Why do women want badboys and not nice guys?










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Women actually like nice guys, it's just most guys who think they are nice really aren't.

They want excitement and adventure, also I think a lot of them secretly have this desire to convert bad boys into nice guys

>Women actually like nice guys, it's just most guys who think they are nice really aren't.
We need to stop this lie, it's even more dishonest than the "women only want badboys" line. The truth is women want someone that excites them, and this can be a bad man or a good man. A nice but boring man isn't a potential partner in the eyes of any women.

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OP is a lying autist who keeps spamming his lies all over this site.

>OP is a liar
>doesn't post anything to disprove him

I've always been told to provide evidence that women prefer badboys. People are strangely quiet when I finally do so.

Women don't necessarily want bad boys. They, like anybody, want someone who's interesting, who has a personality.

A lot of "nice guys" are actually not so much nice guys as they are guys who think that basically grovelling is worthy of sexual favor. They think that women are like a soda machine. Except instead of a quarter, you're putting in good deeds and hoping sex comes out.

The reason "bad boys" get the girl is because they have a sense of self. Even if you're not one of those "nice guys" who really has ulterior motives, any kind of guy that from the get-go is willing to lay himself at a girl's feet is not interesting.

A girl wants a guy who's self-confident, self-sufficient. "Badboys" are among these types of guys. They see themselves as at least equal, if not above the woman. So the woman will find it easier to see these guys the same way. Someone who's got their own life going on, who might seem cool, charming, or interesting and now seems interested in her.

After thining about this issue for a long time, and listening carefully to many points of view, I think that I have a pretty good theory as to what the cause of this misunderstanding is. There are two main issues at play here.

The first is that often times people who call themselves "nice guys" are really just people who think that being nice to people can be used as a type of social currency to be traded for sexual favors, in which case the person in question is not really such a "nice guy" after all. These same people will make the objection that surely if men who are not nice to women are able to have sex, then surely someone who is nice to women should be entitled to more sex since being nice is after all more difficult than being mean. This relies on the often false assumption that the men who are having all the sex are "bad boys", when in reality this may just be the person who is a self-declared "nice guy" imagining that he has moral superiority that he may not have in actuality.

The second problem is that women often are actually attracted to men who can be described as lacking in morals, but proficient in other areas. For example, when compared to the "nice guys", the "bad boys" are typically less agreeable, more assertive, more dominant, and more competitive. All of these are traditionally male traits, and most women are attracted to masculine men. So it seems to be the case that there are other traits than simple moral superiority that women are attracted to, and not without good reason.

TL;DR: The problem of "nice guys" vs "bad boys" is in actuality a false dichotomy between two stereotypes. The solution lies in being neither a "nice guy" nor a "bad boy" but rather in synthesizing the positive traits within both groups of stereotypes while discarding the negative traits of both. The ideal man is one who is both a strong, competitive, masculine, protecting, provider, AND a person who takes account of moral responsibilities and the virtuous life.

>women would rather date an "interesting" sociopath than a "boring" nice guy
Dude that's fucked up

What advice are you looking for? Or do you just want validation for your incel drivel? is that way.

This doesn't explain why women would send fan mail to convicted serial killers

>Or do you just want validation for your incel drivel?
Prove it's drivel?
I'll be waiting

I've meta guy that said he was nice before.
Started spreading lies about my gf wanting to be with him even though she gave him the bare minimum attention not to be considered rude. Then proceeded to throw a temper tantrum when he realised I was dating her.

So yeah, nice guys usually aren't all that nice.

I mean yeah, but that's life. Women are people and gotta learn from mistakes.

To explain that we need only remember that human beings in general, and not only women, are rarely moral, rational actors. Women and men can equally be stupid or psychopathic or insane or simply in need of attention. That a theory does not explain the extreme outliers of a group does not disprove the general truth of the theory.

Nice guys get women. There, proven wrong. You can close the thread now.

I mean the idea that women like nice guys, that's a lie. Nice is the icing on the cake, they don't like you because of it but it adds a little bit extra if they're already attracted to you.

Nor does it explain why you try to cover up your homosexuality by hating women

Prove it. You can't. Nobody can from the looks of it.
"lol u r ghey"
imagine being this much of a shitposter

It's not dishonest. Lots of women like nice guys. Its just most are not that nice, just feigning it for sex or for their own ends.

The truth is actually different women want different things, and that some people will die alone because they are not fit for anyone.

Real talk, in high school the nicest guys were the sports players. The needs came off as creepy.

Nice is not attractive on it's own, it's a spice that adds to the whole dish.

Wrong. Being nice is something you expect of a person with whom you are considering getting it on with. If you don't check that box you're immediately scrapped (unless she has daddy issues and likes to be treated like dirt).

If the only thing you have to offer is "I'm nice to women" congratulations, you have nothing to add to anyone's life.

>If the only thing you have to offer is "I'm nice to women" congratulations, you have nothing to add to anyone's life.
Yeah no shit, that's what I'm saying. Even if that niceness is genuine then no shit they're not going to be attracted to you.

you need to travel the world. you will see this is not true.

Most women use cognitive dissonance and tell themselves their narcisstic, abusive, neglectful bf is "misunderstood" and "deep down he's a good person". They are trying to rationalize their irrational mating habits. They could choose a nice guy if they wanted to but that kinda guy doesn't appeal to their sexbrain.

Because a lot of them are not being nice but wanting to fuck you and saying it in a passive aggressive way. I fucking abhor passive aggressive people. I think it’s the lowest form of humanity and cowardice and honour. It’s funny because they think they are being honourable! Just recently this bitch was being super annoying and kept texting me for no other reason than pretend to be my friend. So I shut her down by playing her own game and being direct at the same time and telling her we should totally hand out when you’re near my house again. Why don’t we go to a coffee shop and whatever? And she hasn’t texted me since then!

>Most women
There truly is no helping you. Your mental damage is too severe. You need therapy. Seek help.

>most women

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And idiots like OP think that they are nice because he wouldn't rape and murder a woman. That it's a quality few men have.

Oh, you're one of those saps who believes women are all unique little snowflakes?

liking a person is not the same as being attracted to them. You can like a person because they're nice but you won't be attracted to a person because they're nice.