw and I'm not satisfied. Like it's cool to be smart and wise, but I wouldn't fuck a person like me.

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Feelings that are conditional on how someone looks are superficial. Being so butthurt because they were rejected is typical “nice guy” trait. Furthermore, the other who was “settled for” deserves to be someone’s first choice. These boasts indicate narcissism, selfishness, and a superiority complex. This person will crash hard when people realize how big of an ass they are and end up alone. Completely justified and self-induced.

This makes no sense.

I feel guilty about leaving this job on such short notice, They've even been texting me asking if id like to return but the jobs just way too much stress for what it is because they have management issues.

so I'm responsible for staff being ill, having to train new new staff, being involved with multiple projects, not even having enough people to do the job anyway which results in first part of month end not being as good as last month and while I'm trying to do 16 things at one time you call me into a meeting for 2 hours to justify why the companies procedures are shit and how its my fault?
and when you say is there anything to adjust to prevent this happening next month and i say how about postponing meetings like this till after month end and you umm and ahh and go well this needed to be said?
and how about when my team gets dumped with work that was done by another team and im in meetings all day and say pls reschedule training for later in the day theres a massive email chain about how i said i wont do it because im too busy?
i never said that
i said ill see you after the meeting from 2pm till 4pm
i didnt say i wont do it
fuck you
fuck this company
and friday in the "one to one" if you even suggest im on probation and i need to work harder i will fucking walk

Why shouldn't I assume you're talking to your christian "witch" whore of an ex girlfriend again when you randomly start displaying interest in all things that relate to her? Are you even your own human?

Need to mention that I didn’t manage to relax while taking the quiz and asked myself constantly if that’s rational, non-problematic in terms of left values or appropriate in terms of Christian moral. I guess this whole Potter thing is not for me, it feels dumb to believe in magic or stuff.


I've been watching 100 horror movies to count down to Halloween and honestly Australian horror is so underrated they need to show more Australian films in America.

I gave the girl I like a rose today... She called me a flower murderer and walked away.
I feel bad now about killing that little rose now. Help

Keep telling yourself that. Sorry my post triggered you but my life is great, especially after that encounter, and will remain so. Much to your displeasure.

It means you are an insecure faggot who hates to see someone like me come out ahead in the long run.

I feel like my entire existince I to just be a parasite. My parents have to have to pay 40 a month because our insurance won't cover my medication and now my doctor wants to add a 120 dollar medication. They also want me to see an allergist.
The worst part is I don't even love my parents. I never formed a strong bond with them and I feel the only reason I talk to them is to get my insurince sorted out. Once I turn 26 I fear Ill stop talking to them all together.
They weren't even abusive. They never hit me or did anythint cruel they just aren't the best people.

Smuggle one across the mexican border

I just remembered why I decided to avoid people and socializing. It's because this way people won't see what a vegitable am I.

Here we go.

I know this feeling, its a really good feel to know you've won in the long run and dodged a bullet.


been suicidal for many years. realized how hard suicide is for familly memebers and friends. grabs bottle continues drinking and faking a smile

Damn look at how spiteful and judgemental you are over that anons post. You are actively wishing for their destruction and think you know everything about them all because they realized the person they ended up with was a better pick than the fat roastie he had oneitis for and felt good knowing their choice in the end was the best one for them. Do you really think appearances aren't important? Fat people are gross and ugly inside and out they lack self respect and self control. No one with any sanity wants a fatty, their fatness is a massive redflag to their character. You really do come off as a seething, insecure roastie. Oh and let me guess, the word "roastie" is going to bother you too, like a typical roastie.

I'm afraid my brother will go to jail, and my mom is freaking out too.

He's 21 and recently him and his friend were caught with about a kilogram of weed. My brother would buy bitcoin and buy the weed for his friend on deep web and then he bought about 200 euro worth of the stuff for himself. My brother also had vacuum sealers so they assume he was selling, but they found only enough that would be considered for personal use.

He was questioned and cooperated, I think a lawyer was present too. Apparently they're happy with his cooperation but my brother is an immature little shit who lies constantly so I don't know if he's telling the truth when he says he's "safe". His friend was crying his eyes out and that seems like a more appropriate reaction.

Its my brother's first ever offence and he's awaiting a court case. What can he expect? please someone help because me and my mother are feeling like shit thinking my younger brother might go to jail for up to 10 years. Is it possible that he won't? how likely is it?